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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Time to contestate the Vatican

Pope John XXIII, the so called Good Pope, known to the secular world as Angelo Roncalli, put on work a plan which destabilized the political assets established in Yalta at the end of the Second World War. On the occasion of the 1960 US presidential election, John XXIII directed the "Catholic vote" in favor of John F Kennedy, the "Catholic vote" being that of Catholics who submit to the practice of "confession" and end up being politically oriented by priests. But because this vote wasn't big enough to warrant victory, mobster Sam Giancana was tasked with altering the election results in the state of Illinois in Kennedy's favor. Giancana did it, consequently Richard Nixon, the candidate who was opposing John. F. Kennedy, lost the presidential race due to this fraud. Thus, the Lombard Angelo Roncalli became the godfather of American politics at the crucial time when African Americans were fighting for civil rights and the Cold War was in one of its most critical moments. In fact, Angelo Roncalli had orchestrated the election of Kennedy, had prepared the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council and issued the Encyclical "Pacem in terris", with the purpose of interfering in the Cold War. Angelo Roncalli's purpose was to give voice to the "Silent Church", i.e. that part of the Catholic Church that was behind the Iron Curtain, and furthermore to ensure the survival of the whole Church in case the Soviets won the Cold War. While the Vatican Curia would continue its honey moon with the capitalists, which dated from the end of WW2, Pope Angelo Roncalli would play the double game of weaving an indissoluble bond also with the Soviets, offering them the collaboration of the Jesuits and the political "detente" of John F Kennedy. Furthermore, to secure more than a decade of Presidency to the Kennedy Family, Angelo Roncalli would have encouraged John Kennedy's idyll with Martin Luther King Jr, so that the votes of African Americans would be added to the "Catholic vote", and if those votes weren't enough, then the Sam Giancanas, sort of criminals generated by the culture of the Church and managed by it, would have made ends meet.
But, like any good game, even that of Angelo Roncalli would have lasted a short time. Nelson Rockefeller, who was the major representative of the US Hawks, would have made a scorched earth between himself and the Soviets, and Henry Kissinger, who was at the head of the Zionist lobby, would have helped him. Indeed, those characters who involved in Angelo Roncalli's plan would be eliminated, starting with John F. Kennedy himself, then following with his brother Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Salvador Allende, Aldo Moro, Piersanti Mattarella...
Angelo Roncalli would not have seen the disastrous consequences of his policy, because he would have died of cancer before all these murders, which occurred during the following papacy of Paul VI. This pope, born Giovanni Battista Montini, was a person of indecisive character, who was not able to give a new course to Vatican politics. On his death, the eggheads of the Church, to subtract it from the double game of the alliance with the capitalists and the Soviets, would have elected Pope John Paul I, born Albino Luciani, to end the game with the Soviets. But the Soviets would have asked the Jesuits to kill him immediately and Pedro Arrupe, the Jesuit General, allegedly poisoned him 33 days after his election. Then the eggheads of the Church would have elected pope a resistant to Communism, the Polish Karol Wojtila, who would have taken the name of John Paul II, who knew more than the devil about how to face the Soviets. The Soviets tried to kill him, but Wojtyla would have survived and, although severely suffering, would have continued to fight them until the attack on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which would have marked the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War and, consequently, the dismemberment of its territory.

Coming now to the European situation, and starting with my own as a Sicilian, I must say that when in the world, where I travel a lot, I introduce myself as a Sicilian, the first mental association I cause in people is "Mafioso" and this is precisely due to the policy of the Vatican, which regenerated the Mafia, which Fascism had annihilated. And in fact the Mafiosi who had managed to escape the rounds up of the prefect Cesare Mori and had taken refuge in the USA, at the end of the Second World War were allowed to return to Sicily where they were received with great fanfare and this for the acquiescence of Pope Pius XII, born Eugenio Pacelli, who wanted to delay development in Sicily by causing the Mafia to introduce the "pizzo" and wanted to employ the Mafiosi in the murder of excellent people to adjust the course of politics. In truth, to understand the plots of the dark events which have occurred in Sicily since the end of the Second World War, it is enough to replace the word "Mafia", when you find it quoted, with the word "Vatican", since the Mafiosi obey the Vatican and the Vatican launder their money.

