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 Pius XII and Sister Pascalina

Baby Jesus wants me Terrone
(en français - in italiano)

- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Pope Pius XII put his considerable influence behind the formation of Christian Democratic political parties in various countries with Catholic populations after the end of the second world war. This was part of the strategy for a renewed Vatican policy, the evolution of which molded the characteristics of a second anti-Bolshevik crusade this time led by capitalists, which distinguished it from the first orchestrated by the Nazi-Fascists during the war. Who knows whether Pius XII's anti-Bolshevism sprang from rational motives, his identification of Stalin as an enemy worse than Hitler, or from a sense of protection towards Sister Pascalina and her beloved Bavaria? It is an undisputed fact however that Pius XII saw the devil in Stalin and was on the point of declaring him 'a divinis' the Antichrist, before he was prevented from doing so in extremis by the Jesuits. On the other hand there were reciprocal paranoid feelings between Pius XII and Stalin, the latter having one night convened his Red Army generals with extreme urgency to be briefed on how many armies the Pope of Rome commanded! None of this, however, prevented the two from agreeing to share a common stance, albeit from their establishment and anti-establishment viewpoints, in the referendum on the Italian Monarchy after the war, when the former urged the Catholics and the latter the Communists to vote for a Republic. On the occasion the Monarchy won the referendum with a majority of almost 2 million, but Pius XII and Stalin rigged the results and made the Republic the victor. So Italy was constituted as a pirate state and has grown increasingly so right up to the present day: I say this as a matter of fact and not from any sort of nostalgia for the Monarchy, as King Vittorio Emanuele III was deserving of a firing party at his back, as far as I'm concerned.
There has been a lot of talk about political criminals in that generation, particularly with regard to Stalin and Hitler; I consider that nobody merited that appellation more than Pius XII. Stalin was moved by ideological considerations, Hitler at least by a craving for vendetta, and both of them in their different ways would have liked to change the world for the better as they saw it.
Pius XII wanted the world to stay put in obscurantism and idolatry. Or, better, that it should retreat even further into them. After the rigged referendum, his acquiescence made it possible for the Mafiosi, those of them who had managed to escape Prefect Mori's round-ups under Fascist rule and had taken refuge in the USA, to be reinstated in Sicily. They were allowed to march back in pomp and were given assistance to consolidate themselves once again in Sicily, whence Mafia had been driven by Fascism. These Mafiosi were given the task of collecting votes for the Christian Democrats, which they did efficiently, obviously utilizing mafia techniques. In return for this dirty work, Pius XII would pay them with that dirtiest of salaries, the pizzo or protection money, the same that the Mafiosi themselves exacted from industrialists or commercial operators. This was but the first phase of a perverse plan to obstruct progress in Sicily. The second phase would be to create an anti-State in Sicily, governed by politicians and judges in the service of the Church. This Sicilian anti-State would be expanded during the third phase to cover the whole of the South of Italy, whence subsequently civil, police and other functionaries would be moved to the North of the country. Using, therefore, Sicily as a base, and in contrast to Garibaldi who moved from that island on his way to unite Italy, Pius XII established in Italy a strategy of divide and rule reminiscent of the Roman Empire. With extreme sadistic refinement Pius XII wanted us to think he believed in God: in his last will and testament he had it written that he was to be buried in the darkest corner of subterranean Vatican city!
Pius XII, known to the lay world as Eugenio Pacelli, was an archetypical Roman: no Pope better then he incarnated the true nature of the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. But what is this church in reality, its definition does not even include the adjective 'Christian'?! Where did it originate?.. Paradoxically it has its genesis in Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, born in the Aegean, the creature of the last orgasm of Uranus' phallus after it had been torn from his body by his son Chronos and hurled into the sea, all of which happened one thousand five hundred years before Jesus was born in a cave in Palestine. The goddess Aphrodite, later to become Venus under the Romans, went through numberless love affairs with both gods and mortals, and among these latter with a Trojan prince called Anchises with whose collaboration she conceived the hero Aeneas. As everyone will know Aeneas took part in the Trojan war and was the only one not to believe in the stratagem of Ulysses' horse, which meant that he forewent joining in the festivities for the lifting of the siege and kept himself and his warriors alert and armed so that, during the night when the other Trojans were carousing away and the Greeks fell on them in slaughter, he Aeneas, sword in one hand, his small son Ascanius in other and his old father Anchises on his back, surrounded by his men opened a breach in the hordes of Greeks, reached a ship and sailed away from burning Troy. When he eventually arrived in Carthage seeking asylum, Queen Dido fell hopelessly in love with him (Aeneas was the son of Venus: who can imagine him while dallying with the Queen). When Aeneas weighed anchor on his way to Sicily, Queen Dido was brought to suicide while watching his ship progress from her Royal Palace (Aeneas was the primordial Latin lover). He went on to spend five years in Western Sicily, where there was Segesta, a colony of Trojans (Elymians); in the meantime his old father Anchises died. Well supplied and with a full company of men he set sail once more, this time for Latium where he was confronted by Turnus; he killed him and married his wife Lavinia, who was the daughter of Latinus King of Latium - and here the myth of this superb hero peters out. Ascanius his son, who on setting foot in Latium took the name Julus (it was from him the most noble of the Roman clans, the Gens Julia, was descended) settled with his Trojans in an area already inhabited by the Volscian people and a confrontation between the two was inevitable; a solution, however, was found in single combat between Camilla, the Queen of the Volscians, and Julus, the victor to unite the two ethnic groups into a single nation. Julus emerged the winner after killing Camilla and this marked the change-over from a matriarchal to a patriarchal system in Latium. From this point on the story becomes better known: Romulus and Remus, the Rape of the Sabine Women and a new racial mix, and so on down the ages right up to Julius Caesar (Julius because he was of the Gens Julia: with the star of Venus in his coat of arms!). Of the two dauphins remaining at the death of Caesar, Octavian emerged as the successor, but only after Mark Anthony, who with his whole army at Alexandria had given himself up to an orgy of sex, realized he was the loser and therefore committed suicide; he was followed in this by Cleopatra out of her love for him (Mark Anthony is the first Latin lover - among the more famous in recent times are Amedeo Modigliani and Benito Mussolini). So Octavian rose to become Roman Emperor taking the name of Caesar Augustus: among his many magnificent achievements are the first known census (when all the subjects of the Roman Empire, including Jesus of Nazareth, were counted up) and the first aqueduct with lead piping, instrumental in the decline of the Romans and their Empire. In fact, from the time of Caesar Augustus right up to the third century after him, the bones of the Romans contained traces of lead way superior to tolerance levels, which resulted in pathology of lead poisoning, the two most terrifying aspects of which are rickets and madness (Romans from common people quarters and the people of