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On the interference of the Zionists in the course of the Contestation

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine -
- the historic leader of the Contestation -

The Zionists would not have a so great power if the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Churches, the Orthodox Churches, had not granted them power transversely. This the Christian Churches have done and still do, because otherwise they would not be able to constrain the mass of people to the dated game of the Messiah of the Jews nailed to the Cross of the Roman Empire. The best strategy, to prevent people from turning away from the Cross, is to weaken people to the point of exhaustion, therefore people are left at the mercy of Zionist usurers.

The Roman Dwarf who can not rule the world by the sword. The Zionist usurer who forces you to your knees to adore Jesus Christ
The consequences of what concocted by Emperor Constantine.
The Roman Dwarf who can not rule the world by the sword. The Zionist usurer who forces you to your knees to adore Jesus Christ.

As proof that Zionist power derives from the Christian Churches, there is the evidence that where the Christian Churches have no power, the Zionists do not even have it (Japan, China, Islamic societies).
In turn, the Zionists never harm the interests of the Christian churches with their finances or their media. And this because, in the last instance, the Christian Churches are able to trigger pogroms of Jews, just reminding their devotees that the Jews wanted Jesus Christ to be crucified, while the Romans did their utmost to spare his life. To understand this situation, see the movie "The Passion of the Christ", ordered by Pope Ratzinger to Mel Gibson and shot in Italy, just a few steps away from the Vatican. This movie was shot because, in the view of Pope Ratzinger, the Zionist policy in the US was going the wrong way. After this movie, the Zionists immediately refrained from their purpose to have Paul Wolfowitz president of the United States and turn the United States into a satellite of Israel, as they understood that, if another movie such as "The Passion of the Christ" would have been put into circulation, an open hunt for the Jews would have started in the United States. So, after that movie, the Zionists promptly sought an agreement with the Jesuits and, after they found a deal with them, Joseph Ratzinger was deposed and Jorge Bergoglio, a Jesuit, was promoted Pope to execute the new program. So, willy-nilly, the Zionists have to collaborate with the Christian Churches.
Rebus sic stantibus, let's move on to our subject, the Contestation.
The "Contestazione" broke out massively in the Milanese schools in the fall of 1967, just a few weeks after the destruction of the structures of Mondo Beat by the military, then it spread among ordinary Italians. The Vatican was almost suffocated by it. When on May 1968 it reached Paris (the "Contestation"), it was a great relief for the Vatican that the Zionists concocted a resounding campaign with their media, producing Herbert Marcuse as the theoretician and Daniel Cohn-Bendit as the hero of the Contestation. In fact, this Zionist campaign would have created a state of confusion about the history of the Contestation and somehow it would have caused less pressure on the Vatican. Even more, the mere fact that Marcuse and Cohn-Bendit were Jews would have been of a great relief for the Vatican, because this would have provoked aversion towards the Contestation in many people, as many people dislike or distrust Jews (or am I wrong?). And finally, the Vatican and the Zionists would have organized together a resounding media campaign on "The 68", with the aim of further confusing the true story of the Contestation, which was not born in France in 68, but in Italy in 67. This campaign on "The 68" was aimed to make posterior Italian generations believe that the Contestation was an exotic fruit of French culture, with few implications in Italy, where almost everything was fashion imported from the United States and India. And this misleading campaign on "The 68" resoundingly lasts until today.
I will make a profile of the most notorious Zionists who have interfered in the events of the Contestation, for their benefit and consequently also for the benefit of the Vatican. They were not the expression of a "Jewish intelligentsia", but they were produced by the media run by Zionist usurers, those usurers to whom the Christian Churches deliver people to prevent them from turning away from the Cross.

