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Scritti e Video-Writings-Escritos-Écrits

 Melchiorre Gerbino, leader Mondo Beat

Paintings by Melchiorre Gerbino

Mondo Beat
The documented history of the Movimento Mondo Beat and the birth and spread of the

Melchiorre Gerbino owns the copyright of texts and images of this publication. The texts are those of the magazine Mondo Beat, of which he was director in charge and owner, the images are from the agencies "AGI" and "Franco Sapi", who granted him permission to dispose of them. Melchiorre Gerbino gives license to reproduce this material at no cost, on request to be forwarded to:


01 - The Founders of Mondo Beat – The Foundation

02 - The Movimento Mondo Beat becomes reality -
Florence Flood. The youths of Mondo Beat flock to Florence to rescue a patrimony of art and culture, the press calls them 'mud angels' -
Vittorio Di Russo jailed.

03 - "Mondo Beat Numero Unico" (Issue 1) - November 15, 1966 - edition 860 copies

04 - Rally of Handcuffs-
Death of Gennaro De Miranda -
Merger Mondo Beat/Onda Verde/Provos -
Rally of Flowers -
The European Conference of the Anarchist Youth -
The clandestine printing of the second issue of the magazine Mondo Beat.

05 - "Mondo Beat/Onda Verde Numero Unico" (Issue 2) - December 30, 1966 - edition 5,200 copies

06 - Umberto Tiboni finds a suitable place for the editorial board of the magazine Mondo Beat -
Melchiorre Gerbino receives the license of director in charge of the magazine Mondo Beat -
Vittorio Di Russo leaves the Movimento Mondo Beat.

07 - "Mondo Beat N. 1" (Issue 3) - March 1, 1967 - edition 4,000 copies

08 - The establishment hinders the distribution of the magazine Mondo Beat and the Movement faces the establishment: it's the baptism of fire of the Contestation

09 - "Mondo Beat N. 2" (Issue 4) - March 15, 1967 - edition 7,000 copies

10 - Mondo Beat submits at the Court of Milan a complaint against the Police Headquarters -
Dante Palla locates the field where the Tent City of Mondo Beat will rise -
What the Italian press writes about Mondo Beat

11 - "Mondo Beat N. 3" (Issue 5) - April 30, 1967 - edition 8,000 copies

12 - The Tent City of Mondo Beat arises, Nuova Barbonia, and triggers the fuse of a sexual revolution in Italy -
Mondo Beat and Corriere della Sera clash at loggerheads

13 - "Mondo Beat N. 4" (Issue 6) - May 31, 1967 - edition 12,000 copies

14 -  Six-Day War –
The Vatican calls for the destruction of the Tent City Nuova Barbonia and the Italian government mobilizes the military and destroys it -
Melchiorre Gerbino and Giuseppe Pinelli carry out the bluff of a "Rally in Milan of all beats and provos", then the military create checkpoints around the city and sift it. The Contestation will explode at the opening of schools -
Dissolution of the Movimento Mondo Beat -
Those who made the story.

Behind the scenes of Mondo Beat.
Murderers, spies, opportunists, who have interfered in the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation

15 - Gianni De Martino / Gianni De Pincopallino. The human path of a hapless sodomized by Catholic priests.
"Mondo Beat N. 5" (Issue 7) - end July 1967 - edition: number of copies unknown.

16 - Zionist Jackals waiting for Godot.
Allen Ginsberg, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Herbert Marcuse, Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

17 - Melchiorre_Gerbino_Mondo_Beat - Jimmy_Wales_Wikipedia
The clash between Mondo Beat and Wikipedia.

18 - Gianni De Martino & Renzo Freschi.

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