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Milan, 27 April - 3 June, 1967

- The Tent City of Mondo Beat arises, Nuova Barbonia, and triggers the fuse of a sexual revolution in Italy
- Mondo Beat and Corriere della Sera clash at loggerheads.

(Ag. Franco Sapi – May 1, 1967)                                                           (Mondo Beat n.4 - page 9)
The brunette in the picture is 
Cristina,one of the most passionate girls of Mondo Beat   The daily Il Giorno was receptive of our request and has graciously sent every day kg 50 spaghetti to the Tent City of
Mondo Beat

- Picture on the left. First arrivals at the Tent City on the day of inauguration (1 May). The brunette in the picture is Cristina, one of the most passionate girls of Mondo Beat. Her real identity was unknown. She has been called Cristina because she was paired, although not exclusively, with Cristo di Monza (whose real identity was also unknown).
- The picture on the right is taken from the 6th issue of the magazine Mondo Beat (n. 4, page 9). The caption reads "Bring every day kg 50 spaghetti at the Tent City of Mondo Beat, Via Ripamonti. Help us to contest you!". The daily Il Giorno was receptive of our request and has graciously sent every day kg 50 spaghetti to the Tent City of Mondo Beat.

(AGI - Il Giorno)
Some people have observed the Tent City from the outside,some because 
wanted to express dissent,others because were shy
From the first days of opening, onlookers thronged beyond the barbed wire that fenced the field of Nuova Barbonia.

Access to the camping of Nuova Barbonia was allowed to those who would respect the rules: no violence, no theft, no drugs. Access was denied to people with a camera (we did not want to be disturbed) and police officers in uniform, if they did not have a warrant by the judiciary. Youths were not asked to identify themselves and could camp for free. All youths were aware that their parents were welcome, if they came to the Tent City.

Lies were those of reactionary dailies 
and magazines describing the anguish of parents who were prevented to enter the field of Nuova Barbonia   lies were those of reactionary dailies and magazines describing the anguish of parents who had been prevented to 
enter the field of Nuova Barbonia

Article on the left. A mom finds her fugitive son among the longhairs and the son returns home.
Article on the right. At the beginning of June 67, up to 40 parents came every day to New Barbonia, in search of their children runaway from home.
Indeed, lies were those of reactionary dailies and magazines describing the anguish of parents who had been prevented to enter the field of Nuova Barbonia.

Nuova Barbonia lasted only 42 days, before being destroyed by the military, but the high waves of sexual liberation, which has raised, have spread to the most remote areas of Italy. The Vatican was not able to contain that tsunami, which would have reached a peak when a feminist entered the Basilica of Saint Peter with the placard "The uterus is mine and I manage it" (L'utero é mio e me lo gestisco io).

History of the Tent City of Mondo Beat, Nuova Barbonia - Milan, 1 May – 12 June, 1967

In the last days of April, the situation was chaotic in The Cave, because of a huge mass of people who flocked there.

On the evening of April 30, Umberto Tiboni and Melchiorre Gerbino have resolutely asked people, who crowded there, to leave The Cave. After which The Cave, that had been open day and night for more than three months, was closed. A sign was affixed on a portcullis, with instructions on how to reach the Tent City.

On May 1, the firsts of us enter the field with the first tents.
This First May, while in the city center there are celebrations of Labor Day, we stay on our lawn, to admire the Alps, which stand out clear on the horizon...

On May 3, Eros Alesi Pasticca arrives at the camp with a tent. Those who are there run towards him to greet him. He is the natural detector of moods and trends of the Base of Mondo Beat. As he shows pleasure of being in Nuova Barbonia, certainly many others will do the same. Indeed, other youths arrive with their tents on the same day, including Frenchmen, Germans and Australians. Even high school students, who used to come to The Cave, arrive for a visit.

With every passing day, more and more boys and girls arrive in Nuova Barbonia from all over Italy, and even the parents arrive, looking for fugitives. Those parents are received as if they themselves were fugitives.

On 8 May, Gunilla and Nino arrive from Sicily. I find them in good shape. For over a year I had not seen Nino, who is now 2 years and 4 months. He has developed into a beautiful baby. Nino likes to be in the Tent City, where he goes around with a tricycle that Adolfo has given him as a gift. Gunilla is the image of health and serenity.
But serenity doesn't last long in the Tent City of Mondo Beat.

Gruppo Editoriale Crespi, which owns Corriere della Sera and Corriere d'Informazione, and Catholic industrialist Carlo Pesenti, who owns the evening newspaper La Notte, engage in a media campaign against the Movimento Mondo Beat. The three newspapers, which are based on Milan, attack the Movement with a coordinated strategy. Their aim is to convince people that drug users and common criminals, who start teenage girls into prostitution, are multiplying among the beats of Nuova Barbonia. Of course, the three newspapers are at the service of the Vatican, who is worried because of the sexual revolution triggered by Mondo Beat.