Ciociaria area still show evidence of it to this day). Despite accepted theory valid till recent times, it was thanks to the advent of the Barbarians and the new blood they brought that the Romans did not die out entirely. After more then three centuries of awful progressive degeneration, the Roman aristocracy, first with the adoption of Christianity as the State religion by the Emperor Constantine and secondly with the investiture of Pope Leo with temporal power in the time of Attila, was trying with some difficulty to conceive the formula for continuing its governance over the peoples of the now disintegrated Empire: the theocratic exercise of power. And what better religion than Christianity for the exercise of such power?! A religion that teaches the turning of the other cheek to he who slaps it and whose founder was crucified between two robbers with a derisory crown of thorns on his head! Forced to abjure its own magnificent mythology the Roman aristocracy substituted it with one belonging to a sect of masochistic Hebrews, tailored to drug slaves and barbarians, but in its contemptuous racism would never mention the word 'Christian'. If tomorrow the Church, this esoteric Trojan secret society, together with the Swiss Guards and all its baggage had to dislocate from the Vatican to Yamoussoukro in the Ivory Coast (where a twin St. Peter's Square with its Basilica has been built) and had to hoist up a Hamite or a genetically modified chimpanzee in the place of the Semite, it would not be overly disturbed, as it would quite legitimately remain 'Roman Catholic Apostolic'.
I shall restrain myself from going over the whole of Church history here, but just limit myself to stating that it has always worked in favor of the weakening and debasement of the social structures of those peoples over which it has exercised its influence. A testimony of this is to be found in the mounds of skeletons of newborn children buried inside the walls of medieval monasteries, buildings where the flower of nobility was segregated to live out their lives in inertia: it was inevitable that love stories should flourish between gentlemen and ladies shut up in neighboring monasteries that communicated by underground passages, stories which ended inexorably with the murder of the children! And one must not believe that perverse Vatican policy exhausted its momentum during the middle ages or with the Inquisition, because we have seen Pius XII's recent Italian policy, a policy that all his successors have seraphically continued to pursue. Had one of these successor Popes been able to influence Italian politics into electing the recent serial killer of couples in cars, known as the Monster of Florence, to the Presidency of the Republic of Italy, that Pope would have been beatified, because the Monster would have continued to perpetrate spontaneous monstrous crimes against the Italians and made-to-measure monstrosities by blackmail. In actual fact the Italian policy of Pius XII's successors has been even more perverse and deleterious than Pius XII's own variety (only Paul VI showed some hesitancy in putting it into practice, due to his sensibility as a gay).
I am a Sicilian and live part of my time in Sicily, which for the past sixty years has been a Vatican Protectorate in which civil rights are either unknown or a dead letter, where you need a recommendation to enjoy your personal rights, particularly the right to work, and from where there is a continual outflow of emigrants in search of work. I am sixty-four years old, and I have lived the last fifty of these years aware of Vatican policies and inevitably registering them in my memory. In the reign of Pius XII, Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini from the Emilia region in the North of Italy, was sent to Sicily to co-ordinate the mafiosi, the politicians and the diverted magistrates and to govern the anti-State. As a boy I had the privilege once of being confessed by Cardinal Ruffini, because my father was the political secretary of the Christian Democrats in the town of Calatafimi. The prelate made some attempt at showing an interest in my boyish sins, but now I can realize how tedious the effort must have been! The era of Cardinal Ruffini was one in which the Christian Democrats triumphed in the Sicilian elections and Sicily was that bulwark against the Bolsheviks that Pius XII yearned for. With the death of Pius XII, however, and the advent to the Papacy of that subtle diplomat John XXIII, the Vatican came to abandon its ostentatious anti-Soviet barricade-like stance and began to listen to the good reasons of the Bolsheviks much as it listened to the capitalists', preoccupied as it was with surviving the mortal clash between the two blocks, surviving the Cold War whichever side won, in other words. Just as the Jewish lobby divided into two at the end of the second world war in the interests of the survival of the Hebrew nation, with scientists going to the Soviet Union and others to the USA, so also did the Vatican lobby divide into two: the Roman Curia extended its honeymoon with the capitalists, while the Jesuits 'ended up in bed' with the Bolsheviks (not an improper use of language in that Martin Luther had defined the Church as 'The Prostitute'). John XXIII's doctrine, as defined in his 'Pacem in terris' encyclical, exhorting both capitalists and Bolsheviks to make peace between themselves, created some disturbance in the balance of world politics, and caused a full-speed-astern in Sicilian policy. The Jesuits in fact created a bridge-head for a Bolshevik Sicilian landing, first by blackmailing Christian Democrat politicians into changing from pro-American to pro-Soviet positions (Bernardo Mattarella) and then by a series of obscure manoeuvrings like replacing Francesco Carpino with Salvatore Pappalardo as Cardinal Archbishop of Palermo (this latter prelate, when he had been Apostolic Delegate to Indonesia, had been tricked by Soviet agents into 'getting into bed' with them), and finally by receiving in the red "Città del Mare" Co-operative the rising star of Bolshevik politics, none other than Michail Gorbachev, who was seconded by the Piedmontese Achille Occhetto who was in Sicily as the Regional Secretary of the Italian Communist Party. On this occasion what Gorbachev and Occhetto were purporting to bring about was the realization of the so-called "Compromesso Storico" (the "Historical Compromise"), in other words bringing the Communists into coalition with the Christian Democrats in the Sicilian Government. I use the term 'purporting', because they both well knew that the plan could never be realized, because that would have meant neutralizing an area which had, during the world carve-up at Yalta, been assigned to US military jurisdiction, an area of the greatest strategical importance. The hawks of American politics would have had no qualms about eliminating Piersanti MattareIla, the Christian Democrat politician who had, for what intrigues it is difficult to say, been condemned to carry out the impossible political task of implementing the "Compromesso Storico" in Sicily. The Bolsheviks were quite aware that the Americans would have eliminated MattareIla, and in fact worked towards that end, in order to create political instability in an area of the Western World, an excellent result in itself. On their part the Jesuits were well aware of all this, but they could not alienate themselves from the will of the Soviets, since they were bound to 'stay in bed' with them in the cause of the survival of the Church in case the Bolsheviks won the Cold War... Piersanti Mattarella was killed. Furthermore this intrigue between the Bolsheviks and the Jesuits would lead to the murder of Pope John Paul I, who was poisoned by the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe, and the attempt on the life of John Paul II, and on both occasions Cardinal Salvatore Pappalaldo was on the point of becoming Pope. When John Paul II, after surviving the attempt on his life, decided to disestablish the Order of the Jesuits, then the 'Trojan eggheads' spelled out to him the motives from which, force majeure, the Jesuits were acting, and their Order did not get suppressed and Cardinal Pappalardo would be raised at the Presidency of the Italian Episcopal Conference.
