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Allen Ginsberg in cahoots with Fernanda Pivano

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino, the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine - leader of the Contestation

There is no doubt that Allen Ginsberg was a Zionist, since in his poem "Howl", while ideally speaking with another Zionist, Carl Solomon, he says... I'm with you in Rockland where you accuse your doctors of insanity and plot the Hebrew socialist revolution against the fascist national Golgotha... Now, to "plot the Hebrew socialist revolution" is to make a hell with media and finance, which are controlled by the Zionists themselves, and provoke wars, in order to have people desperate, who would invoke whatever could give them tranquility, that is a Zionist domination, as it is clearly written in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". That the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are authentic or fake, makes no difference, since what is written there is realistic and current.
In the days of Mondo Beat, Allen Ginsberg collaborated with Fernanda Pivano. She had his consent to translate "Howl" into Italian and write an apologetic presentation of it. The two together promoted cultural events in major Italian cities and founded the magazine "Pianeta Fresco".
Fernanda Pivano was a CIA agent and a spy from the Milan Police Headquarters. She had assigned the task of confusing the Italian provincials, to prevent them from participating in a real revolution, that is, the revolution promoted by Mondo Beat with the Contestation, so Fernanda Pivano discredited as much as possible Mondo Beat and its protagonists, she called their commitment "a manifestation of subculture".
After the times of Mondo Beat, in an attempt to downgrade the history of the Contestation, Fernanda Pivano would have gone so far as to publish photomontages, in order to falsify the personal story of Vittorio Di Russo and Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino, the two main characters of the Mondo Beat Movement.
Given that there is no doubt that Fernanda Pivano was a CIA agent, could there be any doubt that Allen Ginsberg, who collaborated strictly with her, was also a referent of the CIA? Or maybe Allen Ginsberg was a Mossad agent?... Most likely Allen Ginsberg was in collusion with both, CIA and Mossad, otherwise how would you explain that such a mediocre poet would have been so universally celebrated and rewarded? However, if on the poetic value of Allen Ginsberg there can be different evaluations, there is no doubt that he attracted many Italian provincials and, with his pomposity on the Beat Generation, he diverted their attention from the real need of their generation, that is, face the power, for the affirmation of civil rights in Italy.

Fernanda Pivano,with the support of Allen Ginsberg,trivializing the history of Mondo Beat and falsifying the personal story of Vittorio Di Russo and Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
Allen Ginsberg in cahoots with Fernanda Pivano

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