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On the interference of the Vatican in the history of Mondo Beat, following the thread of the personal story of Gianni De Martino.

by Melchiorre Paolo Gerbino
- the director of 'Mondo Beat' magazine
- leader of the Contestation

I will tell the complete story of Gianni De Martino, at Mondo Beat nicknamed Gianni De Pincopallino, as it is an exemplary story for showing to what extent the Vatican exploits its subjects.
He was born and raised in the most polluted area of Italy, that of open dumps in Campania, which is in this condition mainly because of the Vatican policy, which has corrupted Campania since the end of World War Two.
In his teens, he was sent to study by Salesian priests, who sodomized him, as it was predictable.

John Bosco
An official photo of Saint John Bosco

Obviously, his parents understood that the Salesian priests sodomized their child, but, as it happens in underdeveloped areas, they were complaisant, because of benefits that the family obtained, most probably some career advancement of the father of the sodomized, who was a small accountant in a bank.
The Salesian priests who had anal intercourse with Gianni De Martino were rough, consequently, the subject remained traumatized in the anal sphincter and developed into an inverted male with such a small ass, that it disappears under a jacket. On the torment due to this condition, you can read in his novel "Hotel Oasis", where Gianni De Martino describes his more recent anal relations in Morocco.
Returning to the Salesian priests, at a certain moment, they disdained having sex with Gianni De Martino, as they usually do with their pupils when they go beyond the age of puberty. Then, they have converted him into a spy. First he infiltrated a youth section of the Italian Communist Party in the city of Salerno, later, when he was 19, the priests sent him to Milan, to infiltrate Barbonia City, the tent city of the Mondo Beat Movement, where he arrived towards the end of its history.
When he introduced himself, he declared he was a Catholic homosexual and asked me if he could take part in the editorial staff of Mondo Beat magazine. I accepted his request, since that was the time when homosexuals began to assert their civil rights. But he never wrote about it. Gianni De Martino is in the number of those who have published platitudes in Mondo Beat magazine. As he was full of himself, while he looked like a poor devil, the legendary Dante Palla nicknamed him Pincopallino, which in English can be translated as Ignoramus (from the farce of George Ruggle). Thus, in Mondo Beat, he was known as Gianni De Pincopallino (John Ignoramus).
But his teachers, the Salesian priests, had reduced him not only to an inverted male, but also to a perverted one, as he was instructed on how to use a Taser device simulated as a lighter. Two weeks after his arrival, I was struck by that Taser device, while I was giving a television interview in The Cave, and I remained dizzy. Nor did I quickly understand what had happened, since at that time I was too idealistic to suspect that there were despicable youths like Gianni De Martino and perverse organizations like that of the Salesians.
He was the only youngster, among the many who had attended Barbonia City, which arrived at Taverna Crota Piemunteisa on the occasion of the official dissolution of the Mondo Beat Movement. But this didn't make me suspicious, as he looked like an immigrant from Southern Italy, rather than a Beat or a Provo that the police would have caught in the street in those days. As on this occasion, it was decided to publish a last issue of Mondo Beat magazine, and I didn't want to take care of it, I could not entrust the task of preparing this last issue to anyone else but Gianni De Pincopallino, since all the others who were present were journalists, while the valiant youths in the Movement were dispersed or in prison.
After the publication of the last issue of Mondo Beat magazine, Gianni De Martino insisted with Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger to let him join them on a trip to Morocco, which Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger had programmed exclusively for them.
Once in Morocco, Gianni De Martino established contact with an official of the Italian embassy in Casablanca, such De Mattia, a secret agent acting under diplomatic cover.
The two together came to visit Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger in their house in Essaouira, so that De Mattia could study Melchiorre Gerbino and plan how to kill him. When the plan was conceived and prepared, Gianni De Martino led Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger to a house in Marrakesh, where, among the hippies, there were secret agents ready to kill Melchiorre Gerbino with an overdose of morphine and reduce Gunilla Unger to an addict. This, to give the Vatican the opportunity to shout to the four winds See how the drug addicts Melchiorre Gerbino and his wife have ended!
In that house in Marrakesh, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino were reduced to a state of captivity for three days. Gunilla Unger was forced to undergo an injection of morphine, while Melchiorre Gerbino resisted all kinds of pressures. After three days, they were allowed to go out, when many people, who attended that house, had realized that something strange was happening there. They managed to get a taxi and make a run to Casablanca, where they went to a police station to report about their captivity in that house in Marrakesh. That house was immediately checked by the police, before the secret services could arrive in time to prevent this. Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino also went to the Italian embassy. There, at his request, the presence of Melchiorre Gerbino was formalized in a protocol number. He asked to see De Mattia, the secret agent, and he told him that he was aware of the plan to kill him. After leaving the Italian embassy, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino were arrested by the Moroccan police and imprisoned during three days. They were subject to psychotropic drugs and mental tortures. Since they had raised too much noise and they couldn't be killed on the sly, they survived. But after those three days in that house in Marrakesh, and those three days in that jail in Casablanca, Melchiorre Gerbino needed years to recover balance.
Gianni De Martino was gratified by the Vatican.
Two collaborators of the Italian secret services, disguised as libertarians, Fernanda Pivano and Andrea Valcarenghi, were asked to lend a hand in the promotion of Gianni De Martino as a journalist. The two stated that they had paid for 10 articles that Gianni De Martino had published in their respective magazines "Pianeta Fresco" and "Re Nudo". Their statements were false, since Gianni De Martino has not published 10 articles in those magazines, nor had he received any money. But, thanks to these false statements, Gianni De Martino was enlisted in the Register of Italian journalists. Shortly after the recording of Gianni De Martino as a journalist, the Vatican suggested his name to the Dalai Lama, who was looking for a person of confidence to entrust the founding and direction of a publishing house in Italy.
To say a few words about Tenzin Gyatso, he is a lackey of the Vatican and the imperialists. He is given great prominence in the Western media because, on the one hand, he is bothering China, on the other hand, he attracts young people who could contestate the current world order and he makes them sleep with Tibetan lullabies.
Tenzin Gyatso is one of the most obtuse and reactionary individuals who run tirelessly on the roads of the world. His races began in 1959, when he fled Tibet, which had been freed by Mao Zedong (remember that Tibet, under Tenzin Gyatso's theocratic dictatorship, was the most underdeveloped area in the world, concerning civil rights and well-being). Tenzin Gyatso's escape from Tibet has been described as heroic and dramatic by Western media for half a century, but, at some point, the Chinese government has officially released photos showing the Dalai Lama's escape step by step. This, to make it clear that Mao Zedong did not want to kill Tenzin Gyatso, who could have arrived in India on a sedan, if he was not paranoid.
Once in India, Tenzin Gyatso has refused to establish diplomatic relationship with the Chinese, to be able to return to Tibet as a Buddhist spiritual leader, instead he wrote an accusatory book, which he titled "My Land and my People", a 5-word title in which he has used the possessive adjective "my" twice, a possessive adjective that a Buddhist monk should not use even once throughout his existence!
Going to the point, Tenzin Gyatso selected Gianni De Martino as the founder and the director of his publishing house in Italy, as suggested by the Vatican.

