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The clash between Mondo Beat and Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales tramples the Encyclopedie's standards to make money
Jimmy Wales, the successful white trash

- Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of Mondo Beat magazine
- the historic leader of the Contestation

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Since the story of Mondo Beat in the Italian version was published on the Internet (2006/2007) there has been an endless clash between Melchiorre Gerbino and Wikipedia. In fact, since then, the history of Mondo Beat has been systematically distorted and trivialized in Wikipedia and Melchiorre Gerbino has been belittled and ridiculed. In an account in my name, which Wikipedia created without my knowledge, it was written that Melchiorre Gerbino was given electroshock when he was a baby and that he has shown symptoms of AIDS and this is why he denies that there is an AIDS epidemic in the world (Melchiorre Gerbino - Wikipedia).
After a campaign I made against Wikipedia, this account in my name disappeared from the web.
Now, to understand how Wikipedia is structured, consider that most of its data are provided not by scholars but by insignificant characters who have an account in it. But why these insignificant characters, who don't appear in reliable encyclopedias, in Wikipedia are a myriad and can write there whatever they want? This, because they make donations to the Wikipedia boss, that Jimmy Wales who looks at you with a half mafioso / half hypnotist air and, while constantly asking for money, says of himself I am a volunteer.
In the Italian Wikipedia, the people who sent money to Jimmy Wales are highlighted in the story of Mondo Beat, while the real protagonists are ignored or trivialized, as they did not send money to Jimmy Wales to adjust their position.
Even worse. Impostors, who have been publicly unmasked, can carve a noble part in the history of Mondo Beat in Wikipedia, since they make donations to Jimmy Wales. One of these impostors is Gianni De Martino. And to verify that he is an agent of the Vatican connected to the Mossad, and not a character from the Mondo Beat Movement, Wikipedia just had to check Gianni De Martino's official website.
But there is much worse in Wikipedia, as there is an intentional distortion of significant historical events. In fact, if you look at "Contestazione" in Wikipedia, what is quoted is amazing. There is not mentioned Melchiorre Gerbino, who conceived and field-tested the models of the Contestazione, but are highlighted Communist characters and Communist organizations, that is to say, those who have betrayed the Contestazione, first in Italy, then in France. In Italy, the Communists betrayed the Contestazione when they rejoiced in the destruction of the Mondo Beat structures (June 1967) made by the military on the orders of the Moro government and behind it by order of the Vatican. In France, the Communists betrayed the Contestation (May 1968) when they prevented the anarchists from marching towards the Élysée Palace, and the Communists did so to protect the nuclear polluter, General Charles de Gaulle, as he had promised Leonid Brezhnev, the head of the Soviet Union, to take France out of the NATO Alliance, if the French communists protected him from the anarchists.
And if you want to realize to which extent the reality is speciously ignored or distorted in Wikipedia, look what is written about "Il Profeta" (The Prophet), a movie directed by Dino Risi, where Vittorio Gassman portrayed Melchiorre Gerbino in the aim of ridicule him. In fact, years after having directed this movie, Dino Risi declared that this was the most unfortunate movie in his career, that he was ashamed for it and he didn't want to speak about. But in Wikipedia you will read "...it's one of those movies from the master of Italian comedies to re-discover absolutely. Exquisite, swinging, smart, this film appeared to be an hilarious mirror of some of the most pregnant clichés of the occidental modernity...". And in this review, Melchiorre Gerbino is not mentioned at all, because the Vatican, which fears that a new wave of Contestation may arise, wants Melchiorre Gerbino to be ignored, and Wikipedia complies with it: Il Profeta (The Prophet).
And there would be much more to say, in particular on the relationship between Melchiorre Gerbino and Giuseppe Pinelli, which in Wikipedia is ignored or minimized and distorted, but it was because of the combined action of Melchiorre Gerbino with Giuseppe Pinelli that the Contestation spread.
Indeed, Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, but a well-designed economic and ideological fraud, concocted at the expense of the standards of the Encyclopédie that the French Revolution compiled for compulsory education.
The Encyclopédie was compiled with the Lights of Knowledge and formatted with the cuts of the Guillotine.
If it is true that the United States of America owes much of its Independence to the French Revolution, then Jimmy Wales, who tramples the Encyclopédie's standards, should be guillotined in Times Square in New York City, his head shown by the executioner to the crowd, the video in schools.

Jimmy Wales symbolically guillotined by Melchiorre Gerbino
The boss of Wikipedia symbolically guillotined by the leader of the Contestation

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