Right in the middle of these infernal goings-on in the Holy See, an earthquake hit the Belice valley in Sicily. My own home town of Calatafimi was damaged, though not as catastrophically as other neighboring towns. For the occasion the Italian Government assigned several thousands of billions of lire (thousands of millions of dollars) to the Municipality of Calatafimi for the restoration of the township. Cardinal Pappalardo, Soviet agents, and the politicians and property developers involved with them had, however, no time to waste on restoration! In order better to earmark most of those billions they arranged for the most stable part of the town, the Borgo, to be officially declared unsafe and then proceeded to build a satellite town called Sasi with substandard prefabricated housing good use of inflated invoicing. They built a town without a school, a chemist, public lavatories or food-shops and without any sort of services: an antechamber to the cemetery. And, more or less, that is how Sasi has remained after more than thirty years, while Calatafimi is becoming emptier and deader. At the time of the earthquake my father was opposed the building of Sasi and wanted the buildings in Calatafimi to be restored; he was sacked from the office of mayor to which he had just been elected and, after 25 years of uninterrupted tenure, he was sacked also from the position of secretary of the Christian Democrats and even had his party membership cancelled! In his place Giuseppe di Stefano was elected mayor, the loutish brother of a priest, and on his death, which occurred a few years afterwards, he left an inheritance worth more than a billion lire (more than a million dollars at that time), the fruits of his rake-offs during the building of Sasi. Since his will was not equitable in the sharing of the booty between his brothers and sisters (di Stefano was a bachelor), a long-lasting, shameful public row broke out over the inheritance with the amazed citizens looking on speechless: from this crude picture, the level of moral degradation and civil impotence, in which the Terrone (the underprivileged citizen of the South of Italy) has to live, emerges quite clearly. After his death the Calatafimi Town Council dedicated a stone plaque to Giuseppe di Stefano extolling his greatness and, more recently, a Catholic Bishop, a certain Miccichè from Palermo, came to Calatafimi to dedicate a piazza to his memory. But that is all quite normal in Sicily: it would have been surprising if it had not happened. Sicily must not be emancipated. (So did Pius XII bring back the Mafiosi from America for nothing?!).
For decades the moneys assigned to Sicily by the European Community for programs of development have been rigorously sent back to sender so that they could be bestowed on other, preferably non-Catholic, areas in the Community (when a Catholic no longer lights two candles before the statue of Saint Blaise, the Protector of the throat, but makes a visit to a otolaryngologist to cure his laryngitis, he is behaving like a Lutheran and the Church has lost some control of him). And if a part of the moneys assigned by the Community for development programs actually gets spent in Sicily, you can rest assured that it will go towards the financing of sham projects presented by 'friends oft he friends'... And that is not the worst of it. Under the Presidency of the Socialist Sandro Pertini, when Bettino Craxi was the Socialist Prime Minister, there was a political attempt made at modernizing Italy and funds were assigned to local governments for the computerization of their services. In municipalities subject to Vatican control, which was the case in Calatafimi, a plan was put in motion to buy obsolete computers, and those responsible for the plan were rewarded by promotion from Municipal to Provincial jobs!
Nor are these the only the sort of sabotages hoisted on Sicilians - infinitely more mortifying are those carried out against individual liberties sanctioned by articles in the Italian Constitution but in reality trodden under foot or reduced to a dead letter. The dark shameful days come to mind when the Jesuits had just recently taken over the political control of Sicily from the Roman Curia and were administering the anti-State through their disciples Sergio Mattarella and Leoluca Orlando, infiltrated into the political left by force of artistry; the former as horrid as an officer of the Inquisition, the latter as unctuous as a charlatan politician from Black Africa. It came to the point that during Carnival in Calatafimi the police were sent around to carry out raids on the houses of common people where dancing was taking place, under the pretext that the houses had not been inspected to see whether they had the qualifications for entertaining more than eight people at a time: heavy fines were levied and young people were accompanied to the sacristy of a good Catholic priest who allowed them to dance legally and made every effort to make them enjoy themselves, as much that he made a girl pregnant and abort (just like the good oId times in the convents!)... And how can one forget Frank Zappa's concert at Palermo?! The sports stadium in the Favorita Park was full to capacity with young people - the handicapped in the middle of the pitch - when the police burst in and charged everybody and everything in an inferno of teargas.. ..Motive? None. Explanations? None.. ..No, there was one! The motive and the explanation lie in the fact that mass congregations not of an ecclesiastical or para-clerical nature are not well looked upon in the Vatican Protectorate and the Jesuits are zealous in breaking them up. But if it is a question of going to see Madonnas that appear in the sky, that is another matter! Then people are welcomed warmly, they are aggregated with others, they travel in air-conditioned buses and are merrily let loose in fields where the Madonna makes her apparition in the sky overhead. The Jesuits, as it is well known, are educated and brilliant, and have succeeded in training a Madonna, the Bel Passo Madonna, who regularly appears on the first day of every month of the year between the clouds or in the sunshine (no matter if many of the people gazing up at her get permanent lesions in their eyes). Just spare a thought for this Madonna of Bel Passo! She appears on the first of January, then counts out thirty one days and appears again on the first of February, then, if February doesn't happen to be a Leap Year, she counts up another twenty-eight days, otherwise twenty-nine, and appears again on the first of March, and so on for all the months of the year, a perennial fount of joy and grace! And there are also in Sicily statues and figures of Madonnas who cry, and around them the crowds are not dispersed by the Jesuits. And these Madonna pageants would be entertaining, were if not for the fact that Sicily is sabotaged so they can be put on and millions of individuals are set on the path to premature death, violated in their consciences and with their health uncared for. And the situation is the same in the whole of the South of Italy. Apart from food and housing, the Terrone is permitted to pay for a car on the hire-purchase, other than his whole economy rotates around a series of ecclesiastical celebrations: the baptism of his children and the children of his relations and acquaintances, first communions, confirmations, weddings and funerals: no traveling, no lay gatherings for cultural purposes (these are considered by the Church as competition from the devil and are obstructed with every means available, from closing the locales down by declaring them unsafe to arson).
