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Miscellaneous writings by Melchiorre Gerbino

- Gianni De Martino / Gianni De Pincopallino. The human path of a hapless sodomized by Catholic priests. (the complete and detailed history)

- Gianni De Martino & Renzo Freschi.

- Matteo Guarnaccia, the worst of all the impostors who have written and talked about the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation.

- Silvia Casilio - Mondo Beat.

- Manifesto of the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican.

- Baby Jesus wants me Terrone.

- The Roman Dwarf who cannot rule the world by the sword.

- Time to contestate the Vatican.

- The Vatican and the "Sacrament of Confession".

- CIA and Mossad agents trying to kill tourists in Vietnam.

- Isn’t urgent for China to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel?

- The Vatican. The historic fraud and the daily small frauds.

- Dialogues from a divorce.