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Gio Tavaglione, the designer of Mondo Beat
Giò Tavaglione
the designer of Mondo Beat

Chronologically,Manifesto di Mondo Beat,by Gio Tavaglione,is the first 
poster of the Italian underground   French youth of Mondo Beat
"Manifesto di Mondo Beat", by Giò Tavaglione (approximate copy) printed by Edizioni di Cultura Contemporanea - May 1967 - edition 2,000 copies

Chronologically, "Manifesto di Mondo Beat" is the first poster of the Italian underground. Below, two cutouts of it, to show the talent of that great designer Giò Tavaglione
Manifesto di Mondo Beat cutout 1 - Manifesto di Mondo Beat cutout 2


Mondo Beat N. 4 (Issue 6) - May 31, 1967 - edition 12,000 copies

In this issue, two pages together formed a large one.
With permission from Edizioni di Cultura Contemporanea, "Manifesto di Mondo Beat" was reproduced, the upper half in 6,000 copies and the lower half in the other 6,000 copies of the 12,000 of this issue.
The only photographic cliche published in this issue, was kindly provided by the newspaper L’Unità, who had already printed it.

among those slogans 'the one integrated protesting,the beat contesting' (l'inserito protesta,il beat contesta)

The cover (pages 1 and 12) was conceived by Melchiorre Gerbino with slogans that had marked the path of the Movement.
Of these slogans, half are puns and can be understood only by readers who are familiar with the Italian language, of the others, here's the translation:

l'inserito protesta,il beat contesta

- "The school, a forge of brains and a condom of ideas - Students, shout it from the benches!" (LA SCUOLA FUCINA DI CERVELLI PRESERVATIVO DI IDEE - STUDENTI GRIDATELO DAI BANCHI!)

- "Seized publications - The Public Prosecutor of Milan has ordered the seizure of «Mondo Beat» n. 1, dated March 1, 1967, having judged its content contrary to morality" (PUBBLICAZIONI SEQUESTRATE - La Procura della Repubblica di Milano ha disposto il sequestro di «Mondo Beat» n. 1 dell’ 1.3.1967 giudicandolo di contenuto contrario al buon costume)

- "Corriere della Sera tells lies" (Il Corriere della Sera dice le bugie)

- "Moral space for an emergency generation" (SPAZIO MORALE PER UNA GENERAZIONE D’EMERGENZA)

- "In Vietnam with a mini-consciousness, at the brook Vettabbia with a miniskirt" (AL VIETNAM IN MINICOSCIENZA, ALLA VETTABBIA IN MINIGONNA)
Note: Vettabbia was the name of the brook that bordered the east side of Nuova Barbonia, the Tent City of Mondo Beat

- "The atomic bomb for world hunger" (LA BOMBA ATOMICA PER LA FAME NEL MONDO)

- "In the backpacks of the beats there is no place for cartridges" (NEGLI ZAINI DEI BEATS NON C’É POSTO PER LE CARTUCCE)

- "Give us sleeping bags and keep the flags for yourselves" (DATECI SACCHI A PELO E TENETEVI LE BANDIERE)

- "the one integrated protesting, the beat contesting" (L'INSERITO PROTESTA - IL BEAT CONTESTA)

- "As a beat you live, while in the system you die" (BEATS SI VIVE, INSERITI SI MUORE)


Antonio Mariani on the Italian family at that time   The presence of external 
collaborators of the magazine Mondo Beat had become stifling   Gio Tavaglione was inspired by Monique Charvet

- In the large page on the left, (pages 2 & 3), there is an interesting article by Antonio Mariani "Family, the hearth of selfishness" (LA FAMIGLIA FOCOLARE D'EGOISMO).

- In the large page in the middle, (pages 4 & 5), there is nothing interesting. Indeed, the presence of external collaborators of the magazine Mondo Beat had become stifling.

- In the large page on the right, (pages 6 & 7), the upper half of "Manifesto di Mondo Beat", printed in 6,000 copies of this issue.

