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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- the historic leader of the Contestation

Apologizing to the Xi Jinping Administration

I have to apologize to the Xi Jinping Administration, as I had believed that it had prepared the Covid-19 in a laboratory and had spread it, but I was wrong.

On this topic, I published the following post

The Xi Jinping Administration.

I repeat that I was wrong and that I am sincerely sorry because of this and I apologize.

In fact, in the light on how the Xi Jinping Administration is fighting against the Covid-19 propagation, there cannot be any doubt that it is extraneous to the gang of those criminals who want to eliminate two thirds of the world population to implement a new world order under their control.

Long life to President Xi Jinping!

Melchiorre Gerbino

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