His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso honoring other religions

That is, Tenzin Gyatso agreed to be officially represented in Italy by an accomplice of murderers, an individual who, by divine and human law, is equivalent to a murderer. Nor was there any possibility that the implications of Gianni De Martino in the attempt to assassinate Melchiorre Gerbino would be erased from the registers, because at least 3 secret services were involved in that affair, those of Morocco, Italy and the United States. But the Dalai Lama didn't care, his mission being superior to any circumstance.
But to run a publishing house, Gianni De Martino would have needed to have more skills than to conduct Melchiorre Gerbino and Gunilla Unger in a house in Marrakech, where murderers were hiding. And in fact Gianni De Martino, for the launch of the Dalai Lama's publishing house, conceived the slogan "The legacy of Tibet belongs to the world" and with this he communicated the image of a deceased Tibetan. The poor devil did not realize that if he had reversed the terms of the slogan, such as "The legacy of the world belongs to Tibet", then many would have come, worried, to find out what the Dalai Lama's publishing house was treating about.
Moral of the tale: the publishing house of the Dalai Lama, although it had its seat in Piazza Duomo in Milan, although His Holiness sent faithful, died newborn and neither His Holiness nor his rinpoches were able to revive it.
As he caused the Dalai Lama's publishing house to go bankrupt, unintentionally, but as a result of the law of karma, Gianni De Martino carried out an anarchist sabotage of such magnitude that all Italian libertarians together would not have been able to accomplish.

