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Melchiorre Gerbino the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

Silvia Casilio, a pathetic creature of the Vatican
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If Melchiorre Gerbino talks about Silvia Casilio's personal aspects, it is because he was involved in doing it by Silvia Casilio herself.
Melchiorre Gerbino will therefore be explicit.
Silvia Casilio is of those unfortunate women who in our sexist society, where the ass is the first thing that is valued in a woman, would not be successful if they embarked on a career as a porn star.
Some of these creatures, aware of their karma, take refuge in intellectuality, in particular they deal with philosophy, sociology, history, and this is precisely the case of Silvia Casilio.
In fact, in an Internet correspondence between Silvia Casilio and Melchiorre Gerbino, Silvia Casilio declared herself a historian; Melchiorre Gerbino would have suggested that she avoided using the term "historical", referring to herself, someone could absentmindedly read "hysterical".
This crude correspondence occurred because Silvia Casilio pirated images of Mondo Beat magazine from Melchiorre Gerbino's website, images of which Melchiorre Gerbino owns the copyright, and Silvia Casilio used these images to distort and trivialize the history of Melchiorre Gerbino and Mondo Beat, as requested by the Vatican. Indeed the Vatican selects and promotes creatures as Silvia Casilio, who have a grudge against the world because of their condition, and the Vatican avails itself of this.
Below is a photo of a group of these unfortunate women. They are the international representatives of the Catholic association "Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco", an association to which Silvia Casilio belongs.

The horrific Salesian Sisters of St John Bosco
The most prominent members of the Catholic association "Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco" – Of Silvia Casilio a partial picture

These terrifying Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, all with an angelic smile, have certainly carried out many sadistic actions for having been promoted at the highest rang, such as the capture of very young girls from poor families, who will be confined to convents, to be sexually perverted and brainwashed to worship Jesus.
But let's get to the point. Silvia Casilio distorts and trivializes the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation because she is upset by the suspicion that in Barbonia City, as it was nicknamed the tent city of Mondo Beat, where a sexual revolution was unleashed that has changed the history of Italy, no one would have been sexually interested in her. For this reason, she shows particular resentment against Melchiorre Gerbino, who was the creator and leader of Barbonia City.
Thus, in her writings, where Silvia Casilio rightly asserts that the Contestation irreversibly changed Italian society by transforming lifestyles, ways of thinking, ways of doing politics and acting in a democracy... and where Silvia Casilio reproduces extracts from several articles published in in the magazine Mondo Beat and quotes the names of those who wrote them, Silvia Casilio never mentions Melchiorre Gerbino. If we wanted to remember the history of Nazism with the same criterion, it would be like quoting Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goering, Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, Karl Doenitz, Hans Frank, Joseph Mengele, Julius Streicher, Adolf Eichmann, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Albert Speer... but never Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler? Who was he?
The Vatican has rewarded Silvia Cassilio for her originality and she has been entrusted with a professorship of contemporary history at the University of Macerata first, then at the University of Teramo.
Melchiorre Gerbino hasn't been disturbed by the lessons which Silvia Casilio has given there, as he has taken into account the disorders from which she is suffering. And indeed, if Silvia Casilio had come to Mondo Beat's tent city, Melchiorre Gerbino would have strongly advised her not to pursue a career as a porn star, but would have encouraged her to undertake that of a historian.

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