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Gianni De Martino / Gianni De Pincopallino

The human path of a hapless sodomized by Catholic priests

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine
- leader of the Contestation

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The personal story of Gianni De Martino/De 
Pincopallino,selected by the Vatican to kill Melchiorre Gerbino
The menaced assassin Gianni De Martino/De Pincopallino

I will tell the complete story of Gianni De Martino because it is an exemplary story for showing to what extent the Vatican denatures and exploits its subjects.
He was born and raised in the most polluted area of Italy, that of open dumps in Campania, which is in this condition mainly because of the Vatican policy, which has corrupted Campania since the end of World War 2.
In his teens, he was sent to study by Salesian priests, who sodomized him, as it was predictable. Obviously, his parents understood that the Salesian priests sodomized their child, but, as it happens in underdeveloped areas, they were complaisant, because of benefits that the family obtained, most probably some career advancement of the father of the sodomized, who was a small accountant in a bank.
The Salesian priests who had anal intercourse with Gianni De Martino were rough, consequently, the subject remained traumatized in the anal sphincter and developed into an inverted male with such a small ass, that it disappears under a jacket. On the torment due to this condition, one can read in the novel "Hotel Oasis", where Gianni De Martino describes his more recent anal intercourses in Morocco.
Back to the Salesian priests, at a certain moment they have disdained Gianni De Martino, as they usually do with their pupils when they grow up. Then they converted him into a spy. First he infiltrated a youth section of the Italian Communist Party in the city of Salerno, later, when he was 19 years old, they sent him to Milan to infiltrate Mondo Beat.
When he introduced himself, Gianni De Martino said he was a Catholic homosexual and asked me if he could take part in the editorial board of the magazine Mondo Beat. I accepted his request, since that was the time when homosexuals began to assert their civil rights. But he never wrote about it. Gianni De Martino is in the number of those who have published platitudes in the magazine Mondo Beat.
Since he was full of himself, the legendary Dante Palla, who usually gave nicknames, called him Pincopallino, that in English can be translated as Ignoramus (from the farce by George Ruggle). Thus in the Tent City of Mondo Beat, Nuova Barbonia (also called New Barbonia or Barbonia City), he was called Gianni De Pincopallino (John Ignoramus).
He had been instructed on how to use a Taser device disguised as a lighter and two weeks after his arrival I was struck in the head by that Taser device. It happened during a television interview in the editorial seat of Mondo Beat. I remained stunned and he spoke in my place. Nor did I quickly understand what had happened, since at that time I was too idealistic to think that there were people like Gianni De Martino.
Gianni De Martino was the only one, among all those youths who attended the Tent City of Mondo Beat, who has arrived at Taverna Crota Piemunteisa on the 15th of June 1967, on the occasion of the dissolution of the Movement. But this didn't make me suspicious, because he looked like an immigrant from Southern Italy, and not like a beat or a provo, that the police would have caught in the streets in those days.
On the occasion of the dissolution of Mondo Beat, there were half a dozen writers and journalists at Taverna Crota Piemunteisa, who witnessed the event. All of them have insisted for publishing a last issue of the magazine, to transmit the memory of the destruction. Sincerely, I didn't see the need of it, since newspapers and magazines, in Italy and abroad, wrote about it. Even more, I said that to publish one more issue of the magazine would be negative, since the magazine, without the support of the Movement, had no valence. But they insisted. In the end, I yielded to their pressure, not to seem authoritarian. But, to underline my disagreement, I stated that I did not want to be involved in publishing this issue. Having to assign this task to someone, being all valid elements of the Movement dispersed or in jail, I could not assign the task to anyone else, but to Gianni De Martino.
Since the publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli had told me of his availability to print an issue of Mondo Beat, if we wanted to publish one more, I introduced Gianni De Martino to Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, not suspecting that Gianni De Martino was a Vatican agent, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli an agent of the Mossad. As Cicero says "The nobler a man, the harder it is for him to suspect inferiority in others" - and I was very noble at the times of Mondo Beat.
After the publication of the last issue of the magazine Mondo Beat, Gianni De Martino insisted with me and Gunilla Unger to join us on a trip to Morocco, which we had planned.
Once in Morocco, he established contact with an official of the Italian embassy in Casablanca, such De Mattia, a secret agent acting under diplomatic cover.