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli and Herbert Marcuse

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli was a famous publisher who had worldwide success with the novels "Doctor Zhivago", by Boris Pasternak and "The Leopard", by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. He was an avant-garde communist and a well-known friend of Fidel Castro, and he was a secret link between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, in the days when Guevara operated in the bush in Bolivia. Behind all this, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli was a Mossad agent, as it was revealed by Senator Giovanni Pellegrino, who was at the head of an Italian state commission that investigated on terrorism.
I make this premise, to let understand who Giangiacomo Feltrinelli was, but the Contestation had no implication in those events.
Melchiorre Gerbino met Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, for the first time, on the day of the destruction of Barbonia City, the campsite of Mondo Beat. On that occasion, Gerbino went to Feltrinelli's publishing house and asked to see him. They did not know each other personally, but Feltrinelli left his room and warmly received Gerbino, who asked Feltrinelli if he was willing to go, surrounded by photojournalists, to the field where Barbonia City had been destroyed a few hours earlier, to be hit by a police cudgel, as a sign of solidarity with Mondo Beat. Feltrinelli seemed to be having fun with this proposal and decided to do it in the same afternoon. But the next day, when they met again, Feltrinelli told Gerbino he had changed his mind. He had decided to mobilize people from the world of culture, to prepare a solidarity document for Mondo Beat. On this occasion, since all Mondo Beat's structures had been destroyed or were requisitioned by the military, Feltrinelli mentioned his availability for printing and distribution of other issues of Mondo Beat magazine. He owned several printing houses and a chain of bookstores all over the Italian territory. So, a few days later, when it was decided to publish a last issue of Mondo Beat magazine, Gerbino went back to Feltrinelli. The two agreed that the editorial staff of Mondo Beat would deliver the articles for publication, while Feltrinelli would print and sell this last issue for his own benefit. With this, the relationship between Feltrinelli and Mondo Beat had to be considered concluded. But a few months after Melchiorre Gerbino had left Milan and had returned to his journeys, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli felt entitled to do business with the Contestation, with which he had had nothing to share, and he started to do business together with Herbert Marcuse, by chance, another Jew.
"Ladies and gentlemen, here's Herbert Marcuse, the theoretician of the Contestation!" (standing ovation).
Herbert Marcuse, of which Melchiorre Gerbino hasn't read a single word, nor never will, has nothing to deal with the Contestation. In the scenario of the Contestation, Herbert Marcuse can only appear as a jackal, the classical Zionist jackal.
In 1972, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli died of a very tragic death, most likely killed by secret services.

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli and Herbert Marcuse doing business with the Contestation
The relationship between Melchiorre Gerbino and Giangiacomo Feltrinelli regarding Mondo Beat

Allen Ginsberg in league with Fernanda Pivano

Reconstructing the history of the Mondo Beat Movement, I can't help but speak negatively about Allen Ginsberg, due to his close collaboration with Fernanda Pivano, a proven CIA agent and collaborator of the Milan police headquarters.
Fernanda Pivano was a translator of American writers, a mediocre translator, but she was celebrated by the Establishment media as an intellectual of great value. This, because Fernanda Pivano had assigned the task of hindering the Italian provincials from emancipating themselves, that is, to hinder that they would join the Mondo Beat Movement in the commitment of affirming civil rights and sexual freedom in Italy. To confuse the Italian provincials, more than they already were, Fernanda Pivano resorted to a relentless blah blah on the Beat Generation, and particularly on Allen Ginsberg, when Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation were older than our generation and had almost nothing to do with the reality of our day. On the other hand, Fernanda Pivano completely ignored the Free Speech Movement, an American movement of great reference, contemporary with the Dutch Provo Movement and the Italian Mondo Beat Movement, these 3 movements having been those who made the history of youth revolt in the Sixties.
As I have already said, it is proved that Fernanda Pivano worked for the CIA. In fact, in order to distort and trivialize the history of Mondo Beat, a dozen years after its time, Fernanda Pivano published a book "C'era una volta un beat" (Once upon a time a Beat) in which she resorted to a photomontage to support her machinations. Besides the fact that this photomontage was so poorly done that also a fool would have understood that it was a photomontage, it is its caption who proves that Fernanda Pivano worked for the CIA

A photomontage and relative caption from Fernanda Pivano's  book 'C'era una volta un beat' (Once upon a time a Beat)
Fernanda Pivano, a proven CIA agent.
A photomontage and relative caption from "C'era una volta un beat" (Once upon a time a Beat) a book by Fernanda Pivano.

