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Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano
(testo in italiano)

- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine

There is no doubt that Allen Ginsberg was a Zionist. In his poem "Howl", while ideally speaking to Carl Solomon, Allen Ginsberg says... I am with you in Rockland where you accuse your doctors of insanity and plot the Hebrew socialist revolution against the fascist national Golgotha.... Now, "plot the Hebrew socialist revolution" means making hell with the media and finance, which are controlled by the Zionists themselves, and provoking wars, to have desperate people who would invoke anything that would grant them serenity, ie a Zionist domination, as it is described in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". And it makes no difference whether the "Protocols" are authentic or fake, as what is written there is realistic and current.
Going to the point, at the heights of the Contestation in Italy (1967/8), Allen Ginsberg actively collaborated with Fernanda Pivano. She was a translator of American writers, a mediocre translator and a nullity as a writer herself, but she was celebrated by the Establishment media, as she was given the task of confusing the Italian provincials, to prevent them from joining the Mondo Beat Movement, a movement which was committed to asserting civil rights in Italy. To confuse the Italian provincials, Fernanda Pivano resorted to a deafening media campaign on the Beat Generation, a generation older than ours, which had almost nothing to do with the Mondo Beat Movement, which had as its American reference the Free Speech Movement and the Dutch Provo Movement as a European reference, these two movements being contemporary to Mondo Beat. Allen Ginsberg actively collaborated with Fernanda Pivano in the task of confusing the Italian provincials, as the two together promoted cultural events in major Italian cities and founded the magazine "Pianeta Fresco" and Fernanda Pivano translated Ginsberg's "Howl" into Italian and wrote an exalting introduction to it.
Furthermore, Fernanda Pivano tried by all means to discredit the Mondo Beat Movement, whose commitment she defined "a manifestation of subculture" and after the times of Mondo Beat, she resorted to photomontages in order to falsify and diminishing the personal story of Vittorio Di Russo and Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino, the two main characters of the Mondo Beat Movement, as she did in her book "C'era una volta un beat" ("Once upon a time a Beat").

Fernanda Pivano, a CIA agent and a collaborator of the Milan Police Headquarters
Fernanda Pivano, a proven CIA agent.

In this photomontage, the images of Vittorio Di Russo and Melchiorre Gerbino, the two most charismatic characters of the Mondo Beat Movement, were inserted among those of people they never met. Besides the fact that this photomontage was done so badly that it is understandable that it is a photomontage at first sight, is the caption which proves that Fernanda Pivano worked for the CIA.
The caption reads: "A moment of the meeting at the home of Giorgio Bertani in Verona, November 1, 1966. Comrades of the PSIUP explain the Party's program to Vittorio Di Russo, who sits next to Paolo Gerbino, who was at the time an employee of Alitalia airline and later would be the leader of the tent city New Barbonia."
The caption proves that Fernanda Pivano was a CIA agent because the CIA itself, some years after the publication of this book, disclosed that the PSIUP, the political party to which Fernanda Pivano referred, was a fake communist party, created by the CIA itself in the aim of breaking the alliance of two socialist parties (PSI, PSDI) which were in government in Italy.
Thus, with this photomontage and relative legend, Fernanda Pivano intended to achieve two objectives at the same time: to downgrade the history of Mondo Beat by showing how its two most charismatic characters were communists (whereas they were anarchists) and advise the Italian provincials to vote in elections for the PSIUP, so that their votes were given to the CIA.
Also, at the time of Mondo Beat, Fernanda Pivano captured some of the most active youths of the Movement and started them smoking hashish in her literary salon, in order to make them inactive. And this happened when marijuana and hashish had not yet been introduced in Italy.

Maurizio Orioli, Carlo De Paoli, Gianni Scarpelli, reduced to a state of inertia by Fernanda Pivano
Maurizio Orioli, Carlo De Paoli, Gianni Scarpelli,
three of the most active youths of the Mondo Beat Movement trapped by Fernanda Pivano.

Gianni Scarpelli's personal story is particularly sad.
Reduced to inertia, he was destined to pay the highest price for an affair that the Milan Police Headquarters concocted together with the Corriere della Sera newspaper to discredit the Mondo Beat Movement.
He was arrested for consumption of hashish and sentenced to prison, where he remained for 8 months, his case making a deafening media coverage, being the first case in Italy of someone arrested for smoking hashish. In turn, Fernanda Pivano also had wide media coverage, as she obtained special authorization for him, as he was allowed to paint in his cell. Gianni Scarpelli was not a painter, but the Milan Police Headquarters and the Corriere della Sera insisted on describing him as a painter, so that Fernanda Pivano could make the news of obtaining special authorization for him.
In the end, Gianni Scarpelli, who was a seller of secondhand items in local markets, died suddenly a few years after this affair, but this is not surprising as many active youths from the Movement died young.

Gianni Scarpelli first imprisoned, then most likely killed
Gianni Scarpelli's sad story.

Now, returning to Allen Ginsberg, one wonders how he did not realize who Fernanda Pivano really was. Hence the suspicion that also Allen Ginsberg may have been in collusion with the CIA. The suspicion is reinforced by the difficulty of explaining otherwise how such a mediocre poet (yes, Allen Ginnsberg was a mediocre poet) would have been celebrated to the point of paroxysm.

Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano turned out to be the worst enemies of Mondo Beat and the Contestation.
Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano campaigning in Italy.

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