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 Melchiorre 'Paolo' Gerbino, leader Mondo Beat
Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine
- leader of the Contestation
Manifesto of the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican

Although Hiroshima and Chernobyl teach us that the history pages turn when nuclear events occur, I do not advocate a nuclear destruction of Vatican City. This would be a partial destruction of the Catholic Church and would imply a genocide of innocent people and a catastrophic environmental disaster. I think the best would be a Vandalic destruction of Vatican City and other macabre structures that the Prostitute has worldwide.

Why am I suggesting a Vandalic action against the Vatican? First of all because I myself am a Vandal, arrived in Sicily from Djerba 1600 years ago. But, even if I were an Ostrogoth, I would have suggested a Vandalic action. This, because the Contestation is gestural, by its nature, and the Vandalic iconoclasm is congenial to the Contestation (who wouldn't like to be in the place of the one who will arrive first at the Pieta by Michelangelo, wielding a mace?).

But the Contestator must not be a murderer, and not only because of the well known and still valid reasons of nonviolence, but also because he has to activate an intellectual sadistic vein that promotes Vandalic creativity. Let me explain with an example: it produces more Vandalic inspiration observe a poor devil (say a Gianni De Pincopallino) dragging himself to spy for the Vatican, whose priests have sodomized him when he was a child, than see him dead.
Thus, the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican has to avoid homicidal actions, in any case, whether individual or collective, planned or improvised, public or secret.

The Contestator should not create structures, but must seize structures of the Catholic Church and immediately transform them into erotic-libertarian centers, open to anyone, without any kind of control, centers to vandalize at the end, by the police or by the Contestators themselves, indifferently.

It must be remembered that the first feature of the Contestation is sexuality. Contestation is a revolution and there is no true revolution without sexual revolution. Therefore, the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican has to be orgiastic, theatrical acts of love to contest the AIDS fraud. AIDS, this ideological and economic fraud, with which sexual freedom is mortified, and money is taken from those who are repressed, was designed by the Vatican and multinational companies.

The pioneers of the Vandalic Contestation must remember that the Contestation is contagious and when overcomes a certain resistance line, that the established power consolidates by all means, then spreads like a pandemic. Therefore, the pioneers must promote exemplary actions against the Vatican, to inspire the multitude of those who will follow.

The Contestator must conceive the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican as destructive creativity in evolution, made of original and inimitable acts, so that no cardinal no policeman can predict them.

The Vandalic Contestator absolves the historical function of sabotaging the celebrations of the Funeral of the Classic Man, during which the Roman Catholic Church, during nearly two thousand years, is sacrificing the resources of the living people to honor the Dead Classic Man.
The collapse of the Roman Catholic Church is expected in the events that will happen, since a new order has to emerge in the world, inevitably. Thus, the Vandalic Contestator has to be phlegmatic while waiting for his appropriate time to act, then, hieratically devastating.

* * *

A few words about the Zionists

The Zionists wouldn't have a great power, if the Catholic Church, the Lutheran and other Reformed Churches, the Orthodox Churches, hadn't granted power to them transversely. This is done because the Christian Churches would not otherwise be able to constrain people to the sadomasochistic game of the Messiah of the Jews nailed to the Cross of the Roman Empire. The best strategy to prevent that people can get away from the Cross is to weaken people to the point of exhaustion. Thus, people are left at the mercy of the Zionists, who are pernicious as parasites.
As evidence that the Zionist power stems from the Christian Churches, there is the finding that, where the Christian Churches have no power, also the Zionists do not have (Japan, China, Islamic societies). Of course, the Zionists can rely on their economic power everywhere, but not on the ideological one, which is the most important. Difficult to establish, hard to eradicate, it's by the ideological power that one governs society, while economic power, by comparison, is precarious.
With cunning, the Roman Church of Emperor Constantine makes us fear a world in the hands of the Zionists, if the Church were to collapse. On the contrary, the truth is that if the Church were to collapse, the same would happen to the Zionists. And if the Zionists were able to control the world, then the world would be dominated by the Church, which is able to penalize the Zionists with pogroms of Jews any time that the Zionists make a step in the wrong direction.
In fact, when in the United States the Zionists intended to reach the Presidency with Paul Wolfowitz, to have the United States as a satellite of Israel, then the Vatican produced the movie " The Passion of the Christ ". Whereupon the Zionists desisted immediately, because they understood well that, if the Vatican had produced a second film of the same kind, a hunt for Jews would have started in the United States. Paul Wolfowitz, not only didn't become US president, but also lost the presidency of the World Bank and was photographed with a broken sock, an image that was broadcast worldwide. Most probably, he is now selling carpets somewhere in Manhattan.
To end with this intrigue of staid, noble Romans and frantic, shady Zionists, who, however, always come to an arrangement between them to extort the world, there is no other solution if not trashing the Cross and the Bible. It must be done without remorse. The Cross is the emblem of slavery. The Bible, bullshits ... and the second day he divided the waters which were under from the waters which were above ... What did he create the second day... the bidet?
Trashing resoundingly. In theaters, in squares, in schools, to set an example to the very young.

* * *