And since I am a traveler of the world, I can give you testimony on how the Vatican exercises its influence in Catholic countries of Africa, America and Asia. I need to point out that, being the pictures desolate, I do not wish to infer that all Third World countries since the end of the second world war have sunk into chaos. While it is true of most of the Catholic Third World countries, it is not as far as the Muslim countries are concerned, that almost all of them have enjoyed progress over the period... It was in the first half of the 1970's that I visited Madagascar, a predominantly Catholic country, for the first time; it had just recently gained its independence from France and was a country full of hope, with an optimistic population, clean hotels and good roads in the larger towns; you breathed an air of youth and liberty. I have since gone back to Madagascar three times, the last being in 2003, and I can bear witness to the continual degradation of its infrastructures, now hopelessly run-down, and the political corruption, grown ever more widespread and which has resulted in break-downs and abandonment that have allowed cholera to break out and people to die in their thousands. To give some idea of the degree of degradation and corruption that holds sway, I can tell that the twenty-odd kilometers of road linking the city of Toulear and the beach at Ifaty, which was once drivable in twenty minutes, now takes more than two hours, when it is not impassable because of seasonal floods. Ifaty, I may say, is one of the most important tourist localities in Madagascar with ocean-side hotels of all categories. On many occasions these hoteliers have contributed money from their own pockets for the repair of the road, all trace of which has disappeared and in its place there are gargantuan holes that force the cars to make interminable detours. Apart from the hoteliers, the cost of the repair works has also been funded by worldwide organizations and by European countries, but the funds have always disappeared and the road surface has never been repaired: at March 2003 the remaking of the Toulear-Ifaty road had been subsidized twenty two times. To give you an idea of the state that Madagascar politics and its administration of justice are in, I should like to tell you about the election to the post of local counselor in the town of Antananarivo of a candidate, a friend of Didier Ratsiraka the foregoing President of Madagascar, who did not even present himself at the elections. "How come?" was the cry raised by the opposition "How is it possible for somebody who doesn't take part in the elections to be elected counselor?!" and, so saying, took the case to the Madagascar courts. The members of the High Court of Justice that heard the case, which at first glance could seem beasts suffering from the heat under their togas and wigs, but who are in fact serene human beings, these judges sentenced that the election of the President's friend was valid, thus demonstrating an impartiality and independence of judgement similar to that shown by some high-ranking member of the Italian Judiciary at the time of the Monster of Florence. When I was about to leave Madagascar recently, the Vatican, that surely has a great power but not the sense of ridiculousness, by the media was admonishing Madagascar women to celebrate the 8th of March in 'faithfulness and abstinence'! Finally at the airport there were the usual heavy-bellied individuals, their faces blue from the effects of indigestion, their expression a little sullen, those Vatican functionaries that go under the name of 'missionaries'.
Passing on to Latin America, where I limit my discussion to just one country, leaving you to imagine by yourselves the extent of the damage the Vatican has caused in Argentina, I want to describe briefly the terrible destiny that excellently Catholic country Venezuela has been condemned to. The first time I visited it was in 1977 and the widespread well being I found there decided me on staying for four months, during which time I worked at creating paintings on glass which I sold to furniture manufacturers at considerable profit, so much so that what I earned in those tour months allowed me to travel for more than a year throughout South America, Polynesia, Melanesia and Asia and still arrive back at my house in the Sicilian countryside withn$100 in my pocket. This economic well being in Venezuela was due to a policy of exploiting the country's vast,natural resources for the benefit of the population, a policy that was put in place by Socialist politicians of validity like Carlos Andres Perez. It was during my second visit to Venezuela in 1987, before the country had ventured further along the path of industrialization and towards a technological economy, that the Vatican managed to get a Christian Democrat, Louis Herrera Campins, elected President. This gentleman engaged in strenuous efforts to channel the country towards bankruptcy, aided and abetted by an international team of intellectuals including the Italian Antonio Pilati, and these efforts were so efficiently carried out that, at the end of his mandate, the Vatican as his just reward raised him to the office of President of all the Christian Democratic parties in Latin America! Today the population of Venezuela is sinking ever deeper into misery and chaos because the immense natural resources have been looted by the multinationals; the Vatican being disposed towards anything that prevents societies over which it exercises control from being emancipated.
At the end of the second world war, when the USA conceded their independence,the Philippines were the second most industrialized country in Asia, second only to Japan. From the end of the second world war up till the present time Yellow Asia has witnessed a continuous growth in industrial development which has now attained the highest of levels, with the exception of the Philippines alone, the only nation in the area with a predominantly Catholic population, which has witnessed an industrial regression and is now one of the most out-of-control countries in Yellow Asia, where the military sell dynamite to the fishermen and Islamic extremists. The former's use of dynamite in fishing has destroyed the coral reefs of the seven thousand islands that make up the nation; the latter are employing it in bombing campaigns. Between 1978 and the present day I have been to the Philippines on three occasions and I have traveled the length and breadth of the major islands: everywhere I saw total stagnation and regression, the only noticeable increase being in the numbers of masochists who crucify themselves every year on Good Friday.
