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Melchiorre Mel Gerbino and the God Minh
- Melchiorre Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

VAFUSEX : Vandalic Fury and Sex
- Manifesto of the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican -

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Although Hiroshima and Chernobyl teach us that the pages of history turn when nuclear events occur, I am not in favor of the nuclear destruction of Vatican City, as it would imply a genocide of innocent people and an environmental disaster, while, on the other hand, it would be only a partial destruction of the Catholic Church. I think the best would be a vandalic destruction of the Vatican City and then of other structures that the Vatican has worldwide.

Why am I suggesting a specific vandalic action against the Vatican? First of all because I myself am a Vandal, who arrived in Sicily from Djerba 1600 years ago. But, even if I were a Visigoth, I would have suggested a vandalic action. This, because the Contestation is gestural, by its nature, and the vandalic iconoclasm is congenial to the Contestation (Who wouldn't like to be in the place of the one who will arrive first at the Pieta by Michelangelo wielding a mace!?).

But the Vandalic Contestator must not be a murderer, and not only because of the well-known and always valid reasons of nonviolence, but also because he has to sublimate his wrath to conceive and open new vandalic scenarios. Indeed, watching an old man as Gianni De Pincopallino, who drags himself to spy on behalf of the Vatican, whose priests sodomized him as a child, certainly gives more vandalic inspiration than seeing him dead. Thus, the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican must avoid murderous actions, be they individual or collective actions, planned or improvised, public or secret.

The Vandalic Contestator must not create structures, but has to confiscate the structures of the Catholic Church and immediately transform them into erotic-libertarian centers, open to anyone, without any kind of control, precarious centers to be vandalized in the end, indifferently if by the police or by the Contestators themselves.

The Vandalic Contestator has to keep in mind that the Contestation is a revolution and that there is no real revolution without sexual revolution, therefore the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican must show the traits of orgiastic sexuality, to spectacularly contestate the scam of the AIDS epidemic, given that there is not an AIDS epidemic if not as an ideological and economic fraud, which has been concocted by the multinational companies, who have joined together under the aegis of the Vatican because the Vatican controls the minds of hundreds of millions of unfortunate people and therefore guarantees the success of the scam.

The Vandalic Contestator of the first hour has to remember that the Contestation is contagious and when it wins the resistance opposed by the Establishment, then it spreads irrepressibly like a pandemic. Therefore, the Contestator of the first hour must be lucid in carrying out acts of vandalism against the Vatican, to inspire the action of the Contestators who will follow.

The Contestators must conceive the Vandalic Contestation against the Vatican as a destructive creativity of original and unrepeatable acts that no cardinal or policeman can ever predict.

The Vandalic Contestator performs the historic function of sabotaging a funeral during which the Roman Church, for almost two thousand years, has been sacrificing the resources of the living to honor the dead Classic Man.
The collapse of the Roman Church is in the logic of the events that must take place, because it is inevitable that a new order will emerge in the world. Therefore the Vandalic Contestator has to be phlegmatic in waiting for his moment, and the moment arrived, he has to be hieratic in devastating.

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Against the macabre VATICAN : VAFUSEX, Vandalic Fury and Sex.

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