(Corriere della Sera - Corriere d'Informazione - La Notte - May 13, 1967)                                                           (Corriere della Sera – May 17, 1967)
Indeed,Fabio Bertolini had been arrested by the carabinieri in a bar in the Park of Castello Sforzesco and not 
in Nuova Barbonia   In ten months, 
1392 longhairs arrested by the police

Picture on the left. The Affair Bertolini, concocted by Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte, to discredit Mondo Beat.
Picture on the right. An article in the Corriere della Sera: "A village of longhairs on the banks of the brook Vettabbia. In ten months, 1392 longhairs arrested by the police".

On May 13, these three articles (pictured left) have appeared, respectively, in each of these three newspapers. In those articles it was described the story of two girls of 15, from Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), who, in a spirit of adventure, had travelled to Rome together with such Fabio Bertolini, who, once in Rome, had forced the two girls into prostitution with several men. In those articles, Fabio Bertolini was described as a beat, who eventually was captured by the police in a "camping in the Vigentina area". None of the articles said that the camping was that of Mondo Beat, but none of the readers may have had doubts about this, since there was no other "beat camping beat" elsewhere. Moreover, besides the fact that we did not know Fabio Bertolini, we learned that he was arrested by the carabinieri in a bar in the Park of Castello Sforzesco.
On May 17, another article has appeared (pictured right), in which Corriere della Sera bluntly attacked Mondo Beat and the Tent City. With distortion of the truth, from the first sentence until the last, this article described the beats as a social scum which corrupted the healthy youth.
Obviously, the Vatican had requested a campaign against Mondo Beat, but, with this article, Corriere della Sera had exaggerated, since they were furious because of my article, published in the front page of the last issue of Mondo Beat, with whom I had attacked Corriere della Sera frontally. Having considered this, I thought it was interesting that they had lost control in the editorial staff of Corriere della Sera.

On May 21, there was the National Rally of Anarchists in Carrara, where I went along with many youths of Mondo Beat.

                                                                             (Il Borghese)
Carrara is the most anarchist city in Italy   Before The Contestation,Corriere della Sera defined itself 'the most 
authoritative newspaper in Italy'

Picture on the left. A photo of the The National Rally of Anarchists in Carrara, May 21, 1967. On one of Mondo Beat's placards, reads "Less Saints - More Condoms" (MENO SANTI PIÙ PRESERVATIVI).
Picture on the right. Returning from Carrara to Milan, we have exhibited in Nuova Barbonia a large tarpaulin, on which was written "Good people, Corriere della Sera tells you bullshit!" (BUONA GENTE, IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA VI RACCONTA LE BALLE!). Note that Corriere della Sera defined itself the most authoritative newspaper in Italy.

At the same time, we have attacked Corriere della Sera from the two windows of The Cave

The two windows of The Cave prepared by Giò Tavaglione and Melchiorre Gerbino in collaboration
On the right of the window, there is a staple of birth and the writing 'The 
daily parturition of misinformation' (IL QUOTIDIANO PARTO DI DISINFORMAZIONE   In the last 
poster on the right reads: Enjoy an anal cleansing with Corriere (PRENDETEVI UN'ANATA DI CORRIERE)
Picture on the left. On the jute canvas reads "The new tramps and the old cheaters" (I NUOVI BARBONI E I VECCHI IMBROGLIONI) and are shown the headers of Mondo Beat and Corriere della Sera. On the right of the window, there is a staple of birth and the writing "The daily parturition of misinformation" (IL QUOTIDIANO PARTO DI DISINFORMAZIONE).
Picture on the right. In the poster, below which I sat, reads: "Fabio Bertolini, the profiteer of 2 girls from Sesto, was not arrested here, or in the camping in the Vigentina area, but in the premises of Corriere della Sera, among the slaves of Old Cresponia". The last poster on the right reads "Enjoy an anal cleansing with Corriere" (PRENDETEVI UN'ANATA DI CORRIERE).

Subjected to this type of attack, which was unprecedented, namely The Contestation, Corriere della Sera, the most authoritative newspaper in Italy, and its vassals, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte, have lost their heads!
Below, a collage of headlines of articles published by Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte, that have appeared in those 10 days when those three newspapers have lost control

The bombing 
of defamatory news,with which Corriere della Sera,Corriere d'Informazione,La Notte,attacked the Movimento Mondo Beat,overcame by
far the measure of credibility
The ten historical days when Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione, La Notte, have lost control

Below, the full text of those articles

Corriere della Sera 24.5.67   Corriere della Sera 24.5.67   Corriere d'Informazione 24.5.67   Corriere d'Informazione 25.5.67   La Notte 25.5.67   La Notte 26.5.67   Corriere d'Informazione 26.5.67   La Notte 27.5.67   Corriere della Sera 29.5.'67

La Notte May 30,1967     La Notte May 31,1967     La Notte June 1,1967     La Notte June 2,1967     La Notte June3,1967

