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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
Melchiorre Gerbino
- the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine -
- the historical leader of the Contestation -

Mondo Beat
The documented history of the Mondo Beat Movement and the birth and spread of the

Melchiorre Gerbino holds the copyright to the texts reproduced from Mondo Beat magazine, as he was its director and owner. As for the photos, they come from the agencies "AGI" and "Franco Sapi", who granted him permission to dispose of them. He gives a free license to reproduce all this material, on request to send to: melchiorre.gerbino (at) yahoo.com
Concerning the articles of newspapers and magazines, reproduced in this edition, only the titles and some extracts have been translated into English, that is to say a summary. Those who know Italian and who wish to read these articles in their entirety, will find them reproduced in the corresponding chapters of the history of Mondo Beat in the Italian version.

- Introduction to the history of the Mondo Beat Movement.

- The Founders of Mondo Beat – The Foundation of Mondo Beat.

- The Mondo Beat Movement becomes reality.
- Vittorio Di Russo subjected to a mandatory expulsion order.
- Florence flood. The youths of the Mondo Beat Movement flock to Florence to rescue a heritage of universal value.
- The printing of the first issue of the magazine "Mondo Beat".
- On the death of Giuseppe Pinelli.

- "Mondo Beat Numero Unico" (Issue 1) - November 15, 1966 - Edition: 860 copies.

- Vittorio Di Russo arrested, mistreated and imprisoned.
- Rally of Handcuffs (Manifestazione delle Manette).
- Death of Gennaro De Miranda.
- The merger Mondo Beat-Onda Verde-Provos.
- Rally of Flowers (Manifestazione dei Fiori).
- The printing of the second issue of Mondo Beat magazine.
- The European conference of the anarchist youth.
- Hundreds of boys and girls from all walks of life and from all over Italy join the Mondo Beat Movement.

- "Mondo Beat/Onda Verde Numero Unico" (Issue 2) - December 30, 1966 - Edition: 5,200 copies.

- Umberto Tiboni locates a suitable place as a venue for the Mondo Beat Movement.
- Melchiorre Gerbino officially takes over Mondo Beat magazine.
- Vittorio Di Russo leaves the Mondo Beat Movement.

- Police headquarters besieges The Cave in an attempt to paralyze the Mondo Beat Movement, in reaction to this, the birth of the Contestation.
- Mondo Beat N. 1 (Issue 3) - March 1, 1967 - Edition: 4,000 copies. Its incrimination and seizure by the judiciary.

- The Establishment hinders the distribution of Mondo Beat magazine and the Mondo Beat Movement faces the Establishment: it is the baptism of fire of the Contestation.

- "Mondo Beat N. 2" (Issue 4) - March 15, 1967 - Edition: 7,000 copies.

- Mondo Beat files a complaint with the Milan court against the Police headquarters, which authorizes a public rally and suspends mandatory expulsion orders.
- Dante Palla locates a suitable field to create a campsite.

- "Mondo Beat N. 3" (Issue 5) - April 30, 1967 - Edition: 8,000 copies.

- The tent city of Mondo Beat arises, Barbonia City, and triggers a sexual revolution.
- The Establishment media and those of the Mondo Beat Movement attack each other with no holds barred.

- "Mondo Beat N. 4" (Issue 6) - May 31, 1967 - Edition: 12,000 copies.

- The destruction of Mondo Beat, the triumph of the Contestation.

Those who gave birth to the Contestation    Those who gave birth to the Contestation
Those who made the history of the Mondo Beat Movement

Appendix to the history of Mondo Beat
- "Mondo Beat N. 5" (Issue 7) - July 31, 1967 - Edition: the number of copies is unknown.

The clash between Mondo Beat and Wikipedia
- Melchiorre_Gerbino_Mondo_Beat - Jimmy_Wales_Wikipedia. The clash between Mondo Beat and Wikipedia.

On the interference of the Vatican in the history of Mondo Beat
- On the interference of the Vatican in the history of Mondo Beat, following the thread of the personal story of Gianni De Martino.

On the interference of the Zionists in the course of the Contestation.
Allen Ginsberg in league with Fernanda Pivano - Giangiacomo Feltrinelli and Mondo Beat - Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

VariousWritings and Paintings by Melchiorre Gerbino