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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Matteo Guarnaccia, the worst of all the impostors who wrote and talked about the history of Mondo Beat and of the Contestation.

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Among the impostors who have dealt with the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation, Matteo Guarnaccia is the most despicable, since he has shown an approach of stupidity mixed with mischievousness in treating the topic.
He was too young to participate in the youth revolt of the 1960s, but says he was so precocious that at 14 he hitchhiked back and forth from Milan to Amsterdam, the two most active cities at the time of the youth revolt in Europe, to participate. And he want us to believe him.
But then he published a book, "Beat e Mondo Beat" (Stampa Alternativa, 1996), where he gave so much misinformation about Mondo Beat that you do not know from where to start to make adjustments. And he didn't so in the aim of mystifying or diminishing the history of Mondo Beat, but because he wrote about Mondo Beat for having heard here and there and particularly from Fernanda Pivano, a CIA agent. Due to his superficiality, Matteo Guarnaccia did not realize that he could have found the thread of the Mondo Beat story by consulting newspapers and magazines of the time. All the major Italian newspapers, with big headlines and lots of photos, reported a Mondo Beat demonstration which paralyzed the heart of Milan for two hours of evening traffic. This, because the Establishment obstructed the distribution of "Mondo Beat", a duly registered magazine. This, the baptism of fire of the Contestation. Of this, nothing in "Beat e Mondo Beat " by Matteo Guarnaccia.

Chronologically, the Demonstration to Contestate the Establishment was the first of its kind in history
Demonstration to Contestate the Establishment - Milan, March 7, 1967

Neither Matteo Guarnaccia documented anything about Mondo Beat's commitment to affirm civil rights in Italy, which was heroic, as the youths of Mondo Beat had to confront the Police Headquarters, which ordered them to leave Milan. Those who did not comply with the injunction were taken to court and sentenced to one month in prison.

Alfio D'Agosta glued on a sign the document of the mandatory expulsion order he had received and walked towards the center of Milan, Piazza Duomo, to contestate the Police Headquarters. In the sign was written "Get away from me! I am dangerous! The Police Headquarters has sanctioned my awareness of a free man" (Allontanatevi! Sono pericoloso! La Questura ha diffidato la mia coscienza di uomo libero).

Alfio D'Agosta's contestation was covered internationally
Alfio D'Agosta Giuda performing the most exemplary action in the history of Mondo Beat.

They arrested him, but at the Police Headquarters they did not have the courage to put him in jail, because the news of his action had been covered internationally. So they sent Alfio D'Agosta by plain to Sicily, to his parents, but he quickly returned to Mondo Beat.

In turn, Eros Alesi, Ronny, Morgan and Cristo di Monza contestated the Police Headquarters in the Piazza Duomo. They hadn't received any mandatory expulsion order, as they were resident in Milan, however they could end up in prison under the pretext of "resisting the police". These are the funniest photos in Mondo Beat history. Look at the faces of those who could end up in jail and the faces of the police. It took a lot of courage to carry out actions like these youths did, because when you were taken to the Milan Police Headquarters there was no tarallucci e vino.

The funniest photos from the history of Mondo Beat
Eros Alesi, Morgan, Cristo di Monza and Ronny contestating the Milan Police Headquarters.

The affirmation of civil rights and the protection of the environment were the commitments to which the Mondo Beat Movement was dedicated. For the affirmation of civil rights, Mondo Beat filed a complaint with the Milan Court against the Police Headquarters which usually showed unconstitutional behavior towards the youths of the Mondo Beat Movement. Such an event was unprecedented not only in Italian history, but in History.

The old Swedish coat, which Melchiorre Gerbino wore when he filed the complaint and during the subsequent demonstration, would become an emblem, since after him other activists would wear similar coats when promoting official actions for the affirmation of civil rights in Italy.
Mondo Beat submitted a complaint to the Court of Milan against the Police Headquarters.

Due to this event, the behavior of the police towards the Beats changed, as the police would strictly observe the legality and, due to this event, the Police Headquarters would have authorized for the first time a public demonstration of the Mondo Beat Movement

The demonstration while proceeding along Corso Vittorio Emanuele   This slogan was against distractions from the commitment to assert civil rights in Italy   The affirmation of civil rights was the cornerstone of the Mondo Beat Movement
Photos of the AGI (Agenzia Giornalistica Italia) taken on April 8, 1967, during the authorized demonstration of Mondo Beat.

In the photo on the left, the first is Eros Alesi, who is carrying a sign that reads "Is the law the same for everyone?" (LA LEGGE È UGUALE PER TUTTI?). Melchiorre Gerbino is next to Eros Alesi.
In the center image, the canvas reads "Italy is our Vietnam" (IL NOSTRO VIETNAM È L'ITALIA).
In the photo on the right, under the sign "We want to affirm civil rights " (CHIEDIAMO I DIRITTI CIVILI) are Melchiorre Gerbino and Andrea Valcarenghi (wearing glasses).

In Matteo Guarnaccia's book there is nothing about Mondo Beat commitment to affirm civil rights and nothing there is about the most glorious page in the history of Mondo Beat, the rescue of Florence after the flood of November 1966.
Here is an excerpt from an article published in "Mondo Beat n. 5" by the world-renowned editor Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, where he gave the testimony of how the young people of Mondo Beat rescued Florence.

Publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli testified about the rescue of Florence by the young people of Mondo Beat
Excerpt from Giangiacomo Feltrinelli's (Gigi Effe) article: Lo sciopero è riuscito (The strike was successful).

And here are the headlines from two more publications
The youths of Mondo Beat were the first responders to rescue a patrimony of art and culture in Florence   Youths of Mondo Beat and young foreigners were the first responders to rescue a patrimony of art and culture in Florence
Columns of young people in Florence, to help the city to revive - They descend in the darkness of the mud for love of books and Florence

And nothing in Matteo Guarnaccia's book on the existential revolution triggered by Mondo Beat, which changed Italian society.

The moving story of a young Sardinian thief who gave the Beats the rings he stole from hotels
At the end of 1966 Mondo Beat had already changed the way of life of young Italians.

A revolution which was first of all a sexual revolution
The newspaper Il Giorno was receptive and kindly sent 50 kg of spaghetti every day
"Bring us 50 kg of spaghetti every day at Mondo Beat campsite, Via Ripamonti. Help us contestate you!".

Onlookers which crowded beyond the barbed wire that fenced the field of Barbonia City, the tent city of Mondo Beat.
Mondo Beat's tent city, Barbonia City, after the first hours of opening. Onlookers.

Onlookers who crowded past the barbed wire that enclosed the camp of the tent city. They weren't locals, as there was no population near Barbonia City, people came from afar to watch. You can imagine the torments they have had in the Vatican, due to this situation, or maybe not, so we will show you what a tremendous campaign against the Beats was unleashed by the regime media.
Here are the titles of the articles, published against the Beats for 11 consecutive days, by the newspapers Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'informazione and La Notte

The bombing of defamatory news, with which the 3 newspapers attacked the Mondo Beat Movement
The 11 days when the media of the Establishment overcame by far the measure of credibility and lost it.

And then, on June 10, 1967, Barbonia City suffered an attack by more than one hundred policemen and carabinieri. The agents of the secret services, disguised as fathers of families and workers, had in this circumstance the task of setting fire to the tents of Barbonia City.

Photos by different newspapers on the military attack on Barbonia City
Photos of the military attack on Barbonia City.

In addition to these cars, there were also vans for the transport of the prisoners
The 22 cars with which the Police Headquarters attacked Barbonia City.

During the police attack, secret agents disguised as fathers of family and workers incited the many onlookers to enter the camp and set fire to the tents, so that they too could enter and set the tents on fire. But this plan failed because no one moved among the onlookers, while, for the success of this plan, at least one person, who was not a secret agent, had to be arrested by the police and shown to the public by the media. But, having the secret services failed, immediately afterwards the system would resort to a prosecutor, Adolfo Veltri and the tents would have been destroyed by order of the judiciary.

After the campers were arrested, their belongings were taken to waste
Photos of the destruction of Barbonia City.

At this point Mondo Beat planned a bluff, as if 50,000 young people from all over Italy and other parts of Europe were heading to Milan to occupy it, and in the Vatican they went completely crazy and the Italian government was ordered to guard Milan militarily.

The Italian post-fascist regime, world famous for its ridiculousness, gave a portentous show of it by acting against the Beats
Mondo Beat's bluff which provoked military intervention in Milan.
The Italian post-fascist regime, famous throughout the world for its ridiculousness, gave a portentous spectacle of this by acting against the Beats.

And when the schools reopened at the beginning of October, the Contestation exploded among the students, then it spread among the common people, first in Italy, then in France, then here and there in the world, more recently in Islamic societies and now conditions governments everywhere, due to the readiness of ordinary people to mobilize for the affirmation of civil rights and the protection of the environment.

In Matteo Guarnaccia's book there is nothing of what has been told and documented here so far. But if moved by compassion you can forgive Matteo Guarnaccia's stupidity for what he published in "Beat e Mondo Beat", Stampa Alternativa, 1996, as it was innocent stupidity, you can no longer forgive him after his stupidity has become mischievous.
Indeed, when Melchiorre Gerbino published the history of Mondo Beat on his website (2007), Matteo Guarnaccia did not apologize to his readers for the misinformation he had spread until then, but instead he hacked photos from Melchiorre Gerbino's website and rushed to publish another edition of "Beat e Mondo Beat". Worse than this, hoping to avoid that his readers noticed that he had taken information and photos from Melchiorre Gerbino, Matteo Guarnaccia believed that this was possible if he ignored or trivialized Melchiorre Gerbino, when referring to Mondo Beat. This the Matteo Guarnaccia's mischievous stupidity, since Melchiorre Gerbino's personal story and the history of Mondo Beat are intrinsic to each other and consequently Matteo Guarnaccia, having distorted and diminished Melchiorre Gerbino, has distorted and diminished the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation. From there, for Matteo Guarnaccia it would have been a short step to go into league with other impostors, who do the dirty work of making today's young Italians believe that nothing original happened in Italy in the 1960s, as it was fashion imported from elsewhere.

Matteo Guarnaccia treating the history of Mondo Beat shows an approach of stupidity mixed with malice
Matteo Guarnaccia in cahoots with Felice Pesoli and Gianni De Martino, two disgusting impostors who trivialize and mystify the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation.

Matteo Guarnaccia believes he is a historical character, when in reality he is a poor devil who struggles to appear, but does not appear in any Getty Images. An idiot to forget.

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