They might seem like a bunch of idiots, if it were not for the nirvanic light that pervades them
They might seem like a bunch of idiots, if it were not for the nirvanic light that pervades them
In a souvenir photo, Tenzin Gyatso and Gianni De Martino (marked by arrow)

The Vatican did not, however, abandon Gianni De Martino after the disaster of the Dalai Lama's publishing house, but helped him find a job as a journalist in the newspaper Il Mattino. But the poor devil does not have the capacity to do the job of a journalist, so he was fired. Then, the Vatican gave him small spy tasks and, among these tasks, to spy on Melchiorre Gerbino when he was in Italy.
After that terrible experience in Morocco, Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino had moved to Sweden, where they lived for three years, working hard and successfully as painters. They had a gallery in central Stockholm where they exhibited and sold their works. Towards the end of 1971, they moved to Sicily and settled in Calatafimi, the hometown of Gerbino, in land that his mother had given him. They built a house and had a son, Erik. They organized painting exhibitions in Sicilian cities. They stayed for three years in Sicily. During this time, the Italian secret services sent Gianni De Martino twice to spy on them.
Since it was obvious that I would be monitored while I was in Italy, I thought it would be better if this task was done by Gianni De Martino, whom I already knew, rather than by someone else. So a kind of fatal symbiosis developed between him and me. And I went further. Considering how tragic his existence was, that is, he could not denounce those who had sodomized him and forced to crime, because he would have been imprisoned for the crimes he had committed, I forgave him, because I felt more sorry than disgusted. Thus, the two times he came to Sicily, I hosted him and I did my best to allow him to relax while he was doing his job as a spy. In fact, I had nothing to hide, since I had withdrawn from the scene of the Contestation by my own will, nor did I want to participate in the grotesque games of Italian politics.

More than twenty years after the time of Mondo Beat, years during which I traveled the world and the people in Italy had forgotten me, once again I became very famous in Italy, due to my many participations in the "Maurizio Costanzo Show", a TV talk show, where I talked about my travels. Consequently, a publishing house invited me to write a book about my life and in this book, which was published in 1990, I also reconstructed the story of Mondo Beat. Although summarily, it was the first time that a complete story of Mondo Beat was reconstructed, since only Melchiorre Gerbino and Umberto Tiboni knew this story from beginning to end, and Umberto Tiboni never wanted to write a word about it.

Reconstructing the story of Mondo Beat, Melchiorre Gerbino could not avoid saying that Gianni De Martino was an agent of the Italian secret services

The publishing house Grasso Editori failed, due to the interference of the Italian secret services and by order of the bankruptcy trustee ten thousand copies of 'Viaggi' were incinerated
On page 177 of "Viaggi", Melchiorre Gerbino wrote on Gianni De Martino.

A detail concerning Gianni De Martino, an agent of the Italian secret services
Here, the translation of it.

