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Melchiorre Mel Gerbino, director of the Movement Vafusex The Vatican. The historic fraud and the daily small frauds

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino, the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine     -     leader of the Contestation

The historic fraud.
The "Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church" is a fraud going on for 1700 years, since the Roman emperor Constantine imposed a theocratic system of power, forcing slaves and barbarians to worship Jesus Nazarene, a hapless that had been crucified as the "King of the Jews", with a derisory crown of thorns on his head. Abjuring his own magnificent mythology, Constantine substituted it with one belonging to a sect of masochistic Hebrews, tailored to drug slaves and barbarians: the turning of the other cheek to the one (the Roman) who slaps it. But in his contemptuous racism Constantine would ignore the term "Christian" in defining his creature. Therefore, if tomorrow the Church had to dislocate from the Vatican to Yamousoukro in the Ivory Coast, where a twin St. Peter's Square with its Basilica has been built (Notre-Dame de la Paix) and had to raise to the cross a Hamite, or a genetically modified chimpanzee, in the place of the Semite Jesus Nazarene, it would not be overly disturbed, since it would quite legitimately remain "Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic".
Speaking about Martin Luther, he did not reform the fraud, but gave to the Barbarian kings the opportunity to administrate the fraud in their own territories. After which,the proliferation of Churches separated from Rome has reached the grotesque of the fraud, as today in the U.S.

Christianity in progress

The daily small frauds.
Because of the conversion of so many Christians to Islam, the Church, to counter this, needs to show how also Muslims are converting to Christianity but, because it is hard to find Muslims with such inclinations, the Church is behaving in this way:

The daily frauds in the Vatican
SS Joseph Ratzinger who pretends to baptize Christian the Coptic Magdi Allam, who pretends to be a Muslim

Already as Magdi Allam holds the candle, we see that he did not receive a Muslim education, but a profoundly Christian one. A Muslim is not able to hold a candle in such a manner, because in the religious functions of Islam there is no use of candles at all, while Magdi Allam holds the candle with the skill of a Coptic sacristan.
Born in 1952 in Egypt, Magdi Allam claims to have been sent by his Muslim mother, his Muslim father concurring, to study under Catholic priests in Cairo at the start of his schooling, that is, around 1958, ie more than fifty years ago. It is there that he says he received the seed of conversion to Christianity. He wants us to believe that fifty years ago an Egyptian Muslim woman and her Muslim husband sent a 6 year old son to study by Salesian priests. Something that could not happen even now, because the Muslims would instantly kill mother, father, son and Salesians!
Before his conversion, when the Italianate Egyptian Magdi Allam opened his mouth, this seemed like a dirty toilet hole. After his conversion, Magdi Allam shows a mouth like that of a celebrity who endorses a toothpaste brand, furthermore, he was elected deputee to the European Parliament from a political aggregation created and directed by the Vatican.
Praised be Jesus Christ!

A quote by Bertrand Russell:
I say quite deliberately that the Christian Religion, as organized in its Churches, has been and still is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world.

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Sumatra - October 2012