As an Italian, I must say that never before in history had there been such a terrifying event as the election of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the "Monster of Florence", to the Presidency of the Italian Republic.
Certainly in history there have been terrifying characters like Oscar Luigi Scalfaro who have been in power, but have taken power by force or have inherited it, while this serial killer of couples who made love at night in the car in the hills around Florence, was sponsored to power by the Vatican.
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro had shown his sadistic nature at the end of the Second World War when as a prosecutor he succeeded in having a poor devil sentenced to death for desertion and then as a Catholic he stayed all night before the execution with this condemned, to pray with him , and finally followed the poor devil to the firing squad to watch the execution. Imagine if the Vatican let such a monster slip! Being impossible to make him a pope, the Vatican managed to promote him to the charge of Interior Minister, then to the Presidency of Italy. And as a President, under the orders of the Vatican, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro struck at the spinal column of Italy, smashing the three rings with which a Western democracy articulates.
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro hit the Judiciary as secular and independent magistrates were eliminated in many ways, including physically, while the magistrates subjected to the Vatican would be given the status of interference in the legislative and executive powers.
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro hit the Legislative with the introduction of the "Mattarellum", an unconstitutional law with which a quarter of the members of Parliament were selected without popular election; furthermore, to preserve the "Mattarellum", Oscar Luigi Scalfaro altered the outcome of a referendum by manipulating the ballot papers in the Campania polling stations.
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro interfered in the Executive, as he plotted against the return of Bettino Craxi to the post of Prime Minister; he obtained the dismissal of the Minister of Justice Filippo Mancuso by an unconstitutional practice; he brought about the overthrow of the first government chaired by Silvio Berlusconi.
On top of all this, there were mysterious murders of tycoons and presidents of State holding companies during the time of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro's presidency. And there were charges of innocent people as scapegoats, one of them was Pietro Pacciani, a lookalike of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, who was prosecuted as "The Monster of Florence", convicted and imprisoned, then released after a second process, ultimately murdered by the Secret Service, and this was all concocted with the aim of directing the investigation into an Oscar Luigi Scalfaro lookalike, in case anyone had seen him killing couples of lovers in the hills around Florence.

Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the Monster of Florence and Karol Wojtyla, the Inventor of the AIDS epidemic
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the Monster of Florence and Karol Wojtyla, the inventor of the AIDS epidemic

As a European, I must say that with the help of Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, the Vatican promoted former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi to the presidency of the European Commission, and this although Prodi was a person whose hand could not be shaken, Prodi's hands being dirty with peeled tomatoes from the time when he was the trustee in bankruptcy of the Cirio cannery.
Thanks to the help of Romano Prodi, the Vatican managed to carve out for itself a European Community where the "Catholic vote" would have prevailed, since areas with a high density of Catholic population were admitted by all means, to the point of dismembering Yugoslavia by war. On the other hand, Russia had to stay outside, because it would not have contributed with the "Catholic vote", on the contrary, its numerous representatives could have changed the balance of power to the detriment of the Vatican. Because of this situation, the European countries with a predominantly Lutheran population, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, did not want to adopt the Euro as their currency, so as not to end up under the conditioning of the Vatican. Such would be the miserable aspect of the current European Union, which should not be called "European", as there is no Europe without Russia, England and the Scandinavian countries, which are above all the nations who won the Second World War.
But to understand how all this could happen, we have to look much higher than Scalfaro and Prodi, i.e. look at Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla. Indeed, his papacy was a chain of criminal deeds and to have a vision of them, see the cases in which American Cardinal Paul Marcinkus involved, as he was appointed by Karol Wojtyla to perform the dirty jobs for the Vatican. The facts were: laundering of Nazi gold and bonds from the times of Hitler; laundering of money of the American Mafia; laundering of stolen gold; uttering of counterfeit money; uttering of counterfeit bonds and securities; smuggling of radioactive wastes; arms smuggling (by whose gains the Vatican provided financial support to dictators Augusto Pinochet of Chile and Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua and to the Polish trade union federation Solidarity). Thank to al this, the Vatican Bank was booming, as it had tons of gold at Fort Knox, shares in Chase Manhattan, Rothshild, Hambro's, Bakers Trust, GM, Shell, RCA, ITT, Ambrosiano, Bafisud, Commercio Continental, Cisalpine... when, in 1989, a cash deficit of $ 800 billion was discovered in the Vatican Bank. To generate confusion about this situation, some people were murdered, some of them spectacularly, like Roberto Calvi in ​​London, but, note the case, the deficit coincided with the inauguration of a very expensive replica of St. Peter's Basilica and its Square, namely the Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, in Yamoussoukro, in the Ivory Coast.

Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix
Basilica of Our Lady of Peace - Yamoussoukro - Ivory Coast

When the construction of these Basilica and Piazza were ready, Paul Marcinkus, the cardinal who had done the dirty works for the Vatican, retired to the United States and those Italian magistrates who wanted to question him about the deaths of banker Roberto Calvi and of journalist Carmine Pecorelli were not able of doing this, as he was protected with a Vatican diplomatic passport when he was in Rome, then he got a kind of judicial immunity when he retired in the United States.
The kind of dirty work that Cardinal Paul Marcinkus had done was continued by Bishop Pavel Hnilica, of whom I am not writing so as not to bore the reader, but the affair worth remembering is called "AIDS", defined by Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis "the first virtual disease in history". The so-called "AIDS epidemic" is in fact the first economic and ideological fraud committed in the Global Village by associated multinationals under the aegis of the Vatican. I have already explained in Baby Jesus wants me terrone how the disease was invented, now I want to explain how all multinationals benefit from this scam. To begin with, it is evident that enormous benefits are being granted to pharmaceutical companies, which continuously receive billions of dollars for "research" on the epidemic and for the purchase of drugs. In turn, the pharmaceutical multinationals feed the international media network, which is continually at work, presumably under the direction of the Vatican itself, since the dosage of the news on the "AIDS plague" is perfectly regulated (sometimes alarming, sometimes comforting) and it seems a typical trick to locate the "AIDS scourge" in unknown countries, such as Malawi and Botswana (I have visited these two countries, where people are bursting with health). Furthermore, the AIDS scam is providential for those multinationals which promote civil wars to plunder natural resources in developing countries, especially in Black Africa where, due to civil wars, hundreds of thousands of people die every year, which will be registered as AIDS deaths. Finally, the AIDS scam is beneficial for all multinationals in general, since civil wars and exoduses create flows of desperate people reaching industrialized countries and consequently deregulation in the work market and booming of black labor. In conclusion, Globalization itself revolves around the AIDS scam and the Vatican earns it in two ways, first because billions of dollars flow into the multinationals in which it has a share, and then because free love behaviors are penalized, from which the Vatican is terrorized, since its survival depends on the repression and penalization of the sexual behaviors of its subjects.
Riyadh and Beijing, which by force of realpolitik cannot collude with the Vatican, should resoundingly denounce the AIDS scam with their media, since the masses in the Western world are not aware of this scam and only from these masses uprisings of Contestation might arise, which would accelerate the decline of the Vatican.

But the action that more than any other would cause the decline of Vatican power would be the prohibition of the practice of "Confession". This practice consists of a Catholic subject recounting his sins to a Vatican official, that is, a priest confessor.
The practice of "Confession" is unconstitutional in countries where the Catholic religion is not the state religion, and this because Catholic priests are sometimes informed of crimes that must be reported immediately to the police, but priests have the order to not disclose these crimes, except to their superiors, who in turn will disclose them to the Vatican. From there, the Vatican, with shady deals or blackmail, extends a network of power, a kind of anti-state in the nations where it is accredited. This anti-state is consolidated when priests orient their subjects in favor of politicians in the service of the Church, and this anti-state grows when priests, promising Heaven, convince the elderly to leave their inheritance to the Church, rather than their relatives.
Indeed, the power of the Vatican derives primarily from this illegal practice of "Confession".
Nor can the Vatican affirm that "Confession" is part of the inalienable patrimony of the Christian faith, since it is a sacrament which was instituted by Jesus, or by some Apostle, or by some Father of the Church. The Vatican cannot affirm it, since the "Sacrament of Confession" was established, 1500 years after the birth of Jesus, by Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, a Pope who took the name of Julius III.
Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte was one of those heinous assassins who conceived and ruled the Inquisition after the Reformation of Martin Luther. The "Confession", which was compulsory, was established by him to identify people who could walk away from the Church and hand them over to the courts of the Inquisition.
Moreover, Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte was a sexually perverted individual, a sodomite. He had a long-standing sexual relationship with Santino, the son of one of his servants. This romance began when the boy was thirteen. At one point, the Pope asked his brother Balduino to adopt the boy in order to give him the name Innocenzo del Monte. The Pope made the boy a cardinal when the boy was seventeen.
While many people were tortured to death in the tribunals of the Inquisition, Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte in his Villa Giulia was delighted to admire a fresco where one angel was masturbating another. This fresco can still be admired today.

A fresco in Villa Giulia depicting an angel masturbating another
The "Sacrament of Confession". Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte. Santino. Two angels having sex.

Nowadays, to self submit to the practice of "Confession" is still compulsory for practicing Catholics (at least once a year, at Easter) but Vatican officials do not have anymore the intention of killing people, but only to brainwashing them.
Isn't it time to put an end to this practice?
The first nation to ban the "Confession" will cause a domino effect with many other nations and an irreversible decline of Vatican power in the world.
China, which is continually under pressure from the Vatican, should feel the urgency to take this step.

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