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CIA and Mossad agents trying to kill tourists in Vietnam

- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

If it goes without saying that when a nation has an embassy in another nation, there some kind of spying will be committed, however it is not expected it could lead to the murder of natives or tourists. In fact it seems evident to me that the embassies of USA and Israel in Vietnam are operating in exactly this way.
For instance, I take my own case as evidence.
I am an Italian tourist who applied for a 3 month visa to Vietnam and obtained it. I entered Vietnam in November 27, 2010, from the land border Hekou. I arrived in Hanoi on the 29 and went to The Drift Backpackers Hostel, 42 Truong Han Sieu St, where I lodged. I had got this direction in a backpackers hostel in Nanning, China, where I had lodged previously. In both hostels, that in Nanning and this in Hanoi, a lot of American and Israeli travelers are lodging, who arrive in large numbers to China and Vietnam, where security is guaranteed to them. Otherwise they find themselves less and less safe traveling in foreign countries, because of the hostility that the policies of their respective governments are increasingly creating in the world. These American and Israeli visitors are lovely people, as travelers and tourists commonly are, but among them are moving and operating agents of the CIA and Mossad in disguise.
Before speaking about the situation in which I found myself in those days in Vietnam, I will talk about my life, to clarify why I may find myself in such a situation.
First of all I have to specify that I am, and have always been, a non-violent intellectual.
I was the leader of the Movement Mondo Beat (Milan, 1966/7) from which La Contestazione was born and expanded, first to Italy, then to France (La Contestation). Because of this, the Vatican, which has controlled political life in Italy since the end of World War II, tried to have me killed at the hands of Italian and CIA agents in Marrakesh in May 1968. I published a book about it, "Area di transito".
As I survived that attempt on my life, I traveled around the world for 20 years, supporting myself with my activity of painter. Back to Sicily, my birth place, in the year 1987 I started a campaign for civil rights, which in Sicily are dead letter, being the southern part of Italy oppressed by the Vatican with a net of criminals, judges and politicians. Of course the Vatican tried again to have me killed, this time with the involvement of the Italian secret services. I escaped from this second attempt against my life when I reached Milan where I got protection from the Partito Socialista Italiano, which at that time was leaded by Bettino Craxi. All the particulars of this second attempt on my life are described in a complaint that I produced to the Tribunal of Milan, which was sent to the Tribunal of Trapani for competence, where it lies dismissed. However this campaign for civil rights made me very famous, when I appeared more than 50 times on TV at the "Maurizio Costanzo Show", the most watched Italian talk show, where I had the highest audience among more than twenty thousand Italian and foreign guests who participated in that show in a period of 25 years: consequently the Vatican had to suspend the plans of my killing.
In September 2003 I published on the internet site of the House Asefi-Terziaria of Milan an essay on the Vatican, titled Baby Jesus wants me terrone
The publisher Mr. Gianfranco Monti, who had already edited my novel "Area di transito", sent an e-mail of this essay to 2,500 subscribers of his House, therefore heated debates arose online and the daily contacts of the site tripled. The debates were about the policy that Pope Pious XII promoted in post-fascist Italy and about the death of Pope John Paul I, who, presumably, was poisoned by the General of the Jesuits Pedro Arrupe, when Mr. Gianfranco Monti was found dead on the stairs of his apartment house in Via Volta, Milan. This unexpected death, occurred on 8 December 2003, less than three months after he had published my essay.
In February 2004 I traveled to Kenya, where I converted to Islam.
Back in my hometown Calatafimi, Sicily, I was subject to a manhunt by coordinated Mafiosi, military corps (carabinieri) and Mossad agents. It went on from the beginning of September to the second half of October 2004, when miraculously I was able to reach Paris.
In France I reported my case to the Police (37, Rue de Nantes, Paris) October 28, 2004. But the French services didn't protect me, instead in June 2005 they were ready to throw me out of a window at the 6th floor of the Grand Hotel de l'Univers Nord, Paris, where I had my room.