And here I should like to recall how corporal and psychic mortification is universally encouraged by Vatican communications and at the maximum levels by the priests when they are engaged in the "Sacrament of Confession", and how these practices are that much more aberrant the more their subjects are sexually repressed. Almost a century ago now Wilhelm Reich had already carried out an analysis of the models and mechanisms of sexual repression used by a traditional (patriarchal) power-system for controlling the subjects and molding them into society. Actually I should like to illustrate one of the devastating effects that the Vatican's policy of sexual repression has brought about in the Global Village. First of all I want to make it clear that nobody can afford to shrug their shoulders when the subject of the Vatican comes up: the Vatican is still today the greatest power in the world and so its policy of sexual repression conditions the lives of each and every one of us. To cut a long story short, I want to talk about AIDS, a non-existent disease invented by the Vatican: a non-existent disease that has chastised the sexual behavior of all of us, Catholics and not, over the last twenty years, and has brought neurosis into ours existence... So, what is AIDS all about?! In simple terms, as dished out by its inventor in the advertising campaign, it is said to be a deficiency syndrome in the body's immune system, transmitted by the HIV virus, and caught by a healthy person having sexual relations with an infected one. And this HIV virus, can we have a look at how it is made? No! The nature of all the viruses you can mention can be looked at - rabies, syphilis, the common cold and any other with a name to it - but not HIV! Why on earth? Because, as they say, HIV is not correctly speaking a virus at all and therefore it has never been isolated: it is a sort of very volatile virus or, as I should suggest, a virus of the Holy Ghost... Questi Signori!!... But at this point you will ask me: what about all those young people who are dying of immune deficiency? And I answer: if death does not come from starvation or violence, it will come, to the old and the young alike, from deficiencies in the body's immune system, otherwise we should all live eternal. Those young people die principally from viral hepatitis (those that inject themselves), Or otherwise from the continuous abuse bf pharmaceuticals, mainly antibiotics, that debilitate and crash the body's immune system (the consumption of pharmaceuticals is one of the most deleterious of the rites of the consumer society, stoked by multinationals who produce them and shoveled out by doctors who prescribe them). In any case those young people do not die of any deficiency syndrome in the body's immune system caught through contact with infected people. You will ask me next about the celebrated American Dr. Robert C.Gallo and his French colleague Dr. Luc Montagnier, the (simultaneous!) discoverers of AIDS/SIDA?! Impostors. And if, as I believe, that is how things really stand, it would be interesting to know what dividends the Vatican has agreed on with the information multinationals who have thought up and orchestrated an AIDS campaign which has risen to paroxysmal heights in its mass brain-washing -crusade. And, indeed, what dividends with the pharmaceutical multinationals, who receive billions of dollars in donations from the industrialized countries for research on AIDS and, to stem the "scourge", are selling billions of dollars worth of "low cost" medicines to Third World countries where they are registering as AIDS deaths all those who die of cholera, malaria and starvation. And what were the dividends agreed upon by the Vatican (the most important multimedia multinational in the world) with the multinationals that deal in diamonds or the others that promote civil wars with the successful intent of devastating Black Africa and stripping it of its natural resources: that unhappy area is strewn with horribly killed bodies who get added to the lengthening list of those who die of AIDS!... You might also ask me: were all the politicians in power really at the same game?! Yes, all of them: from Kamuzu Banda, the President of Malawi, who killed off all students with long hair as they landed back home at the airport, to Bill Clinton. Had any one of them opposed the over-weaning power of the multinationals he would have been brushed off his seat of power like a straw in the wind. And, then again, governors, whatever their ideological or religious extraction, are never anarchists, so an invention like AIDS is fine by them, as it imposes chaste sexual custom on their subjects (in the '60's if a man and a woman were attracted to each other at first sight, they would make love together in a lift blocked between two floors; to eliminate this 'anarchist behavior' of free love AIDS was invented)... And Mother Teresa of Calcutta?! Let me tell you that nobody 200 meters away from her 'Center' in Calcutta knew of its existence, so irrelevant her work was in the great ocean of Indian society. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, that was her Albanian name, was of service in the last years of her life and still is in her death because the confessor-priests extort the inheritances of old people from them by promising Paradise in exchange, inheritances which are made over to the Vatican by means of the 'Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity' of Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the detriment of those old people's relatives.
And taking Mother Teresa as a starting point, I should like to widen the subject to include all Catholic clergy in general. Only a very small number of them consist of individuals who have answered the 'call of Jesus'; the others have been spirited away from poor Catholic families, very often widows, at a tender age and closed up in seminaries and convents. That what I am claiming is correct can be ascertained by the fact that in the predominantly Catholic part of Europe, the South generally, extreme poverty has almost completely disappeared and so have 'vocations', whereas immediately after the second world war when misery was the order of the day the seminaries and the convents could not satisfy the demand of the numberless who desired to be shut up inside them (that is why, in the countries where it exerts its influence, the Vatican encourages political corruption and social disintegration so that misery, off which it feeds, can flourish; nor is there any hope for a progressive change, because as we have seen its doctrine consists in a 'Trojan fraud': those that have reformed this doctrine, like Martin Luther, have given rise to emancipated 'Aryan' societies, with the encumbering Jesus of Nazareth in the way and nobody knowing how to pigeonhole him).
But to get back to the question of the Catholic clergy, previously garnered from poverty-stricken European families and now from those of the Third World, one cannot avoid the issue of the human dimension they find themselves in the seminaries. The homosexual relationships, that should take place without traumas as they do between individuals of the same sex living together isolated from the rest of society, turn out on the contrary to be schizophrenic. They become so because homosexual relationships in the seminaries are sacrilegious before the law of the Church, while they are inevitable for the laws of proxemics. The 'Trojan eggheads' want priests to dedicate the maximum of their time to the Church and, rather than taking from her, to increase her material goods (something that could not be asked of them if they were married with children) this is why the 'Trojan eggheads' have scientifically planned the submission of the seminarians to a prolonged period of formation in a situation in which it is impossible not to experiment with schizophrenic homosexual relationships, whether they be physical or platonic, because who goes through it becomes traumatized and consequently conditioned.
