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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Mondo Beat
The documented history of the Mondo Beat Movement and the birth and spread of the
(Note. All documentation published in this edition is classified, as it comes from official documents, press agencies, newspapers, magazines.)

Melchiorre Gerbino holds the copyright of the pages of Mondo Beat magazine, as he was its director and owner; regarding the "AGI" and "Franco Sapi" photos, these agencies gave him permission to manage them at his discretion.
The reproduction of the documents and texts of this edition is free of charge, but strictly upon request and documented approval:
melchiorre.gerbino (at) yahoo.com

- Introduction to the history of the Mondo Beat Movement.

- The founders of the Mondo Beat Movement.

- The Mondo Beat Movement becomes a reality.
- Vittorio Di Russo subjected to a mandatory expulsion order.
- 1966 flood of the Arno. The youths of the Mondo Beat Movement flock to Florence to rescue a heritage of universal value.
- Printing of the first issue of Mondo Beat magazine.
- Vittorio Di Russo arrested, mistreated and imprisoned.

- "Mondo Beat Numero Unico" (Issue 1) - November 15, 1966 - Edition: 860 copies.

- "Demonstration of Handcuffs".
- Death of Gennaro De Miranda.
- The merger of Mondo Beat-Onda Verde-Provos.
- "Demonstration of Flowers".
- Printing of the second issue of Mondo Beat magazine.
- The European Conference of Anarchist Youth.
- Hundreds of boys and girls from all walks of life and from all over Italy join the Mondo Beat Movement.

- "Mondo Beat/Onda Verde Numero Unico" (Issue 2) - December 30, 1966 - Edition: 5,200 copies.

- Umberto Tiboni locates a suitable place as a venue for the Mondo Beat Movement.
- The Court of Milan authorizes the publication of the magazine Mondo Beat.
- Vittorio Di Russo leaves the Mondo Beat Movement.

- Mondo Beat N. 1 (Issue 3) - March 1, 1967 - Edition: 4,000 copies.

- The Establishment hinders the distribution of Mondo Beat magazine and the Mondo Beat Movement confronts the Establishment: it is the baptism of fire of the Contestation.

- "Mondo Beat N. 2" (Issue 4) - March 15, 1967 - Edition: 7,000 copies.

- Mondo Beat lodges a complaint with the Court against the Police Headquarters, which suspends mandatory expulsion orders against the Beats and authorizes a Mondo Beat demonstration.
- Dante Palla finds a suitable place to create a tent city.

- "Mondo Beat N. 3" (Issue 5) - April 30, 1967 - Edition: 8,000 copies.

- The tent city of the Mondo Beat Movement, Barbonia City, rises and sparks a sexual revolution.
- The media of the Establishment and those of the Mondo Beat Movement attack each other with no holds barred.

- "Mondo Beat N. 4" (Issue 6) - May 31, 1967 - Edition: 12,000 copies.

- The sacrifice of the structures of the Mondo Beat Movement for the triumph of the Contestation.

- Dissolution of the Mondo Beat Movement and publication of the 7th and last issue of Mondo Beat magazine.

Characters from the history of Mondo Beat   The birth and spread of the Contestation.
Images of characters and events from the history of the Mondo Beat Movement.

Mondo Beat's story ends here. The following provides more details on it, but is not essential - (Melaka, June 2022).

Appendix to the history of the Mondo Beat Movement

The Christian Churches, the Zionists, the Contestation.
- On the combined interference of the Zionists and the Vatican in the course of the Contestation.

On the mischievous behavior of Fernanda Pivano and Allen Ginsberg towards the Mondo Beat Movement.
- Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano.

On the strategy of terror to put an end to the season of the Contestation.
- On the death of Giuseppe Pinelli.

The clash between Mondo Beat and Wikipedia.
- Melchiorre_Gerbino_Mondo_Beat - Jimmy_Wales_Wikipedia.

On an unfortunate individual sodomized in his tender years by Catholic priests, his teachers, who later bent him to crime.
- Some aspects of the agony of the Vatican.

Gianni De Martino and Renzo Freschi
- Gianni De Martino & Renzo Freschi.

Matteo Guarnaccia
- Matteo Guarnaccia, the worst of all the impostors who have written and talked about the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation.

Silvia Casilio
- Silvia Casilio, a pathetic creature of the Vatican.

Various writings

- Baby Jesus wants me Terrone.

- The Roman Dwarf who cannot rule the world by the sword.

- Time to contestate the Vatican.

- Manifesto of the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican.

- CIA and Mossad agents trying to kill tourists in Vietnam.

- Isn’t urgent for China to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel?

- Apologizing to the Xi Jinping Administration.

- Dialogues from a divorce.

Paintings by Melchiorre Gerbino