The two together came to visit Gunilla Unger and me in our house in Essaouira, so that De Mattia could study me, to plan my murder. When the plan was conceived, Gianni De Martino led me and Gunilla Unger to a house in Marrakech, where, among the hippies, there were secret agents ready to kill me with an overdose of morphine and reduce Gunilla Unger to a drug addict. This, to give the Vatican the opportunity to shout to the four winds See how the drug addicts Melchiorre Gerbino and his wife ended up!?
In that house in Marrakech, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino were reduced to a state of captivity for three days. Gunilla Unger was forced to undergo an injection of morphine, while I resisted all kinds of pressures. After three days, we were allowed to go out, when many people, who attended that house, had realized that something strange was happening there. We managed to get a taxi and make a run from Marrakech to Casablanca, where we went to a police station to report about what had occurred. Then the house in Marrakech was checked by the police, before the secret services could arrive in time to hinder it. After which, we went to the Italian embassy. At my request, my presence was formalized in a protocol number. I asked to see De Mattia and I told him that I was aware of his plan to kill me. Leaving the Italian embassy, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino were arrested by the Moroccan police and imprisoned during three days. They were subject to psychotropic drugs and mental tortures. Since they had raised too much noise, they couldn't be killed and they have survived. But after those three days in that house in Marrakech, and those three days in that jail in Casablanca, I needed years to recover balance.
Gianni De Martino was gratified by the Vatican.
Two collaborators of the Italian secret services, disguised as libertarians, Fernanda Pivano and Andrea Valcarenghi, were asked to lend a hand in the promotion of Gianni De Martino as a journalist. The two stated that they had paid for 10 articles that Gianni De Martino had published in their respective magazines "Pianeta Fresco" and "Re Nudo". Their statements were false, since Gianni De Martino had not published 10 articles in those magazines, nor had he received any money. But, thanks to those false statements, Gianni De Martino has been enlisted in the Register of Italian journalists (and now he receives the pension attributed to a journalist, that is, he is stealing money from the pockets of Italian taxpayers).
Shortly after the recording of Gianni De Martino as a journalist, the Vatican suggested his name to the Dalai Lama, who was looking for a person of confidence to entrust the founding and direction of a publishing house in Italy, and the Dalai Lama promptly appointed him.
To say a few words about Tenzin Gyatso, he is a lackey of the Vatican and the imperialists. He is held in high prominence in the Western media because, on the one hand, he is disturbing China, on the other hand, he attracts youths, who could become contestators of the current world order and makes them fall asleep with Tibetan lullabies.
Tenzin Gyatso is one of the most obtuse and reactionary individuals who run relentlessly on the roads of the world. Tenzin Gyatso's races began in 1959, when he fled Tibet, which had been freed by Mao Tze-tung from his theocratic dictatorship (remember that Tibet, under Tenzin Gyatso, was the most underdeveloped area in the world, concerning civil rights and material well-being). Tenzin Gyatso's escape from Tibet has been described as heroic and dramatic by the Western media during half a century, but the Chinese government recently has officially released photos showing, step by step, the Dalai Lama fleeing, to show how Mao Tze-tung wanted to spare the life of Tenzin Gyatso, who could have reached India on a sedan chair if he had not been paranoid
Once in India, Tenzin Gyatso refused to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese, to be able to return to Tibet as a Buddhist spiritual leader, instead he wrote an accusatory book, "My Land and My People", a title of 5 words, where he uses, twice, the possessive adjective "my", which a Buddhist monk should avoid mentioning in the whole arc of his existence!
Going to the point, Tenzin Gyatso agreed to have Gianni De Martino as director of his publishing house in Italy, as suggested by the Vatican. A character who, far from being mystical is sordid, Tenzin Gyatso would have chosen as collaborator an accomplice of murderers, an individual who, by divine and human law, is tantamount to a murderer.
But to run a publishing house in Italy, you need to have more skills than you needed to conduct Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger in a house in Marrakech, where murderers were hiding.
In conclusion, for the launch of the publishing house Gianni De Martino conceived the slogan "The legacy of Tibet belongs to the world" and with this he communicated the image of a deceased Tibetan.
The poor devil did not realize that if he had reversed the terms of the slogan, such as "The Legacy of the world belongs to Tibet", then many would have come, worried, to verify what the editorial of the Dalai Lama was writing!
Moral of the tale: the editorial of the Dalai Lama, although it had its seat in Piazza Duomo in Milan, although His Holiness has sent faithful, has died newborn and neither His Holiness nor his rimpoches could revive it.
Having made the publishing house of the Dalai Lama fail, Gianni De Martino, unintentionally, but as a consequence of the law of karma, has carried out an anarchic sabotage of such a magnitude that all Italian libertarians together wouldn't have been able to achieve.