Monseigneur Marcel Lefèvre, the white French Archbishop of Dakar, who had been tolerated by the Vatican under three papacies despite his creating polemics (because Latin had been partially abolished in the liturgy and other esoteric matters), was promptly excommunicated by John Paul II (and with a Bull written in Latin!) when he finally pronounced something sensible by saying that the Vatican encouraged homosexuality among its clergy. And once again on the subject of the schizophrenic homosexuality of the Catholic clergy, it is interesting to note how they show a particular pathology towards the Roman Emperor Nero, painted by them in the darkest of colors as their worst enemy in all times. The fact is that they suffer from an unmentionable but irrepressible feeling of jealousy towards Nero, because, as the Latin historian Tacitus describes in detail, at a certain point in his life he married a male in a magnificent ceremony to which, at public expense, all the prostitutes of the Empire were invited; and they came to Rome, thousands of them, and flung cascades of flowers on the nuptial procession from the bridges over the Tiber, after which, Nero consummated the marriage being sodomized before all the members of the Roman Senate who had been gathered together for the event. Now this kind of jealousy would be amusing if the Catholic clergy limited it to Nero or other pagan personalities, unfortunately however it is also directed against contemporary lay homosexuals, and particularly against pedophiles, in relation to whom they harbor the worm of rancorous jealousy. In normal circumstances calculating individuals, priests lose their reason when faced with lay pedophiles, and they abandon themselves, as they did some years ago in Palermo, to protest marches that include boys from poor districts with whom they are in pedophile relationships! To say nothing of the possessed priest, with a Terrone accent, who appeared on an Italian TV channel to urge a tête à tête with the President of Italy to tip him off the names of eminent pedophiles! Yes the priests are driven mad by jealousy towards lay pedophiles and they throw themselves into suicide attacks, acts of kamikazes that will be rewarded in Paradise by a monopoly of attentions from the boys. Not even the numberless denunciations for pedophile molestations against the Catholic clergy in the USA - which reveal the tip of the homo-pedophile iceberg as regards the Catholic clergy the world over - can bring the priests back to their senses, because their sexual condition is as we have seen pathological, or even minimally damage the power of the Vatican, which is a giant octopus with a hundred tentacles that grow again when cut. Only if the priests themselves were to denounce the sexual molestation they suffered in their seminaries would the power of the Vatican be shaken to its foundations because it would be forced to change the educational system within its structures and grant priests the right to matrimony, but this is all way in the future - if it ever happens at all. And so, in some ways one can feel sorry for the Catholic clergy, because they are victims of the Trojan lobby, but in another way they give rise to an Orwellian sense of horror, because they perpetuate the system.
The medium by which they perpetuate the system is the Sacrament of Confession, a practice which involves a self-confessed sinner and a priest who guarantees absolute secrecy. The guarantee of absolute secrecy - there lies the rub, because the absolute opposite is true, because the useful information ends up in the Vatican's central brain. Without it the Vatican would not maintain its intelligence network, fed by hundreds of thousands of its officers throughout the world, but would say to its faithful "Don't waste us time and money: do what the Lutherans do, confess yourselves directly to God!". But in fact "confessor" is one of the highest merits that the Vatican can recognize in its defunct servitors, and it is a reason for them to be beatified. It must be obvious to all that these Holy Confessors were not bothered with feeding the central Vatican brain with information about emeritus nonentities or chicken thieves! And this brings us to an aspect of illegality in the practice of confession: its unconstitutionality in countries where Catholicism is not the religion of State - in other words throughout the whole wide world, with the sole exception of the Vatican State. In fact if a citizen, of any country signatory of the Hague Convention and member of the United Nations, has knowledge of criminal acts committed by a fellow citizen and punishable in a court of law, he is duty bound to denounce them immediately to the police, failing which he himself is liable to incrimination. And there are no countries in the world where priests have special status that exempts them from this duty. But in fact the priests do not do it, such is still the power of the Vatican (both the Soviet Union and China have fought against this power, but the one was defeated, while the other has had give way to some sort of compromise). The second and the most perverse aspect of the illegality of confession is evident in the conditioning that the one who confesses himself has to submit to. The person who confesses has to kneel with his head bent down, so that the confessor, who is seated a level above him behind a grate, can see, without being seen, all the details of the supplicants head (baldness, dandruff, alopecia). The penitent breathes in and out with difficulty, his mouth and his nose bent down on his chest, while the confessor, should he want to, could breathe right in his face. In the positions the two individuals take up there are the conditions used in hypnosis, a penalized individual and a dominant one. The confessional rite begins with the male or female sinner reciting loudly an 'act of faith' (God-the-Father-omnipotent, etc) and an 'act of sorrow' (I-repent-with-all-my-heart, etc), after which the priest asks in a low voice "when did you confess the last time?"; after this question has been answered there is an instant of silence between the two and the priest then mutters "what sins have you committed?", whereupon the sinner murmurs with a lump in the throat "I have masturbated". In the vast majority of cases the patient (let me use the word at this point) confesses 'sins' of a sexual nature, which are exactly what the Vatican official wants to hear, prepared as he is to penalize the eroticism of the patient and channel it into those forms of masochism most consonant with the subject: the objective is to manage the patient and, supremely, to extort his political vote and assign it to parties and politicians agreeable to the Vatican. The 'Catholic vote' still carries a determining weight in countries like Italy, to the extent that all the present political parties from