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Melchiorre Gerbino is a professional painter since 1969.
Working in various cities (Stockholm, Milan, Düsserdolf, Copenhagen, Oslo, New York, Caracas, Quito, Nairobi, Abidjan, Tokyo, his hometown Calatafimi...) he has held exhibitions in some of them and in others which are not mentioned here. In Stockholm, he managed a gallery where he exhibited and sold his paintings and those by Gunilla Unger. In Nairobi, where he taught the technique of engraving and painting on glass, he managed a gallery where he sold his paintings exclusively. In Tokyo and in Oslo, he sold his paintings on the street.
He never wanted to participate in the business of art galleries managed by others, thanks to this, he has been able to travel uninterruptedly, for long years, across the globe and reach remote places, as Easter Island and Tarawa Atoll. Consequently, his production has been quite chaotic, but he believes that after his death, the merchants, with whom he did not want to collaborate in life, will look for his paintings, if not for some other reason, because he led the youth revolt in Italy in the Sixties, which contributed to make history in Italy, France and worldwide.
As a painter, Melchiorre Gerbino uses an impressionistic technique to realize a surrealistic dimension. Due to this technique, his paintings are determined by those who observe them.

Melchiorre Gerbino in Tarawa Atoll
Melchiorre Gerbino in a photo taken in Tarawa Atoll in 2009.

I want to explain what I mean when I say that the one who observes a painting by Melchiorre Gerbino determines it

the mother is represented by the figure on the left, the daughter from the one on the right
"Oddities between mother and daughter" (cm 50 x cm 40).
Evidently, in this painting the mother is represented by the figure on the left, the daughter by the one on the right.

A boat
One can notice a boat here.

One could notice another boat in this detail
Here too a boat could be seen.

Here, a canal or a marsh
The light reflections in this part of the painting suggest there is a canal or a swamp.

A strange head

The one who has hung this unusual painting on a wall, and looks at it from time to time, suddenly notices that between mother and daughter there is a strange figure, such as those sometimes photographed by rovers on Mars.
At this point the painting, which had previously been perceived in a way, inevitably will be perceived in another. And if some other element will be noticed by the observer, no matter if because of his ability to observe or because of his imagination, then the painting will once again be perceived differently.

Something of strange between the mother and the daughter


I want to give more explanations on my paintings by giving an explanation on this one

Execution of a criminal on a planet inhabited by androgynous beings
"Alien worlds. A planet of androgynous beings. Execution of a criminal" (cm 55 x cm 70).

Detail of the erection and ejaculation of the condemned being
In this detail, erection and ejaculation of the condemned being at the supreme moment of death are evident.

A part of the secretions from the vagina
More attention requires observing the volutes of the secretions from the vagina (arrow), the part which seems to condense into a chair where the executioner is seated.

Detail of the head of the executioner and a kaleidoscope of pyramids
In detail, the head of the executioner and a kaleidoscope of pyramids.

The laser weapon of the execution and dismemberment of the condemned
Detail of the laser weapon with which the execution and dismemberment of the condemned one is carried out.

An UFO in the sky
In the sky, a UFO.

At this point, you may believe that you have noticed all the details which make up the painting, but then someone else may notice that there are also 3 dogs in the painting.

Here, a dog
Evidently, this is a dog.

From the vagina are delivered more secretions
Here is another dog, whose muzzle adheres to the vagina, from which other secretions are emitted.

A third dog, which howls at the UFO
And a third dog howls at the UFO.

Being a world of androgynous aliens, of which it is difficult to imagine the living conditions, even less those post mortem, it is impossible to determine if the 3 dogs were with their master during the execution, or if the executed being has reincarnated in 3 dogs.

A bird pecking and lacerating the navel of the executed being
And then another observer notices there is a bird which pecks and tears off the navel of the executed being.

Nor can we assume there is nothing more to say about this painting, as other details may be noticed by other observers.

Execution of a criminal in a planet of androgenous beings

Thus, the perception of this emblematic painting becomes so subjective that any explanation of it, including mine, becomes questionable. What is indisputable in the painting is the erection and ejaculation of the criminal.
And with this I think I have clarified what I mean when I say that whoever observes a painting by Melchiorre Gerbino determines it.

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Made in the Philippines, in Cebu Island, in the year 2017, all these works are on canvas, painted with mixed media.
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to see them in the right proportions

Nostalgia                  Memories
"Nostalgia" (cm 24 x cm 40)                                                                                         "Gallery of Memories" (cm 50 x cm 40)

When one visits other worlds in the dream        The Pianist
"When in the dream you reach other worlds" (cm 55 x cm 50)                                                                       "Pianist" (cm 42 x cm 51)

Mysteries of a full moon night        Doctor Alice Adams visiting gorillas in Rwanda
"The many mysteries of a full moon night" (cm 52 x cm 63)                                                "Doctor Alice Adams among the gorillas" (cm 50 x cm 75)