A comment on the media campaign concocted against the beats of Brianza.
When the Vatican has decided to eliminate Mondo Beat at any price, and this task was assigned to Prime Minister Aldo Moro, then, among many others, a shameful character has emerged against the beats, Giuseppe Montesano. He was the police commissioner in Monza, the main town in Brianza, a town whose area is forming a whole with the city of Milan.
Montesano was an Apulian, most probably a repressed homosexual. He never married, he never had children. He manifested sexual complexes when he came to The Cave and tried to confiscate a painting representing a naked boy, an innocent nude made by an art schoolgirl. Moreover, Montesano was the kind of Terrone who is ready to serve the power to any extent, provided that he can get benefices. Indeed, he ordered to his agents in Monza to confiscate the copies of that issue of Mondo Beat whose cover was a collage of mandatory expulsion orders. His agents did it, when hundreds of copies of that issue were ripped from the hands of the sellers and never returned. Unrequested to do it, Montesano has done this, to signal to the establishment his commitment to fulfil any illegal action he could be asked to do as police commissioner. Of course, the establishment noticed it. So, when the time had come to end with Mondo Beat at any price, Montesano was invited to collaborate. The good occasion was given to Montesano when five beats have accompanied to an hospital a girl, Mariangela Sala, who had been shot in a leg by Salvatore Santacroce, a Sicilian 18 years old, a common criminal, wanted for conspiracy, aggravated theft, unauthorized possession of firearms, evasion from a juvenile prison in Palermo where he was serving a sentence. Mariangela Sala, a 16 years old girl who had ran away from home, had a flirt with Salvatore Santacroce in the course of a week, after which she wanted to leave him, then Santacroce shot her in a leg with a rifle. This happened open sky, on a late evening. Five beats (of whose I knew two personally) having accidentally met the wounded girl, have considerately accompanied the girl to a hospital. Commissioner Giuseppe Montesano, instead of praising the five beats, has incriminated them as accomplices of Salvatore Santacroce, who, meanwhile, had escaped capture. Furthermore, Salvatore Santacroce and the accomplices of his gang (he had created a gang in Brianza) were classified as "beats" by Montesano. In classifying "beats" the common criminals, Montesano did what Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte had requested. This campaign against the image of the beats lasted 5 days, during which they were blamed for orgies with narcotics and arms, and the raping of a handicapped girl. Fifty or so boys and girls were speciously investigated by Montesano, but in the end they were all acquitted on criminal liability and released, because extraneous to any criminal fact. But Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte did not provide any news about this.
After doing this job, Giuseppe Montesano was promoted from Monza to Turin. Then, thanks to his service in other affairs of shit, he was promoted superintendent of police (questore), which is the highest promotion that a police officer can receive. As if this was not enough, the Vatican has glorified Giuseppe Montesano with the promotion of books and films about him.

Giuseppe Montesano,a sexually troubled 
Terrone,a criminal in the role of police commissioner
From left to right, Salvatore Santacroce - Mariangela Sala in a hospital bed - Giuseppe Montesano.

A comment on the five articles published by La Notte

An abhorrent spy
Gianni De Martino,nicknamed Gianni De Pincopallino,a spy and accomplice of assassins at the service of the Vatican
Gianni De Martino, nicknamed Gianni De Pincopallino

At Mondo Beat spies were countless, because the Movement was open to everyone, but Gianni De Martino, nicknamed Gianni De Pincopallino, was particularly abhorrent, since he was also an assassin. His full story on chapter 15 The menaced assassin Gianni De Martino/Gianni De Pincopallino

Concerning the 5 articles published by La Notte, it was Gianni De Martino, who had infiltrated the camping of Nuova Barbonia, who gave information about it to La Notte.
Whit those articles, which were a concentrated of lowness disguised as sincerity, La Notte intended to give a deadly shot to the image of Mondo Beat. Instead, they have created a greater current of sympathy towards the Movement. The newspaper in the evening La Notte was chiefly distributed in Milan and surroundings, therefore, those who read La Notte knew well about the beats and how they were kind and honest youths. In those articles appeared too evident the forcing by which one wanted to distort the true history of the Movement and its protagonists, which were well known in Milan. Even more, it was understandable that no reporter, hidden in New Barbonia, had written those articles, but people of the Vatican under the supervision of a priest, because of the veins of parochial terminology that they contained.

In conclusion
The bombing of defamatory news with which Corriere della Sera, Corriere d'Informazione and La Notte have invested the Movimento Mondo Beat overcame by far the measure of credibility, so, in Milan, the majority of readers of these newspapers ended up not believing any more in everything that those newspapers wrote. This would have produced a historic moment of mass awareness about the nature of the media, first in Milan, then all over Italy. Prior to this, in order to silence someone, it was enough to say: "Shut up, because it was written in the newspaper!". After Mondo Beat, you would be asked: "The newspaper of whom?".
This was a historic step, and not only for Italy. The protest of the Free Speech Movement and the provocation of the Provo Movement, had sensitized the categories of youths and intellectuals, the contestation of Mondo Beat would have sensitized the masses, first in Italy, then in France, then worldwide.

History of Mondo Beat - Chapter 13