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I need to formulate some neologisms to write the history of Mondo Beat in English.
Since the term "hippy" or "hippie" didn't exist at the time of Mondo Beat (it appeared later in the United States), I will use the term "beat" or "longhair" (capellone) when I refer to young people of the Mondo Beat Movement. In fact, in Italy they were called "beats" or "capelloni" by the people and the press.
Since "La Contestazione" was born of Mondo Beat and first spread in Italy, in the year 1967, then in France, in the year 1968 ("La Contestation"), I see no better wording of this term in English, if not "The Contestation".
In fact, it was at Mondo Beat that the term "contestazione" was formulated in the new meaning of "anti-establishment nonviolent activity". Before Mondo Beat, this term was used only in the meaning of contestation of an injunction or of a judicial act.
Concurrently, at Mondo Beat was formulated the verb "contestare", which in English could easily become "to contest", and was formulated the neologism "contestatore", in the meaning of anti-establishment activist, which in English could easily be "contestator".
Then, it was formulated also the neologism "contestatario", used in expressions like "una attitudine contestataria", which in English could be "a contestatory attitude".
On the other hand, you cannot use the term "protest" and its English derivations, referring to "contestazione" and its Italian derivations, since Mondo Beat most famous slogan was "l'inserito protesta, il beat contesta" (the integrated one protests, the beat contests). And those were not empty words, since the young people of Mondo Beat "contested the system" by refusing to live in the family, refusing to attend school, refusing wage labor, while they were very active in their commitment to the affirmation of civil rights.
To end with the neologisms, also the terms "strumentalizzazione" and "strumentalizzare" were formulated at Mondo Beat, which in English could easily be "instrumentalization" and "to instrumentalize".

1 - The premises where Mondo Beat was located were called "La Cava", because in those premises there was a cellar which was similar to the "caves" of the times of the French Existentialism, therefore, I will call "The Cave" the premises where Mondo Beat was located.
2 - Since I write "beat (s)" in lower case, I do the same regarding "provo (s)".

History of Mondo Beat - Chapter 1