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The Vatican and the "Sacrament of Confession"

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino, the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine     -     leader of the Contestation

The true action which surely can cause the decline of the power of the Vatican would be the interdiction of the practice of the "Confession". Indeed, this practice is unconstitutional in all countries where the Catholic Religion does not constitute state religion, therefore everywhere, except in the State of the Vatican and in few grotesque countries under Vatican dominance.
The practice of "Confession" is unconstitutional because Catholic priests sometimes are informed of crimes which should be immediately reported to the police. Catholic priests not only don't report those crimes to the police, but reveal them to the Vatican, who, by it, extends a net of power, ie an anti-state within the state.
This Vatican anti-state is consolidated when priests who practice the "Confession" orientate people in favour of politicians who are at the service of the Church. And the Vatican anti-state grows when priests, promising Paradise, convince the elderly to leave their legacy to the Church, rather than to their relatives.
Yes, the power of the Vatican stems primarily from the practice of "Confession".
Nor the Vatican can assert that the "Sacrament of the Confession" is part of the inalienable patrimony of the Christian Faith, since it was instituted by Jesus, or by some of his Apostles, or by some of the Fathers of the Church. The Vatican cannot affirm it, since the "Sacrament of Confession" was established by a perverted individual, named Giovanni Maria Ciocchi Del Monte (Pope Julius III). This happened more than 1500 years after the birth of Jesus.
Giovanni Maria Ciocchi Del Monte was one of those heinous murderers who conceived and ruled the Inquisition after the Reformation of Martin Luther. The "Confession" was established by him in order to check the behaviour of individuals suspected of moving away from the paradigms of the Catholic Church.
Furthermore, Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte was a sexually perverted individual. so much that in his Villa Giulia mansion he had a fresco depicting a little angel who masturbated another angel. This fresco can be admired still today.

Fresco in Villa Giulia depicting an angel masturbating another
The "Sacranent of Confession". Pope Julius III, his lover Santino, two angels having sex

Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte had an affair with Santino, a thirteen years old boy, the son of a domestic. He asked his brother, Balduino, to adopt the boy with the name Innocenzo Del Monte. Then he made Innocenzo a cardinal, when the boy was seventeen. Finally, in death, Giovanni Maria wanted Innocenzo close to himself in a grave in the Cappella Giulia (a lot of Italian goliardic jokes originate from this). While this romantic affair was going on, thousands of people were tortured to death in the Catholic world, for extorting from each of them a "confession".
Nowadays the Vatican can not practice anymore the "Sacrament of the Confession" with the kind of physical tortures adopted in the Middle Ages, but does with psychological tortures.
It's time to put an end to the practice of "Confession".
The first nation which will prohibit this practice, will cause a domino effect with many other nations and, consequently, an irreversible decline of the power of the Vatican in the world.
China, which is continuously under Vatican pressure, should feel the urgency to make the first step.

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Bern, August 2005 - Kuala Lumpur, February 2014 - Stockholm, June 2015