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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- the historic leader of the Contestation

The Xi Jinping Administration

(Note. Part of this writing was conceived in those turbulent days of the 2020 United States presidential elections; part in the days of August 2021, when the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.)

On February 8, 2020 I was on a ferry, traveling from Dumai (Sumatra Island, Indonesia) to Malacca (Malaysia). It was an Indomal Co ferry and the only one of this company that left Dumai for Malacca that day.
During the navigation, while sitting in my place, I suddenly felt hit in the head and soon after some liquid started flowing from my nose. After wiping my nose with a handkerchief, I got up and looked behind me and there, after the few rows of seated passengers, there were three women standing, three Chinese, all with a mask covering their mouth and nose (note that no one else on board wore a mask).
It would not be difficult to verify who these three Chinese women were, by checking the passenger list, say, if they had a Chinese passport, or were Chinese of Indonesian citizenship, or of Malaysian citizenship. The fact is, anyway, that they propagated the Coronavirus when the Coronavirus had not yet made big headlines in the media (I myself knew nothing about it). It would not be surprising if these three women were Chinese agents. I presume they were.

Now, broadening the Coronavirus issue, as President Donald Trump claims that the Coronavirus was created and spread by the Chinese government, if Donald Trump stays for another term, there will be retaliation against China.
Aware of this, Chinese President Xi Jinping has openly called on the troops to "put all their minds and energy on preparing for war".
But from a confrontation with the US, China would certainly not draw the great advantages it has had thanks to a long period of peace, on the contrary, its expansion in the world would undergo reversals.
On the other hand, if the characters of the so-called Deep State succeed in depriving the US Republicans of an electoral victory and Donald Trump of a second term, a severe political crisis, if not a civil war, will happen in the United States, consequently, political instability will occur in Europe and other parts of the world.
Nor would China take advantage of all this, on the contrary, Silk Road trains would travel on bridges which could collapse due to bomb attacks.
Indeed, if political turmoil occur at large in the world, China's assets will be sabotaged, first and foremost. How come? Because there is resentment against current Chinese policy.
As I always have, I will speak frankly.
Xi Jinping's administration has been acting questionably since President Xi Jinping forced the Chinese Communist Party to let him remain in power after his administration's terms expired. From that point on, President Xi Jinping's political steps have been questionable, the most questionable step being Xi Jinping's entente with Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, characters whose ultimate policy is the elimination of 90 % of the world population to enslave the remain 10%.

Bill Gates in cahoots with Xi Jinping?
Bill Gates and Xi Jinping.

But these characters will fail to bring about a new world order in which humans will be reduced to 10% and will be directed by a chip implanted in their brains. People in European countries are already revolting. In the squares of Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen... people face the police. The people in revolt will be more and more numerous and at some point the police will no longer be able to contain them.
European activists are aware of the Xi Jinping administration's entente with the characters of the Deep State. For this reason, unlike in the days of Mao Zedong, when many European activists sympathized with China, today's activists hate China and sooner or later Chinese assets in Europe will be sabotaged.
Additionally, if Donald Trump returns to the US Presidency and Xi Jinping is still there, China will face severe retaliation from a Trump administration because Trump is convinced the Coronavirus is an affair concocted by Xi Jinping in association with the characters from the Deep State. And Donald Trump and the many Republican senators are not the only ones to express this conviction, since even among the American Democrats there are very important figures, like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who openly and resoundingly manifest the same conviction.
In conclusion, to avoid the worst consequences which could occur due to the Xi Jinping administration's policy, leading figures of the Communist Party of China should urge President Xi Jinping to step down.
China needs a new administration, to repair, as far as possible, the damage caused by that of Xi Jinping. An administration to act wisely, as wisdom is the millennial feature of Chinese culture.

I have to apologize to the Xi Jinping Administration, as I had believed that it had prepared the Covid-19 in a laboratory and had spread it, but I was wrong.

I repeat, I was wrong and I am sincerely sorry because of this and I apologize.

In fact, in the light on how the Xi Jinping Administration is fighting against the Covid-19 propagation, there cannot be any doubt that it is extraneous to the gang of those criminals who want to eliminate two thirds of the world population to implement a new world order under their control.

Long life to President Xi Jinping!

Melchiorre Gerbino

Kuala Lumpur, August 7, 2022.

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