Shortly after the publication of "Viaggi", the publishing house Grasso Editori in Bologna, which had printed and distributed the book, failed, due to the interference of the Italian secret services and ten thousand copies of my book were incinerated, , on the orders of the bankruptcy trustee, and without my knowledge. And this not because I wrote about John Ignoramus, but because I had reconstructed the story of Mondo Beat and the Vatican had hoped that silence would fall forever on this story, because it fears that, if the youths of today knew the history of Mondo Beat, could draw inspiration from it and trigger a new wave of Contestation.
When I was informed about what had happened with my book, I felt somehow pleased and invigorated, as I had the confirmation that the Vatican fears the Contestation. And I did not promote any legal action, aware that there is no room for stamped paper in the confrontation between the Contestation and the Vatican. But, since then, I have written about Mondo Beat, in books and the Internet. And since then the Vatican has tried to have me killed, by the Italian services, the Mossad, the CIA, the Polish services... and, by the other hand, it has entrusted Gianni De Martino the task to do his utmost to distort, mystify, trivialize, disperse, the history of Mondo Beat. And Gianni De Martino not only has engaged relentlessly in doing this operation, but has promoted also a half dozen other impostors to do the same. Melchiorre Gerbino's copyright infringement has been a constant attitude of all these people, and in an indecent manner, since they have the protection of the Vatican and they do not fear legal consequences since the Vatican control completely the Italian judiciary. Indeed, the Italian secret services have murdered the magistrates who have refused to obey the orders of the Jesuits (...Giangiacomo Ciaccio Montalto, Alberto Giacomelli, Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino...) and they will continue to murder magistrates who not obey the Jesuits, the media ready to shout "The Mafia! The Mafia!".
But the impostors promoted by Gianni De Martino (let's say, more realistically, by the Salesian priests) are poor devils, as Gianni De Martino is himself, while also famous impostors (Dino Risi, Fernanda Pivano), have moved against the memory of Mondo Beat and the image of Melchiorre Gerbino. I will show them all together, their images, their names and the titles of what they have produced of worst, but I will not comment, since they did not influence the course of the Contestation.

Cambronne's List
History leaves excrement on the sides of its course
History leaves excrements on the sides of it course
Cambronne's List

Returning to Gianni De Martino, how could we not feel sorry for him, if we consider that he is now reduced to a state of schizophrenia? In fact, in the midst of his commitment to distort Mondo Beat's story, Gianni De Martino had mystical abductions, during which he had visions of Jesus as an inverted male. He contemplated Jesus together with the man with whom Jesus had intercourse. This man, he noticed, was also among those who participated in the Last Supper and, in particular, he rested his head on Jesus' breasts. Moreover Gianni De Martino, following his biblical research, has underlined how, in the Gospel according to John, there is evidence that Jesus had a boyfriend. Thus, Gianni De Martino felt the moral duty to bear witness to all this and, leaving aside for a moment his commitment to distort Mondo Beat's story, he wrote a treatise on Jesus and titled it "The man whom Jesus has loved" (L'uomo che Gesù amava).

Gianni De Martino has stated that the male lover of Jesus was also among those disciples who participated in the Last Supper
Gianni De Martino - "L'uomo che Gesù amava" (The man whom Jesus has loved) - Fabio Croce Editions

Gianni De Martino asserted that the discovery of Jesus as an inverted man is important for the current European situation and in particular for Italy
Advertising of "L'uomo che Gesù amava" (The man whom Jesus has loved) written by Gianni De Martino himself

In the advertisement, Gianni De Martino affirms: "The fundamental assumption is that the character-Jesus, as described in the Gospel of John, had a special friend, not just a friend of the heart, but a real boyfriend. Though he is never named, he would be the man who, during the Last Supper, rested his head on Jesus' breasts, an obvious sign of physical affection". Finally, in the same advertisement, Gianni De Martino concludes affirming that his discovery of Jesus as an inverted male is important for the current European situation and in particular for Italy.
The Vatican, which otherwise promptly blacklists books that are not theologically orthodox, instead closes both eyes when unorthodox books are written by subjects who have been sodomized by its priests, so "The Man whom Jesus has loved" was not blacklisted. But then, I wonder: if instead of the Salesian Fathers, Gianni De Martino had been sodomized by the Marian Fathers (a religious order whose priests are consecrated to the Virgin Mary) and consequently he would have had visions of Mary Lesbian and, having changed sex, he would have written the treatise "The woman whom Mary has loved", also such a treatise would have been accepted by the Vatican?
Anyway, the Holy See, after Gianni De Martino published that treatise, has sent him to the Holy Sepulcher.
Once there, Gianni De Martino, in addition to worshiping Jesus, also went to the Golan Heights to worship an Israeli general.