the extreme right to the extreme left court it, and make very sure that they do not criticize the Vatican's politics or its interference in Italian politics. The 'Catholic vote' - i.e. the vote of those victims of superstition and idolatry that, barefoot and in double lines, precede plaster idols hung with gold wristwatches and banknotes - made the difference in the latest mayoral election in my town, as it did in many other towns in Italy. In the context of Italian politics, the 'Catholic vote', the result of which is divided into two minute political parties (cunningly, one is positioned on the right of the political spectrum and the other on the left), is the guarantor of an impassable barrier against the liberalization of light drugs: avowedly for moral reasons, but in reality to protect their cultivation and distribution for 'friends' who grew up in the humus of Pius XII's policies. Even worse, thanks to the 'Catholic vote' the Vatican anti-State gains and the Republic of Italy loses when the former is allowed to run Catholic educational institutes with money provided by the latter; and the Vatican anti-State also gains when Vatican officers are paid Italian state salaries to teach the 'hour of religion' in Italian schools, which ought anyway to be teaching the 'hour of civil rights' (one is much more likely, on the pavement of any Italian town, to come across a lost one hundred euro banknote, than a citizen who can correctly recite a single one of the 139 articles in the Italian Constitution). And the Vatican anti-State also gains, at the expense of the citizens of Italy, when, at communal, provincial, regional and state leveIs, funds are released for the building or restoration of churches or the setting up of latest generation Catholic idols. And all this, manifestly illegal and universally accepted as the norm, fuels the vicious circle of ignorance that begets further illegality. Illegality has reached such levels in Italy, particularly among the terroni, that men go to prison for making love, consensually, with women under the age of eighteen: in line with the European Community, Italian law declares that the Italian female becomes sexually emancipated at the age of fourteen - the constitutionality of this law has been reconfirmed by the Supreme Court of Cassazione, the highest Appeal Court in Italy - so, if a girl aged over fourteen says to her mother "I've finished my homework, so I'll have a coca cola and then I'll go and make love to Melchiorre Gerbino" there is no Madonna that should stop it, Mr. Roman Catholic Apostolic Judge! And illegality has reached such levels in Italy, particularly among the terroni, that when in small townships an idol covered in wristwatches and banknotes is carried in procession, preceded by two rows of barefoot women bleating out Vatican State hymns, nobody will be surprised if the idol is followed by a formal upright mayor decked out with the tricolor chest-band, like the post-Fascist Nicolò Cristaldi the mayor of my town: unlike in Fascist Italy, Vatican State idols do not constitute State Religion in the present Republic of Italy, Mr Mayor of my home town, so you may venerate them as a private citizen, but without wearing the tricolor chest-band, which makes you the representative of all the citizens, me included, and I do not venerate those idols - rather, when I see them pass I raise a mace in my heart and break them into pieces in my mind because those idols reduce the length and quality of my life and those of my fellow people. When it is a question of covering up scandalous or criminal stories involving Catholic clergy, illegality has reached such a level that it is embarrassing even to talk about it. From the gay priest who gets himself murdered by his Tunisian lover in Mazara del Vallo - the Bishop got to the scene before the legal authorities and was allowed to pass so that he could eliminate the rubber phalluses and pornographic magazines - to the Cardinal who practiced usury - the Vatican declared itself ready to issue him with a Diplomatic passport so that he would not be put on trial.
Years back when in Austria I read in the newspaper 'Kurier' an interview, which was given much importance by the paper, of Francesco Saverio Borrelli, attorney of the Milan Courts, who was in charge of the 'Mani Pulite' inquest, the much-publicized inquiry into political corruption in Italy. In between other questions, Borrelli was asked by his interviewer "Where do the problems in Italian justice come from?" - to which he replied - "From the interference of the Vatican in the affairs of Italian justice". The day after I was again in Italy and bought the main independent newspapers and those of the political parties: none of them reported the Borrelli interview; only 'L'Osservatore Romano', the official organ of the Vatican State, ran an unimportant article in which neither the interviewer's question nor the answer to it were reported - it simply asked "What on earth is Borrelli talking about?!"... This is the tragic picture of how social and political reality stands in Italy after sixty years of Vatican interference.
Nor should Europeans and Americans shrug their shoulders when Italian affairs come up for attention, because all of us on this planet eat poisoned bait prepared by the Vatican - particularly the Europeans and the Americans! The last piece of poisoned bait -I am talking of the last war fought on European soil - was served up a few years ago by the Vatican as a result of its crusade against the Serbs. While it is true that the Americans won the Cold War at Chernobyl and dismembered the Soviet Union, removing much of it from Russian control, there remained on the agenda to dismember Yugoslavia, remove much of it from Serbian control, and divert part of it, the predominantly Muslim part, to Turkey's sphere of influence to compensate them for their faithful alliance and further consolidate that alliance by extending it to Israel... .but how did the Vatican come into all this and the deafening cry for war against Serbia? By the annihilation of Serbia, which was the driving force behind the Yugoslav Confederation, that country would be effectively deprived of the material means and the political status to rebuild a new confederation on the ashes of the old one, and so the Vatican would definitively 'liberate' Slovenia and Croatia with their mainly Catholic populations and speed up their integration into the European Union, in the Parliament of which the 'Catholic vote' has been a determining factor ever since its inception. The European Community emerged, in fact, from the political maneuvering of Pious XII, and it was under his auspices that it was founded in the '50's in Rome, with the adhesion of Belgium, France, Western Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Holland, all countries with a very large Catholic presence.