Leaving behind all my belongings in that room, I escaped from France and went to Switzerland. There I was communicating via internet with functionaries of the Swiss Immigration (Mrs. Erika Ramseyer) producing a complaint about what had happened to me in Italy and France.
In the meantime I was asking political asylum at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bern. But the Swiss didn't help me, nor did the Saudi Arabian Embassy give me an answer. In fact, during the 9 months of my stay in Switzerland, CIA and Mossad agents, with the cover of Swiss agents, tried to kidnap me once in Lausanne and twice in Bern (extraordinary rendition) and finally in this last city they tried to kill me with their taser devices.
Leaving all my belongings in the place where I used to sleep, I escaped from Bern and went to Copenhagen, where I lived from the beginning of April 2006 to the beginning of March 2008.
Upon my arrival to Denmark, I produced to the Danish Police (Officer Jan Gregersen - Halmtorvet, 20 - Copenhagen ) the same complaint I had produced to the Swiss Police, but I was not protected in Denmark either, instead I was continuously hunted by Polish agents with taser devices disguised as mobile phones and cameras, and finally by the Danish agents themselves.
Leaving all my belongings in the Hotel Garni, Vesterbrogate 75, Copenhagen, where I had lodged more than a year, I escaped from Denmark and went to Norway, where I asked protection at the Rabita Islamiya, a Muslim cult place in Oslo, and there I was finally safe for quite some time.
During that time, thanks to the assistance of a brother of mine, I sold my house and farm in Sicily. Then I went on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Sites of Islam (Hajj), at my own expense, after which I decided to make a journey around the world. In New Zealand and in 5 archipelagos in the South Pacific I was not hunted, but in Africa, where I visited 10 nations, local agents tried to kill me with taser cell phones in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. In Dubai, local and foreign agents, among them an Italian, tried to kill me by every possible means. In Gran Canaria (Spain) they tried to kill me as it is reported in this complaint
Cuando el Vaticano intentò hacer asesinar a Melchiorre Gerbino en Gran Canaria
Back to Norway, I asked political asylum in Oslo, but a functionary advised me not to formalize the procedure, because they would refuse asylum and deport me to Italy: two days later they assigned the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Xiaobo (inspired by the noble Norwegian tradition that dates back to Mr. Quisling). After that I went to Japan, where I felt safe; then to China, where I felt safe concerning the Chinese services, however I was cautious because I had the sensation that CIA and Mossad agents, disguised as tourists, were moving among them, and finally I am here in Vietnam, where CIA and Mossad agents have tried to kill me surely and clearly.
The facts are recorded in succession.
Arriving at The Drift Hostel in Hanoi, I had assigned a sleeping place on the fifth floor of the building, in a dormitory with 8 beds, of which 5 were already occupied. In the same floor there was another dormitory, that was closed for lack of customers.
On 29 and 30 November and 1 and 2 December there was an alternation of travelers in my dormitory, some leaving, some arriving, but all together the people in the dormitory were always in between 5 and 7.
On the morning of December 3, I went to the Italian Consulate in Hanoi to ask for a new passport, because the one I had was full of stamps in all its pages. I spent a lot of time there. A functionary explained he couldn't give me a new passport the same day because he had to ask the authorization to the Italian Consulate in Camberra, where my actual passport had been delivered, then the functionary noted the picture I was producing for the new passport was not large enough, therefore I had to go to a photo shop to make more suitable pictures and, when I went back with the new pictures, I was observed with vivid preoccupation by the Italian policeman (carabiniere) at the door of the Consulate and by the Vietnamese lady at the reception, who had been informed of my presence. In fact, since Mr Massimo D'Alema, a former communist, now at the service of the Vatican, has been assigned to the control of the Italian secret services, the electronic vibration of my passport produces such an alarm as if it was the passport of Mr. Bin Laden. Consequently, where CIA and Mossad agents are, or local agents connected with them, they move immediately trying to kill me, in some special manner of course, i.e. trying with taser devices, so one could think the old man had died because of a concussion, or, better if possible, throwing me out of a window, so one could think the old man had committed suicide.