They might seem like a bunch of idiots, if it were not for the nirvanic light that pervades them
They might seem like a bunch of idiots,if it were not for the nirvanic light that pervades them
In a souvenir photo, Tenzin Gyatso and Gianni De Martino/De Pincopallino (marked by arrow)

The Vatican, however, did not abandon Gianni De Martino, after the disaster of the Dalai Lama's publishing house, but helped him find a job as a journalist in the daily Il Mattino. But the poor devil was unable to do the job, so he was almost immediately fired. So the Vatican assigned him small spying tasks and, among those tasks, spying on me when I was in Italy.
After the terrible experience in Morocco, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino had moved to Stockholm, where they lived for three years, working hard and successfully on glass painting. Towards the end of 1971, they moved to Sicily and settled in the territory of Calatafimi, in a countryside that Gerbino's mother had given him. They built a house and had a son, Erik. They organized painting exhibitions in Sicilian cities. They stayed for three years in Sicily. In that time frame, Gianni De Martino came to visit them twice.
Since it was obvious that I would have been monitored when I was in Italy, I accepted that this task was done by Gianni De Martino, whom I already knew, rather than someone else. Thus, a kind of fatal symbiosis developed between me and him. And I went further. Since I had considered how tragic was his existence, namely the fact that he could not denounce those who had sodomized him and bent to crime, because he would have been jailed for the crimes he had committed, the sorry I felt for him was greater than the disgust, and I ended up to forgiving him. So, the two times he came to Sicily, I hosted him, and I did my best so he could relax while doing his job as a spy. In fact, I had nothing to hide, because on my own I had retired from the scene of the Contestation, nor did I want to participate in the games of Italian politics.

Twenty years after the times of Mondo Beat, that is in 1989, I was once again very famous in Italy, thanks to my many participations in the "Maurizio Costanzo Show", a talk show where I told of my 20 years of traveling around the world. Then, a publishing house invited me to write a book about my life, and in this book, which was published in 1990, I have also reconstructed the history of Mondo Beat. It was the first time that a complete summary of the history of Mondo Beat was made realistically, since only Melchiorre Gerbino and Umberto Tiboni knew this story from beginning to end (and Umberto Tiboni never wanted to write about it).
Shortly after the publication of this book, entitled "Viaggi" (Journeys), the publishing house "Grasso Editori", which had printed and distributed the book, failed, due to the interference from the Italian secret services and, by order of the bankruptcy trustee, ten thousand copies of the book have been incinerated, without my knowledge.
When I knew it, I was deeply satisfied. I had confirmation of what I already knew, that is, the Vatican fears the Contestation, because it is aware that one day will die of it. Yes, far into the future, as this day may be, this day will come. Therefore, I did not promote any legal action, aware that the folds of the mortal confrontation between the Contestation and the Vatican can't be rectified with stamped paper.

The publishing house Grasso Editori failed, due to the interference of the Italian secret services, and by order of the bankruptcy trustee ten thousand copies of 'Viaggi' were incinerated
On page 177 of "Viaggi" (Trips) Melchiorre Gerbino wrote about Gianni De Martino.

A detail of the reconstruction of the history of Mondo Beat, in which Melchiorre Gerbino stated that Gianni De Martino was an agent of the Italian secret services
Melchiorre Gerbino could not avoid saying that Gianni De Martino was an agent of the Italian secret services

Reconstructing the history of Mondo Beat, I could not avoid to say that Gianni De Martino was an agent of the Italian secret services.
Since then, I have written on the history of Mondo Beat in other books and on the Internet. Since then the Vatican, fearing a new wave of Contestation, has assigned to Gianni De Martino the task of distorting and trivializing the history of Mondo Beat, by all means, and to promote impostors who would do the same. The violation of my copyright has been a constant attitude of all those impostors. Since they have the Vatican as protection, they don't fear any penal consequence in a country like Italy, where independent magistrates have been killed by the secret services on the orders of the Jesuits (...Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto, Alberto Giacomelli, Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino...) or can be killed, if they are not servile.

With Gianni De Martino as an intermediary and the religious Salesian Order as a sponsor, "Barbonia City", a book written by Walter Pagliero, was published and distributed by Claudio Fucci, the owner of Vololibero Edizioni.