So, to go back to the last piece of poisoned bait that the Vatican has made all of us Europeans swallow: since he was counting on the future 'Catholic vote' of Slovenia and Croatia in the European Parliament, John Paul II launched the slogan of 'disarm the aggressor!'; he both incited and blessed the crusade that bombed Christian Orthodox Serbia and approved of the fact that it was deprived of Kosovo, the mother-country of the Serbian nation, with the excuse that the Muslims had been proliferating there; he agreed that Kosovo should be moved into the Turkish and Saudi Arabian sphere of influence and let out a bored yawn when tens of thousands of Serbs were forced to flee from their birthplaces and their possessions for ever. This created an irremediable fracture between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church of Moscow. The Orthodox Church had already been highly irritated during the collapse of the Soviet Union when there were people reduced to cannibalism to allay their starvation, and the Vatican had put into practice a policy of 'converting' the faithful from the Orthodox to the Uniate Church (which is a congregation of Catholics of Polish origin in Russia) by giving them food. But the Vatican nurtures this fracture with the Russian Church for rational reasons, because does not want Russia to come into the European Union and would be delighted if it were the irritated Patriarch in Moscow that opposed the adhesion! But why is it that the Vatican is opposed to Russia's entry into the European Union when territories of immense potential like Siberia and part of Manchuria, would come in as well?! It is opposed because hundreds of millions of individuals who would not express the 'Catholic vote' would be included and whose representatives would seriously upset the present political balances which allow the Vatican to get somebody like Romano Prodi elected to the Presidency of the European Union, a man, that is, who pronounces in the benevolent tones of an anxious country curate "No! Russia no!". The Vatican is well content that Norway did not adhere to the European Union because that country is almost entirely Lutheran; and it hopes that equally Lutheran England, Sweden and Denmark will exit completely from the Union and not just keep their currencies out, as they do at the moment! What will an European union be without Russia, Scandinavia and England? It will be a union made out of shortcrust pastry, which will become mushy at the precipitous entry of the Poles, the Croatians, the Slovenes, the Slovaks (the 'Catholic vote'!), because the German Lutheran-manufactured locomotive, already under enormous pressure from having to shunt millions of post-Communist Germans around economically, will run into difficulties. This has all been well calculated as well as the progressive impoverishment of the European Union; what is now occupying the minds of the Vatican is that the Trojan and Greek origins of Europe should be recognized in the wording of the preamble to the Union's constitution as Christian origins.
Not that the destinies of the USA are in any better shape! They were condemned to a progressive and irreversible decline from the moment the Vatican succeeded in electing the Catholic John F. Kennedy to the Presidency: a President of the United States who as an imprint of his politics gave out to the media a photograph of himself kneeling before a Pope, the absolute monarch of a State his own country did not even recognize! The Pope in question was John XXIII, the successor to Pious XII, who was not so interested in "pacem in terris" because he understood well that the capitalist and Marxist ideologies were incompatible (even Nelson Rockefeller understood that!) and was more concerned with guaranteeing the Church's survival irrespective of whether the capitalists Or the Bolsheviks won the Cold War. John XXIII made sure that all the 'Catholic vote' went to the Catholic John F. Kennedy and managed to have him win at the finishing tape, because Kennedy only beat his rival by fifty thousand votes. So Kennedy could not avoid bending his knee politically before the Pope, and who knows how many pieces of good advice John XXIII whispered into the Presidential ear. So Kennedy went to Vienna to meet the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, who must have been delighted at the prospects offered by his antagonist for relaxing the tension between their two countries and indeed grateful to the Vatican which had inspired it, with a special thought for the Jesuits who were to become welcome in the Soviet Union. And while good Kennedy was formulating intellectual considerations along the lines of " of course, Karl Marx would not have written Das Kapital if there had not been such misery in the world!", trying to assure his re-election by promising to Martin Luther King a policy of welfare in favor of the African Americans, in the meantime in the Lutheran lobby, the very backbone of the Confederation from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower, they were sounding off all the alarm bells! It was a death sentence. But such was the complexity of the operation that had to be put together for eliminating Kennedy, finding a 'credible' scapegoat, and guaranteeing stability for Lyndon Johnson's future Presidency, that the Lutheran lobby found that it had to call on the help of the Jewish lobby which, among other things, was in control of much of the media and the channels of communication. Once Kennedy was out of the way there emerged from the Jewish lobby, or perhaps better described as the Zionist lobby, the figure of Henry Kissinger, a naturalized German Jew who up to that time had been a counselor on the National Security Council and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: from this point on he was to make a vertiginous climb up the ladder of power to the top strategical positions, occupying one after the other until he rose to be Secretary of State between '73 and '77. This could happen because, while both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had in the meantime also been eliminated because their political alliance would have had every chance of carrying another Kennedy to the White House, the Zionist lobby had managed to cut a great slice of political power out of the Lutheran cake. Once established in the control room the Zionists made no bones about ousting the Lutherans and latching on to new powers. It is written into the Constitution of the USA that during the last six months of their mandate Presidents cannot make any crucial decisions and have to limit themselves to normal administration, a phase which is denominated a "lame duck" presidency. Three years before the end of his second mandate Richard Nixon became a 'larned duck' as a result of the Watergate campaign run by two Jewish journalists, a campaign which continued loud in the media until Nixon became politically paralyzed and had to resign. Congress then invested Gerald Ford, Nixon's Vice President, with the Presidency and Ford in his turn invited Nelson Rockefeller to become his Vice President by a procedure unusual up till that time. During the many months of Nixon's fight to retain power and during the three confused years of Gerald Ford's Presidency, Henry Kissinger installed himself in inviolable positions on the chessboard of world politics and opened up new scenarios: just consider that during his 'regency' he intervened in the 'Yom Kippur' war and laid the paving stones for an irreversible peace between Egypt and Israel (which re-shuffled the cards of the intricate pan Arab game and lead to the mortal attempt on the Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat's life); there was the end of the Vietnam war (which the Americans considered a tragic defeat and which has left them with its syndrome); then there was the murder of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, at the hands of a nephew who had studied in the United States and taken part in parties where he had made use of hallucinatory drugs and had been hypnotized (which weakened the House of Abdulaziz's trust in its American ally, and caused some of the members of the Royal House to cry vengeance, a vengeance which could have been consumed on the 11th of September 2001). O Venus Aphrodite,
goblets of wine
pressed from grapes and myrtle berries
I raise to you, Goddess, and drink
and possessed by Priapus
extend my member
towards your womb
that, pleased with me
and those who adore you
so intensely,
you may concede the Hero
who will lead us
per aspera ad astra.

(Calatafimi, September 2003. Translation into English by Angus Campbell)

Note. At the time of this article, published in 2003, I had well understood that there was a scam behind the so-called AIDS epidemic, but I had mistakenly believed that Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo were involved in it. I have now realized how those responsible for that scam were Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, to name two of the most exposed in their lobby, the same ones who are now perpetrating the Covid-19 scam, with which they propagate a virus created in a laboratory, to have the excuse of being able to inject vaccines, which will not immunize against that virus but will start billions of human beings to premature death, according to their plans, so that their lobby can implement a New World Order.

Mallacca, February 2022.

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