In fact, returning from the Italian Consulate to my hostel, I found the situation in my dormitory surprisingly changed. All the people and packs had disappeared, only a bald gentleman, in his late thirties, was lying in a bed at the unusual time of 2 pm. Even stranger, let's say irrational, the other dormitory in the same floor had been opened to lodge only a young Asian traveler who had just arrived, when he could have lodged in the same dormitory with me and the bald gentleman. Because it is decided by God when we have to die, that same day, around midnight, I woke up due to a mosquito bite, then, to protect myself, I covered my body with a sheet and I rolled a pareo around my head. The irritation I was suffering because of the mosquito bite was acute and I couldn't sleep right away, so I was lying awake, when suddenly a new customer entered the dormitory very smoothly, he addressed a few words with a very low voice to the bald gentleman and occupied the bed in front of mine. He was in his early thirties and looked like a Jew, as also did the bald gentleman. Believing I was sleeping, the newly arrived was looking in my direction with a kind of unsympathetic attention, when I could see his face and he couldn't see mine because I had my head rolled in the pareo. He had brought in the room a very small backpackand a solid suitcase of red colour, which he laid down on the floor and opened. He then extracted from it a cell phone: then I got up, I got dressed quickly and caught the elevator. I went down to the reception, where I stayed between 1 and 5 am on 4 December.
At 5 am I went up to the dormitory and to my bed, where I laid as before, i.e. with my body covered by the sheet and my head rolled in the pareo. I wanted to be sure that the two gentlemen with whom I was sharing the dormitory were really two agents that were after me, so I didn't sleep, but I simulated the effect of sleeping.
The one with the cell phone, had set it on the side of his pillow and was really sleeping when I went back to my bed, but the bald gentleman, who was not sleeping, woke him up with a telephone ring when he believed that I was asleep. As the other woke up, he looked in my direction for some time, but he didn't take any action, then he fell asleep again. After half an hour the bald gentleman woke him up again with another phone ring and this time the other got up with his cell phone in hand. At that, I also got up, moving away from him, while he was trying to kick me, letting him understand that I had understood. Then I went to toilet and shower, both facilities being in the dormitory. At this point I was sure the two wouldn't take any more action against me, because they were sent to kill me silently with a taser cellular phone and not by throwing me out of the window. In fact I heard one of the two leaving the dormitory and taking the elevator. When I went back from the shower, the one with the taser cellular phone was simulating as he was sleeping deeply, the taser device having disappeared from view. After which I took my belongings out from the dormitory to a sofa close to the elevator, where I packed, going in and out from the dormitory several times in a very noisy manner.
When I was ready, I went with my backpack to the 8th floor of the building, where I left it in a box room, then I went down to the reception hall, where I left my laptop, and I waited there until 8 am, when I boarded a coach, that I had booked the day before, to move in direction of Halong Bay, where I am now, lodging in a hotel owned by the state, to be safe.
1 - Because it is unthinkable that a CIA or Mossad agent enters Vietnam with a taser device in his luggage, it goes without saying that the taser cell phone was furnished by the American or Israeli embassy in Hanoi, and in fact the red case that contained it looked diplomatic.
2 - Because it is impossible that this attempt against my life could be organized without the support of some employee of The Drift Hostel, it would be particularly interesting to check the activity of those non-Vietnamese clerks receiving customers at the reception and of course to check the identity of those two gentlemen who shared the dormitory with me (if ever they were registered!).
3 - Because I am sure that the Vietnamese services are not involved at all in this attempt against my life, which in fact didn't materialize after I entered Vietnam, but a week later, i.e. after I entered the Italian Consulate in Hanoi, I am asking the Vietnamese Authorities to protect me during the time of my stay in the Country.
4 - Finally, I make the present complaint public, hoping some nation will grant me political asylum.

Cat Ba Island - December 2010

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