Walter Pagliero pretends to have participated in the history of Barbobia City, whereas in those days he was in prison
The Zionist jackal Walter Pagliero

This article, which tells how Walter Pagliero was arrested for a hashish affair, appeared in Corriere della Sera a month before the inauguration of Barbonia City. Barbonia City lasted 42 days. Pagliero was imprisoned for 8 months, so he never was in the Tent City of Mondo Beat.

Walter Pagliero and Claudio Fucci infringing Melchiorre Gerbino's copyright to falsify the history of Barbonia City
The Zionist jackal Walter Pagliero, the author of "Barbonia City" and the slimy publisher Claudio Fucci, Vololibero Edizioni, in trouble

"Barbonia City", by Walter Pagliero, was printed and distributed in Italy by "Vololibero Edizioni", a publishing house owned by Claudio Fucci. Then this book was translated into Spanish and printed and distributed in Latin America.
The sponsor of this operation was the Order of the Salesians (the order of those priests who have sodomized Gianni De Martino in his tender years and later bent him to crime. In fact, Gianni De Martino was the agent who has connected Walter Pagliero with the Order of the Salesians and the publishing house Vololibero Edizioni).
In his book Walter Pagliero recounts about his action and intellectual engagement in those days when he attended Barbonia City, as it was nicknamed the Tent City of Mondo Beat. He lets us understand how great was his action and intellectual influence in Barbonia City and, since Walter Pagliero is a Jew, he attributes the merit of the good things that the youth revolt has produced in Italy to another Jew, Herbert Marcuse.
But these people, who promoted and distributed this book for the purpose of distorting and trivializing the history of Mondo Beat, did not suspect that Melchiorre Gerbino knew the personal story of Walter Pagliero, that is, he was in prison for a hashish affair in the days of Barbonia City and did not see the tent city even from a distance.
Since Melchiorre Gerbino is making a great noise in Italy and Latin America, proving that Pagliero was in jail, the Zionist jackal Walter Pagliero and the slimy editor Claudio Fucci are now in trouble, and there they have to stay for a while, asking day after day what will happen to them, until something happens.

But the impostures on Mondo Beat do not end with Walter Pagliero. Others, always in league with Gianni De Martino, have worked to overturn and trivialize the history of Mondo Beat.

Felice Pesoli,Matteo Guarnaccia,Gianni De Martino,distorting and trivializing the history of the Contestation
Felice Pesoli and Matteo Guarnaccia, in cahoots with Gianni De Martino, distorting and trivializing the history of Mondo Beat and the Contestation

 Felice Pesoli, falsifying the history of Mondo Beat
Felice Pesoli presents Gianni De Martino as the Director of the magazine Mondo Beat

Here is the text of the entire interview by Felice Pesoli, aimed at advertising his documentary "Prima che la vita cambi noi"(Before life changes us) where, for the purpose, the Mondo Beat Poster has been pirated

I cannot avoid saying a few words about Matteo Guarnaccia.
Among the impostors who have treated about the history of Mondo Beat and about their own involvement in the history of youth revolt in Europe, he is the most despicable.
He was too young to participate in the youth revolt in the 60s, so he says that he was so precocious that when he was 14 he hitchhiked up and down from Milan to Amsterdam, the two most important cities of the nonviolent youth revolt in Europe, to participate. And he want us to believe it!
But, indeed, he published a book "Beat e Mondo Beat ", Stampa Alternativa, 1996, where he wrote so much misinformation about Mondo Beat that you do not know where to start to make adjustments. And he didn't it in the aim of mystifying the history of Mondo Beat, but because he wrote of Mondo Beat by having heard here and there. Because of his superficiality, he didn't realize that he could have found the thread of the history of Mondo Beat if he had consulted newspapers and magazines of that time. All the newspapers in Italy, with many titles in large letters, many images of it, wrote of a rally of Mondo Beat, March 7, 1967, which paralyzed the heart of Milan for two hours of evening traffic (This, to contest the Establishment that hindered the distribution of the magazine Mondo Beat. This, the baptism of fire of the Contestation). Of this, nothing in "Beat e Mondo Beat " by Matteo Guarnaccia, but a lot of platitudes, confused, as he was, by Fernanda Pivano, an agent of the CIA and spy of the police headquarters in Milan.
When I published Mondo Beat's documented history on the Internet, Matteo Guarnaccia didn't apologize to his readers for the misinformation he had given about it, instead, having taken information (and pirated some images) from my website, he has written much more on the history of Mondo Beat, always dressed as a connoisseur of the history of youth revolt. And, due to his stupidity, he has acted like the banalities he had written in his first book could be forgotten, or at least mitigated, if he ignored me, or worse, when strictly obliged to write about me, if he would ignore the most important to say, minimizing and distorting what was impossible to ignore.
And, since Matteo Guarnaccia is not only stupid, but also malicious, he has been in league with Gianni De Martino in distorting and trivializing the history of Mondo Beat, to the extent that he has written the introduction to Gianni De Martino's book "Capelloni & Ninfette" (Longhairs and Young Nynphs) where Gianni De Martino not only mystifies the history of the Contestation but also publishes dozens of images violating the copyright of Melchiorre Gerbino.
If one can feel some compassion for Gianni De Martino, who was sodomized by Vatican priests and bent to crime, there is no excuse for Matteo Guarnaccia. It's trash that History leaves behind.