Gio Tavaglione died very young in a banal accident,in a hotel room   Bring every day kg 50 spaghetti at the Tent City of Mondo Beat,Via Ripamonti.Help us to contest you!   An appreciation of Cassius Clay/Muhammad 
Ali's refusal to go to war in Vietnam

- In the large page on the left, (pages 6 & 7), the lower half of "Manifesto di Mondo Beat", which was printed in 6,000 copies of this issue.

- In the large page in the middle, (pages 8 & 9), there is a very interesting article by Claudio Alemagna, which seems written today. Here, the translation:
The press is announcing that the government is preparing some texts for sex education in the school, since this is considered an "unpostponable necessity ".
The news fills us with dismay, because we imagine what can be sex education in a country governed by proconsuls of the Vatican. Until now, the bigots who govern us have considered good tactic to stifle sexual freedom with a rigid prohibition of any discussion on the subject. Now that young people are getting rid of many taboos, those bigots are abandoning their silence and are preparing a counterattack.
To predict what will be sex education in our school, just look at some of the many small volumes that various Catholic organizations have recently published on the subject.
These books usually begin with a very detailed exposure on reproduction, ie with photographs of sperm and ovules, discourse on chromosomes, and many other topics of little interest to the nonspecialist. This scientific exposure aims to intimidate the reader, making him understand how great is his ignorance on the subject, in order to prevent him from criticizing the crap that will be said later.
On the other hand, when it comes to contraception, the discourse becomes very fast, and it highlights the insecurity of all means of birth control, and the "immoral, unnatural" character of the same means. So, it concludes that the surest means of contraception is abstinence.
Information returns to be plentiful when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases: infertility , paralysis, blindness, madness, abnormal children, are spectra dramatically agitated before the eyes of the reader.
When the effect of terror has been achieved, they inform, with only two lines, that venereal diseases can be treated and cured.
Then comes the safe assertion that abstinence has never hurt anyone and is easily achievable by any normal young man.
In such a situation, there is to hope in the uncaring attitude of our youth toward the school and teachers, not to lose the few results so far achieved in the field of sexual freedom.

In this same double page, (pages 8 & 9), there's the picture of that provocative girl who asks: "Bring every day kg 50 spaghetti at the Tent City of Mondo Beat, Via Ripamonti. Help us to contest you!".

- In the large page on the right, (pages 10 & 11), of interesting there is only a short article "The Champ" (Il campione), by Gianluigi (Gianluigi Castelli), who expressed appreciation for Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali's refusal to participate in the Vietnam War.

Of interesting, this last issue had only the slogans on the front page, the Manifesto of Mondo Beat by Giò Tavaglione, the article by Claudio Alemagna on sexual education, the picture of that provocative girl, the article by Gianluigi Castelli on Muhammad Ali... and nothing more.
As is evident, Melchiorre Gerbino was in a critical situation with the magazine Mondo Beat. Without the contribution of Antonio Pilati and Marco Maria Sigiani, stifled by the writings of people who were strangers to The Contestation, and, furthermore, were mediocre people, the magazine was almost at the point of collapsing.
Therefore, before printing this last issue, Melchiorre Gerbino had already decided that, after this issue, the activity of the magazine would be suspended for four months, until the beginning of October. Furthermore, he had decided to change the nature of the magazine, publishing only cartoons, pictures with lapidary captions and photo montages. For sure, this would have produced a selection of original contributors to the magazine.
Of this project, Gerbino had spoken with Tavaglione, whose close collaboration had required.
So, to have time to develop this programming, it had been decided to print 12,000 copies of this issue, so that they would last until early October. But when, on the beginning of June, the sale of this last issue started in the streets of Milan, 5,000 copies were sold in only three days time. Consequently, Gerbino had to block the sale, not to have all copies sold right away.
Amazing paradox, when it was at the bottom of its quality, the magazine was as much successful as never before. Obviously, the success depended on the Tent City of Mondo Beat, Nuova Barbonia, which was known by anyone who read newspapers. In the Tent City of Mondo Beat, was in progress the only true revolution in the history of Italy, the Sexual Revolution. From this revolution, Italians, who had been repressed, especially women, would emerge sexually liberated.

History of Mondo Beat - Chapter 14