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Is it not urgent for China to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel?

- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Is it not urgent for China to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, to the end of eliminating the expanding Zionist net, installed in China by the Mossad?
It is clear that a network of foreign agents is operating in China since the time of the events of Tiananmen Square, if not earlier. One calls this net generically "American", but, given that the Zionists control US finance, US media and the guidelines of US foreign policy, let us, more properly, call this net "Zionist" rather than "American".
How may we prove that a Zionist network is operating in China?
We can prove it by the simple fact that 400 Chinese anti-government protesters, involved in the events of Tiananmen Square, could escape from China, thanks to the so called "Operation Yellowbird". How could 400 anti-government protesters flee from China, if not with the support of a Zionist consolidated network?
Another indication that the foreign network that is operating in China is Zionist, is given by the fact that the CNN, which covered the events of Tiananmen Square, is controlled by the Zionist lobby.
Leaving aside the many events that have occurred since the time of Tiananmen Square and looking at the last macroscopic one, the case of Mr. Chen Guangcheng, how could a blind man leave a remote village and reach the American Embassy in Peking and make a big international noise, if it all was not orchestrated by the Zionist network operating in China and by the net of Zionist media in the Western World?
The last time I visited China, two years ago, it was evident to me that among the large number of Israeli tourists I saw there, a good half were Mossad agents (to survive, I have learned to recognize them). It was also evident how more Mossad agents were operating under the cover of Italian or American passports, all of them disguised as tourists, and it is logical to presume that all together they are coordinated by the Israeli Embassy in China and that they refer to it.
That time I was in China, a Chinese lady, an official, made an informal visit to me, in the hostel in Nanning where I stayed. We had a cordial talk in the hostel restaurant, but then, after the Chinese functionary went away, a Mossad agent tried to kick me with a taser device disguised as a cell phone. Such a fact has to be very alarming to the Chinese Leaders, because it implies that the Chinese security services are infiltrated by the Zionists.
Now, leaving aside all these considerations and looking at the realpolitik, what is China's interest in maintaining diplomatic relations with Israel and, consequently, let the Mossad expand a network in China?
In my opinion, China has no interest at all in maintaining diplomatic relations with Israel. China is exposed to the damage that the Zionists are doing, without any economic or strategic benefit in counterpart.
If China has no interests in maintaining diplomatic relations with the Zionists, are there some Zionist interests for having a network operating in China? Yes, there are, because if there comes one day when the Zionists can undermine the Chinese power, they will not think twice about it, for the looting of the resources of China.
As it is well understood, Israel will attack Iran after the reelection of Barack Obama to the US presidency and, consequently, will harm Chinese interests in Iran. China should profit from this event to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, once and for all, before the damage that the Zionists are causing to China can be irreparable.

Sumatra - October 2012

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