In the photomontage reproduced above, the images of Vittorio Di Russo and Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino were inserted among those of people they never met. The caption reads: "A moment of the meeting at the home of Giorgio Bertani in Verona, November 1, 1966. Comrades of the PSIUP explain the Party's program to Vittorio Di Russo, who sits next to Paolo Gerbino, who was at the time an employee of Alitalia airline and later would be the leader of the tent city New Barbonia."
This caption proves that Fernanda Pivano was a CIA agent, since the CIA itself, some years after the publication of this book, disclosed that the PSIUP, the political party to which Fernanda Pivano referred, was a fake socialist party, created by the CIA itself, in the aim of breaking the alliance of two socialist parties (PSI, PSDI) which were in government in Italy.
Thus, with this photomontage and relative legend, Fernanda Pivano intended to achieve two objectives: to downgrade the history of Mondo Beat by showing how its two most charismatic characters were leftists (whereas they were anarchists) and advise the Italian provincials to vote in elections for the PSIUP, so that their votes were given to the CIA.
But Fernanda Pivano was not only a CIA agent, but she was also in league with the Milan police headquarters, since she also did the dirty job of capturing the most active youths in the Mondo Beat Movement and reducing them to a state of inertia by initiating them to the consumption of hashish, in a time when hashish hadn't yet been introduced in Italy, and she would eventually have reduced them to the conditions of guinea pigs, available for the Milan police headquarters. Among others, she paralyzed three of the Movement's most valiant youths Maurizio Orioli, Carlo De Paoli and Gianni Scarpelli, and I have already told about the sad end of Gianni Scarpelli.
Now, in the literary salon of Fernanda Pivano, the name of Allen Ginsberg was constantly evoked by her, as if, at any moment, Allen Ginsberg himself could enter the salon and sit among them, spinning the joint. And indeed Allen Ginsberg was very intimate with Fernanda Pivano. In Italy, Allen Ginsberg organized cultural events together with her. He created together with her a magazine, "Pianeta Fresco", which received enormous media coverage by the Establishment's publications. And Allen Ginsberg entrusted her with the translation of his poem "Howl" and Fernanda Pivano translated it and wrote an exalting introduction to it, which covered dozens of pages.

Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano
Allen Ginsberg and Fernanda Pivano while campaigning in Italy.

Now the question that obviously arises is: is it possible that Allen Ginsberg had no suspicions about the true personality of Fernanda Pivano and the dirty work she did?
So, let's ask ourselves who was Allen Ginsberg himself.
There is no doubt that Allen Ginsberg was a Zionist. In his poem "Howl", while ideally speaking with Carl Solomon, Allen Ginsberg says... I am with you in Rockland where you accuse your doctors of insanity and plot the Hebrew socialist revolution against the fascist national Golgotha... Now, "the Hebrew socialist revolution" means making hell with media and finance, which the Zionists manage, and causing wars. This path to a Hebrew socialism accomplishment is clearly described in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Whether The Protocols are authentic or a forgery makes no difference, as what is written there is realistic and current.
In light of his collaboration with Fernanda Pivano, his manifestation of a Zionist ideology, the fact that "Howl" is a mediocre poem (yes, very mediocre) which at that time was celebrated as one of the highest poems ever, is legitimate the suspicion that also Allen Ginsberg was connected with the CIA?... Or was he connected with the Mossad?... Or with both?

Allen Ginsberg
Uncle Allen wants you

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Another jackal, who interfered in the events of the Contestation, was Daniel Cohn-Bendit. He did absolutely nothing remarkable before and during the events of May 1968 in France, but the Zionists had to produce a heroic character for the occasion. Not having one close at hand, they picked up Daniel Cohn-Bendit from Germany and put him in the spotlight in Paris.
When French anarchists saw Daniel Cohn-Bendit in the spotlight, they asked "Who is this German Jew!?"
But then the Zionists created small groups of people who shouted here and there "We are all German Jews! We are all German Jews!" - and since that day, they have repeated and repeated this refrain in the media they control, with their disgusting style of carpet sellers.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit did nothing extraordinary before and during the events of May 1968 in France, except the jackal
The heroic Daniel Cohn-Bendit

But the Contestation, which upsets the Vatican since its first appearance, now affects also the Zionists, who believed to be able to take advantage from it. A phenomenon occurs, of which the Israeli press tells a bit here and there, but never in an exhaustive manner, while the international Zionist media network does not talk about it at all. The fact is that young Israeli Jews shout "Heil Hitler!". This phenomenon occurs impromptu, especially among secondary school students, despite these youths being fined.
I have read about this in Twitter, @yourjewishnews, the year 2012.
It is not the case that I try to make a philosophical analysis of this phenomenon, I leave this task to Bernard-Henry Lévi. I just want to say that Melchiorre Gerbino loves these young Israeli Jews, who shout "Heil Hitler!" when they can no longer bear parents, teachers, shimonperes. Melchiorre Gerbino loves them as much as he has loved the best youths from Mondo Beat. Paradoxically, indeed, paradoxical is the Contestation, these youths make us hope for a better fate for the Jews and for the world.

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