However, in the midst of these commitments aimed at distorting and trivializing the history of Mondo Beat, Gianni De Martino had visions of Jesus.
He contemplated how Jesus was a gay and he identified the lover of Jesus among the people who attended the Last Supper.
Thus, he wrote a treatise, "L'uomo che Gesù amava" (The man whom Jesus loved).

Gianni De Martino has identified the lover of Jesus among the apostles of the Last Supper
Gianni De Martino - "L'uomo che Gesù amava" (The man whom Jesus loved) - Croce Editions

I don't know how Jesus and his lover had sex, who was active, who passive. I presume Jesus was active, since Gianni De Martino is passive and, most probably, he makes transfert of himself into the man whom Jesus loved. But it could be that Gianni De Martino makes transfert of himself into Jesus, then, inevitably, Jesus was passive... I don't know. I haven't read the treatise, but I have read the advertising

Gianni De Martino does not give details about how Jesus and his lover had sex,who was active,who was passive
Advertising of "L'uomo che Gesù amava" (The man whom Jesus loved) written by Gianni De Martino himself

A theological doubt arises in me. If instead of the Salesian Fathers, Gianni De Martino had been sodomized by the Marian Fathers (the Order consecrated to the Virgin Mary), would he have changed sex and then written the treatise "The woman whom Mary loved"?
However, the Holy See, that is in solidarity with those who have been sodomized by priests (whatever treatise they may write) has sent Gianni De Martino to the Holy Sepulcher, to venerate Jesus.
Gianni De Martino, once there, went also to the Golan Heights, to venerate an Israeli general (the Church, deep down, collaborates with the Zionists, because they penalize the Muslims).

Gianni De Martino at the Holy Sepulcher and with Avigdor Kahalani.Pictures taken from Gianni De Martino Official Website

Gianni De Martino at the Holy Sepulcher - Gianni De Martino meets the Israeli Brigadier General Avigdor Kahalani in the Golan Heights, November 10, 2003 from Gianni De Martino Official Website

Since then, the Holy See has placed Gianni De Martino at the disposal of the Mossad, hoping he infiltrated Muslim organizations, but, since Gianni De Martino is not able to perform brilliant operations, the result has been that the Mossad has lost because of him rather than gaining.

The spy Gianni De Martino presented as the former director of the magazine Mondo Beat in an operation to infiltrate Muslim organizations
Patrick Lowie and Gianni De Martino trying to infiltrate Muslim organizations in Belgium and France

The question that arises is, how is it possible that Gianni De Martino, who claims to be a libertarian and publishes a lot on his website on his participation in the youth revolt of the 60s, then in the same site (even if a bit hidden) also publishes pictures of himself along with an Israeli general occupying Syrian soil?
The answer is that Gianni De Martino is schizophrenic. The case of a spy who, after decades of simulations, has ended up believing that in the 60s he was really a libertarian.
Here is what incontrovertibly shows that Gianni De Martino is schizophrenic

The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing he was really handsome in the days of Mondo Beat
Gianni De Martino as handsome as he would have liked to be. Gianni De Martino as he was in reality.
The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing he was really handsome in the days of Mondo Beat, when in reality he had a small and twisted face, the kind of face with which a spy is depicted in folktales.