Gianni De Martino a liaison agent between the Vatican and the Zionists
Gianni De Martino at the Holy Sepulcher - Gianni De Martino and Israeli Brigadier General Avigdor Kahalani in the Golan Heights, November 10, 2003
from Gianni De Martino Official Website

The question that arises at this point is how is it possible that Gianni De Martino, who claims to be a libertarian and publishes a lot on his website about his participation in the youth uprising of the 60s, then on the same website also publishes photos of himself with an Israeli general occupying Syrian territory? Obviously, these images show that he is a liaison between the Vatican and the Zionists. So how can these two attitudes be compatible, libertarian on one side and secret agent on the other?
I have already given the answer: Gianni De Martino is schizophrenic. The case of a spy who, after decades of simulations, has come to believe that he was really a libertarian in the 60s.
Here is what undoubtedly shows that Gianni De Martino is a schizophrenic subject

The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing that he was really handsome in the days of Mondo Beat
The schizophrenic Gianni De Martino (1).

Left picture: in a retouched photo, published more recently by himself, Gianni De Martino is as beautiful as he would have liked to be in the days of Mondo Beat. Picture on the right: in reality, Gianni De Martino has a small and twisted face, as you can see in this picture in which he is photographed with Gunilla Unger and Melchiorre Gerbino in the days of Mondo Beat. He has the kind of small and crooked face with which spies are described in folk tales.

The tragic is that Gianni De Martino has ended up believing that he really was one of the founders of Mondo Beat and Barbonia City
The schizophrenic Gianni De Martino (2).

Picture on the left. Gianni De Martino disguised as one of the founders of the Mondo Beat Movement. He published this photo of himself when asked to tell about his participation in the history of Mondo Beat. Now, it is evident that this photo was taken some twenty years after the times of Mondo Beat, if you consider how Gianni De Martino was in reality (picture on the right) when, as a spy, he infiltrated Barbonia City.
We cannot make a joke of all this, as Gianni De Martino's schizophrenic condition is tragic, because he really believes that he was one of the founders of Mondo Beat and Barbonia City.

A special mention deserves "Gianni De Martino - Wikipedia". Thanks to it, I have understood who Jimmy Wales is and how his fraudulent organization works, since I have understood that those who work in Wikipedia are on the side of people who make donations to Jimmy Wales, even if they are impostors, whereas they are irritated by people who do not make donations to Jimmy Wales and try to get rid of them as soon as possible.
Indeed, Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia, but a well-designed economic and ideological fraud, concocted at the expense of the standards of the Encyclopédie that the French Revolution compiled for compulsory education.

What Gianni De Martino has stated in Wikipedia with the complacency of Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia. The tormented schizophrenic Gianni De Martino and the successful White trash Jimmy Wales.

The Encyclopédie was compiled with the Lights of Knowledge and formatted with the cuts of the Guillotine.
If it is true that the United States of America owes much of its Independence to the French Revolution, then Jimmy Wales, who tramples the standards of the Encyclopédie, should be guillotined in Times Square in New York City, the head shown by the executioner to the crowd, the video in schools.


In conclusion.
There would be more to say about Gianni De Martino (and here you find the all). but it is not the case to bore the reader. But a question cannot be avoided: how can Gianni De Martino expose himself so much and so carelessly, as much to sneak into the "Centro Studi Libertari G. Pinelli"? which is a center dedicated to Giuseppe Pinelli.

The answer is that the poor devil does not understand what he is currently exposed to in the Vatican games.
And now, finally, I can explain to what extent the Vatican exploits those wretches who are at its mercy. In fact, Gianni De Martino is purposely exposed by the Vatican to the anarchists' anger, because if an angry anarchist kills Gianni De Martino by kicking his shins, then the Vatican priests, who have sodomized him in his tender years and later turned him into a spy and an accomplice of assassins, could now dismember the old schizophrenic fagot, to get relics for the foundation of a new basilica, the Basilica of Saint John De Martino Martyr, the Protector of the good revolutionary. (Have you understood, the Church of Emperor Constantine!?).

On the interference of the Zionists in the history of the Contestation