The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing that he really was one of the founders of the Mondo Beat Movement
Gianni De Martino disguised as one of the founders of the Mondo Beat Movement, in a picture taken about 20 years after the times of Mondo Beat. The spy Gianni De Martino as he was in reality in the days of Mondo Beat.
The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing that he really was one of the founders of the Mondo Beat Movement and one of the founders of the Tent City "New Barbonia".

A special mention deserves "Gianni De Martino - Wikipedia". Thanks to a clash with Gianni De Martino on Wikipedia, I have understood who Jimmy Wales is and how his fraudulent organization works, since I have understood that those who work in Wikipedia are on the side of the people who make donations to Jimmy Wales, even if they are impostors, whereas they are irritated by people who do not make donations and try to get rid of them as soon as possible

What Gianni De Martino has stated in Wikipedia with the complacency of Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia. The tormented schizophrenic Gianni De Martino and the successful White trash Jimmy Wales


To end this chapter, I have to say more about my personal life. I must premise that the Vatican had already tried twice to have me killed, the first time in Morocco, in 1968, as I have already described, the second time in Sicily, in 1987, where I had promoted a campaign for civil rights in my hometown, Calatafimi.
In 2004 they tried to kill me, for the third time, again when I was in my hometown Calatafimi. There were two reasons for this. The first reason, I was publishing inflammatory writings against the Vatican. The second reason, Salvatore Spinello, the Luca Brasi of Pope Wojtyla, who ran a branch of the Italian secret services, not having been able to acquire me in his squad, to prepare me to take his place (oh, what an honor!) wanted to take revenge.
This attempt against my life was done by Carabinieri (federal police), Mossad agents and elements of the local organized crime, coordinated with each others. Mossad agents were sent against me, from Israel, because in my writings I showed aversion not only towards the Vatican but also towards the Zionists.
The attempt to kill me in Calatafimi lasted many days. They tried in many ways, poisoning me, shooting me, kidnapping me. All this under the eyes of the population, expressly, because in Southern Italy the population must be deprived of justice and terrorized, to obey.
The whole of this affair is described in detail in my writing The Roman Dwarf who cannot rule the world by the sword.
In those days, I made a public declaration of my conversion to Islam. Since then, attempts against my life have multiplied.
Escaped from the manhunt I was subject to in Calatafimi, I reached France, where I stayed for 8 months. In Paris, the French secret services tried to kill me with the Taser, with poisoned chocolates, by throwing me out of a window on the fifth floor of my hotel.
I went to Switzerland, where I stayed for 9 months. In Bern, the Swiss secret services tried to kill me with the Taser and once I was hit by a Taser discharge. The Swiss secret services have planned to kill me by throwing me out of the window of the apartment of a friend to whom I was teaching Latin. The Swiss secret services and the Mossad, coordinated, tried twice, if not more, to kidnap me (extraordinary renditions).
In Denmark, first the Polish secret services, then the Danish, have tried to kill me with the Taser. In Copenhagen, I was hit in a central street in a late evening by a Taser discharge, I don't know whether by Polish or Danish agents.
In Norway, the Polish secret services tried to kill me with the Taser. In the central library in Oslo, I was hit by a Taser discharge, I presume by the Polish services.
In Gran Canaria, the Spanish intelligence services have tried to kill me with the Taser.
In Fiji, in the island of Viti Levu, a Mossad girl has tried to kill me with a glass of poisoned wine.
In Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, local agents, coordinated by the CIA, have tried to kill me with the Taser.
In Dubai, first agents of the Italian secret services, then Mossad agents, have tried to kill me (I do not know how, but I know that they were there to kill me).
In China and Vietnam, Mossad agents have tried to kill me with the Taser. They had infiltrated a chain of youth hostels.
In Malaysia (which does not recognize Israel) Mossad agents, who arrived from Singapore and Thailand, have tried to kill me (I do not know how, but I know that they were there to kill me).
In Indonesia, Polish secret agents tried to kill me. Probably, they operated under the cover of the local Catholic Church (I do not know how they wanted to kill me, but certainly elaborately, because one of those agents was my look-alike).
All this, and probably more, of which I haven't been aware, has happened between the autumn of 2004 (Sicily) and the spring of 2014 (Indonesia). And I do not know if at this moment there is not someone who is trying to kill me.
I understand that what I have described on my misadventures may seem paradoxical, but those who want to look in my writings, can read my open letter to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, which I published in Vietnam on the Prime Minister's website; they can read the complaint made by me in a police station in Gran Canaria...

In the meantime, taking advantage from my precarious situation, Gianni De Martino has violated twice my copyright and published two books.
With the book entitled "I Capelloni" (The Longhairs) Gianni De Martino violated the copyright of Melchiorre Gerbino, publishing, without his consent, many images of his website on the history of Mondo Beat.
In a CD-ROM combined with the book entitled "Capelloni & Ninfette" (Longhairs and Young Nymphs) Gianni De Martino has reproduced all the pages of the 7 issues of the magazine Mondo Beat, of which Melchiorre Gerbino has the copyright, since he was the director in charge and the only owner of the magazine.
Imagine yourselves as in these two books Gianni De Martino has mystified and trivialized the history of Mondo Beat and the personal story of Melchiorre Gerbino. But since Gianni De Martino is not only a spy, a murderer, a thief, but is also a scoundrel, he has published a fake photo of the premises of Mondo Beat and a photomontage in which Melchiorre Gerbino drinks from a chamber pot.

Gianni De Martino published two books focalized on the history of Mondo Beat, having violated twice the copyright of Melchiorre Gerbino
The literary production of Gianni De Martino

Of course, to those who read all this, a question arises: how can Gianni De Martino expose himself so much?
And here, finally, is given to explain to what extent the Vatican exploits those who are at its mercy. In fact, Gianni De Martino is purposely exposed by the Vatican to the anarchists' anger.
Yes! Because if an angry anarchist kills Gianni De Martino, kicking his shins, then the priests of the Vatican, who have sodomized him in his tender years, and later made of him a spy and an assassin, now could dismember the wizened old fagot, to obtain relics for the foundation of a new basilica "Basilica of Saint Gianni De Martino Martyr, the Protector of the good revolutionary".
(Do you understand, the Vatican!?)

And, to conclude, something funny.

Claudia Cernigoi is a spy
Claudia Cernigoi & Co.

Claudia Cernigoi was requested, by the Italian secret services, to throw good light on Gianni De Martino and bad on Melchiorre Gerbino, on the occasion of a defamation trial brought by Gianni De Martino against Melchiorre Gerbino. So, just before the start of the trial, she has published on her website an article in which she suspected terrorist ties between anarchists and fascists immediately after the times of Mondo Beat, in which Melchiorre Gerbino could have been involved, if not directly, at least for his bad behavior in the times when he led the Contestation. This article was also published, concurrently, on the website of another secret agent, a pseudo historian, such Giuseppe Casarrubea. Both, Cernigoi and Casarrubea, have prevented Gerbino from having a direct confrontation with them on the Internet.
Meanwhile, since Prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli had indicted Melchiorre Gerbino for offending the reputation of Gianni De Martino, Justice Ombretta Malatesta sentenced Gerbino, in absentia, to a fine of Euro seven thousand, to be paid to Gianni De Martino, if Gerbino wanted to keep a clean criminal record and have the possibility to appeal the judgment. In addition, Gerbino was sentenced to court fees, the obscuring of two pages of his website, the publication of the judgment in the daily Corriere della Sera and maybe something more that at this time I do not remember.
So, in the Vatican, who manages the Judiciary in Italy, they expected that I would have paid € 7,000 to Gianni De Martino, in order to maintain a clean criminal record and have the possibility to appeal the judgment, and then that I would have played with a deck of rigged cards, to be penalized by one process to another.
However, having been pronounced this judgment in the Name of the Italian People, I could not reject it by using colored Italian expressions of the type with which the elements of the phallic genital tract are mentioned. I had to comply with the protocol.
So, I have declared not to appeal to this judgment. Consequently, having become this definitive judgment, I have claimed the right to criticize it. To the public prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli and to the judge Ombretta Malatesta, I have publicly declared that I will not respect the injunctions of this judgment, since in my eyes it doesn't reflect Justice, but the disgrace and shame in which Justice is found today in Italy.
I don't care what the consequences of this decision will be.
I don't care to have a clean criminal record in a country with a corrupt judicial system.
Nor do I care if one fifth of my monthly pension of € 638 will be seized. I'll make it with € 511.
And I will publish in other websites, that can't be obscured, what will be obscured in my website.
And I will be delighted if I will be given the theatrical opportunity of being deported and imprisoned.

No stamped paper.

What makes me sad is that I can't be there on that day to come, when the Contestation will burn the Vatican, but I have the certainty that the Vatican will be burnt also in my name. I am the one who has led the Contestation to the baptism of fire.

(dedicated to those who proceed in the right direction)